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Look Down In The Discussion Box For Links On All Kinds Of Badges ! :) Inbox Me for requests on any badges you are looking for or any complaints! Let me kNow! :) Inbox Me ! Thank Youu! :3

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The Soapbox

I Will Try My Best And Hardest to find what you need, :)
Collect All The badges! AND Tell your friends Please. Thanks so MUCH! You will recieve a Message Once in a while about badges from me personallly, But.Just to tell you some new info I gawt or stuff. lol Okay!

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    Strawberry Shake HUG ME WORLD! Kawaii pastel chibi
    Ralph Lauren brand and style LV Louis Vuitton brand and style
    Aussie Bling Anzac Day- Lest we forget City Koala <3
    //b l k  c o b r a . 004 //b l k  c o b r a . 002 //b l k  c o b r a . 003 //b l k  c o b r a . 001 Flirty Zombie Pin-up ...
    Geena herbish & friends Yin Yang Compelling Ying Yang
    Cat Lover (C) Secret ~ Bible and Gun (TOOL - THE GRUDGE) Black Notebook Mew-JANEKITTEN Vein Badge +18 parental parental-
    White Kitty His
    PURE HEART Breast Cancer Badge Purple Kisses (A) Jade Sinai (C) Jade Sinai (E) JadeSiani Honey Fashions Hope for the Heart Alphabet Badge ~Z~ Alphabet Badge ~A~
     Barbie  Bear Love  Pepsi Can pink heart inlove Visit My Shop Badge
    Luka Megurine Uchiha Sasuke Yin Yan
    - Hipster Tree - Nintendo Nes 1 Nintendo Nes 2  $ One in a Million Angel of Death He Died For Our Sins. Free Random Badge 2 NO IMVU2 NO IMVU

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DeviaAngelia: I have 4 badges on my page if you are looking for wings.

DeviaAngelia: I have 4 badges on my page if you are looking for wings.

AnnieGoesRawrr: thx 2 all for posting links I have 2 on my hp if u like :)

JokerzWylde: The "Changing Holiday" badge is now set to EARTH DAY.

Guest_dilarmang: hey all friends :)

Guest_ChaeEun97_disabled_143770483: thanks for such a great badges everyone

RaveDjMaster: 2 Badges On My Page!

kATEsTARDUST: 4 free badges on my hp...Canadian??....come check it out

JokerzWylde: Changing Holiday badge is now Happy Easter! :)

xSE4Nx: FREE Badges on Homepage! - Badges update all the time

ActrosAngel: Free Badges on my Homepage, Have Fun :)

JokerzWylde: "Changing Holiday" badge is now "Happy Friday the 13th". Have a killer weeken...

JokerzWylde: On my page! A new 8 square St Patrick's Day badge that will change for each holiday and spec...

Kitsuki: Buy from my shop = Hello Kitty badge :) Sorry promo credits excluded

MikuRei: more free babdges from me, no pay no conditions 100% free :) come and grab em

JokerzWylde: LIP SERVICE badge will be 5k for 1 week only. Also free badges on my page :)

WickedHeartDemon: any badges that are available that say submissive can not find any .

ActrosAngel: Hi, visit my Homepage for new Bagdes , Have Fun :)

kATEsTARDUST: 4 badges here , come crab them

kATEsTARDUST: 4 badges here , come crab them