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I Will Try My Best And Hardest to find what you need, :)
Collect All The badges! AND Tell your friends Please. Thanks so MUCH! You will recieve a Message Once in a while about badges from me personallly, But.Just to tell you some new info I gawt or stuff. lol Okay!

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Holla Board


ExoticMysteryDraxx: any one know of any dmc badges

RaveDjMaster: Two free Badges!! My Homepage.

iMMuneC: Room Textures on Sale! Visit My Shop

Klonez: 3 Free badges on my homepage! []

MysticCyberNeku: u have any pokemon/nintendo badges plz help

Tossie: Daddy/Dom/sub/bdsm badges please?

iMMuneC: Visit My Shop on Sellfy!

MelissaRebel72: looking for broken heart badge.

SunsuSin: Apple Car Badge [] X( AP Only

TheEclipseWolf: Tokyo Ghoul Badges Please?

Guest_wolfgirl11a: I really wish that I have a bat man badge and my name rose badge.

allisonbrimstone: i have 2 badges on my homepage

MaeKunn: Ghost town badges?

GraceLynnMicheals: I was actually wondering if anyone knew where I could get a Finland badge?

GinyLuvsU: Such an Awesome Group here, tysm for all your help!

XUL0: badge gratis []

SessyFrazzz: badge on my homepage.go on get it beware of the goblins lol :)

KittySesho: Seriously looking to Pokemon badges that are up to date on where to go...

MelissaRebel72: Looking for the badge that says "My life = my business. can someone plz help me ty.

iiAmai: dose anyone know who made the wolf badge that moves? I think its from twilight?