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Date Formed: 2011-09-19 15:53:55
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I Will Try My Best And Hardest to find what you need, :)
Collect All The badges! AND Tell your friends Please. Thanks so MUCH! You will recieve a Message Once in a while about badges from me personallly, But.Just to tell you some new info I gawt or stuff. lol Okay!

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Holla Board


BratTwistedAngel: i am looking for a twisted badge any help? ty

TenderLilly: come grab my badges-[]

Disastrophe: I've seen a rainbow watercolour lions head badge that I would LOVE but cannot find anywhere~...

JokerzWylde: Septemeber 11 Remembrance badge + more new FREE ones ;)

Guest_XDExplicitOwODevil: i want any badge what so ever

Guest_XDExplicitOwODevil: i want any badge what so ever

Guest_callmesky03: any kpop or jrock badges? :D

DominorWren: The booty badge is a mystery badge. Clues only out of Respect

Guest_Roseanne321: hi yallXD

PewdsGirlForeva: How do you get the booty badge?":S"

PewdsGirlForeva: How do you get the booty badge?":S"

PewdsGirlForeva: How do you get the booty badge?":S"

DivineDesires: BDSM badges please? c:

K1SSnTELL: badge i mean (: D"

K1SSnTELL: can i have a cute my little pony's bage please ":)'

Guest_AlexMeowsLawl: animated badges

D8N: New Dope Badges on HP :) Check them out

omggummiebears: Adorable Sushi Badge on my Profile!~ :D

Guest_AlmightyMigosxX: Any dope migos badges or anything close to it :) .

Guest_AlmightyMigosxX: Any migos badges thats dope ? or anything close to it ?