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I Will Try My Best And Hardest to find what you need, :)
Collect All The badges! AND Tell your friends Please. Thanks so MUCH! You will recieve a Message Once in a while about badges from me personallly, But.Just to tell you some new info I gawt or stuff. lol Okay!

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Holla Board


LondonEnglandJohn: i'm looking for the sx/10 badge anyone know how to get that one

kATEsTARDUST: 4 free badges on my hp, enjoy

RoseValenheart: I have badges on my home page...come and get it!! Thanks for your Support. :) FREE!!

L0stM0nstur: title: Links to all kinds of badges... <<<< it's all there you're very...

L0stM0nstur: Well I just posted in discussion board of all sort of badges and there are like about 30 or eh

JokerzWylde: New Grinch badge!! For only 1 week will be 2k. More free badges on my page :)

Guest_bringdatazzhereboi: can some one explain how this works and what i slow and i dont understand??

FairyDiamunds: I have 12 badges on my home page...come and get it!! Thanks for your Support. :) FREE!!

xXxMasterCronusxXx: Looking for BDSM badges if anyone can help...

NaturalSpirit: 10 free Badges []

JoseyBadxxx: how do i get badges?

kATEsTARDUST: 4 free bagdes for you to crab, enjoy!

ActrosAngel: Hi to all Members :)

Guest_DementedDub: Free_[]

8A8X: glad to be a part of this group hello everyone ;D

8A8X: glad to be a part of this group hello everyone ;D

Guest_PineAndApple: Anyone knows where to get keep calm badges

BlackSunshineRae: looking for Olaf badge from movie Frozen

djtruekampereyegold: het have you free badges site []

Guest_ItsJacobz: ":(" I'm not sure how I get badges ?,help ! please.