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here is a group where i will post links to badges for you to get them and enjoy. if i dont have it ask for it in the thread!:D someone will get to you. new group.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: KaitlynOliviaSangria_35384379_retired_3538
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-12-10 20:48:55
Members: 94

The Soapbox

coming soon

Active Members

    Pretty little feather. Blossom Minou: Trapped in a cage. Gold Swallow c: antlus. Rainbow Lorikeet!
    Sikk (602) Badge L*DeathNote Light inhanna BlackSkull Bats Fan~ Gir Zim Jack Skellington .Spread the Love.
    IamMoc youarecute CrazyAboutYou SoFarAway FeelsSoGood turn our backs AndCarryOn Get U Nun I AM SANE mociam
    Limited Punisher
    The fleur-de-lis HiResSnap. Wii Remote. Pretty little feather. Fast Food Chinese Food ~ drools ~ BareFeet Unite!! i love Ette!
    The Eiffel Tower O Canada Triangle The Night Friend ship Love,Poetic Bulleteer. Give Me Ur Badge
    Wooden Triangle c: Pretty little feather. Myalll Wolf Mr. Deer Mrs Deer
     ~ mariola58 ~ AzTracyLyn bling SunPuppi6 Water Alphabet Badge ~U~ Alphabet Badge ~Q~ Alphabet Badge ~A~ Alphabet Badge ~U~ 2 Alphabet Badge ~A~ 2
    IamMoc Badge Bandit part 4 Badge Bandit part 2 mociam badge bandit #1 Badge bandit part 3 LimitedBoredom P1 LimitedBoredom P2 LBAP

Holla Board


DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: "A ROSE FOR MY LUV" Badge FREE for Valentines Day on my Home Page. Come on & get it...

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: Free Badge on my Home Page... Come and get it... B)

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: Free Badge on my home page...

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: Exclusive badge "A ROSE FOR MY LUV" is on my Home Page. Come and get it... TY...

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: FREE BADGE!!! Visit my catalog, buy 1 of my product & send me message. I'll send you my...

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: How is everyone?

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! FREE BADGE __-A ROSE FOR MY LOVE-__ Its on my Profile Page. Thank you..

ilovechris7: I dont understand why people keep join this group! You should all unjoin from this group!!!

Auskakasama_disabled_65790455: Why can I still see this group in my imvu groups?! I left it then I had to join it again! >.&l...

MocSanity: smh..still not gone?..serious yawn...tos aint there for nothing :)

ilovechris7: Hehe... This is way funny! Just like a child to say one thing and do another lol

DaveInsanity: another part of integrity is do what u say and say what u do,, u came back when u said u wouldn&#...

KaitKravic: and FYI. dont reply this time. IM GOOOOONE. say that word together. G.O.N.E. Gone. :)

KaitKravic: haha. so yeah ur cool, you dont even no what happened or how it went down so just, dont. ha. bye.

KaitKravic: im on is not the one that owns it. and if u havent been paying attention the one that is is ban.

KaitKravic: i like how ur still talking even when im gone. and I CANT CLOSE THE GROUP stupid. the acc.

DaveInsanity: let's ALLLL say that word together,,,, IN,,, TEG,,, RI,,,, TY,,,,now all at once,, INTEGRITY...

DaveInsanity: and another is, being something that ur not,, is not only dishonest to others, but also to urself

DaveInsanity: another form of integrity is to NOT disclose links that u are unauthorized to do so

DaveInsanity: and one who has integrity would close a group they started before leaving :D

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