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Look Down In The Discussion Box For Links On All Kinds Of Badges ! :) Inbox Me for requests on any badges you are looking for or any complaints! Let me kNow! :) Inbox Me ! Thank Youu! :3

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Group Owner: XxAlexGummyBearxX_disabled_89744202
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-09-19 15:53:55
Members: 13049

The Soapbox

I Will Try My Best And Hardest to find what you need, :)
Collect All The badges! AND Tell your friends Please. Thanks so MUCH! You will recieve a Message Once in a while about badges from me personallly, But.Just to tell you some new info I gawt or stuff. lol Okay!

Active Members

    Scarred. Black hearts. Rip your face off Take your clothes off. :)
    |Ctrl| Ctrl Key |Ctrl| Alt key |Ctrl| Del key Bish Mula! Stfu Ex Bye <3 ME Peace Badge
    MC Patch Alphabet Badge ~Y~ Alphabet Badge ~S~ Alphabet Badge ~N~ Alphabet Badge ~E~ Alphabet Badge ~Z~ 2 Alphabet Badge ~S~ 2 Alphabet Badge ~N~ 2 Alphabet Badge ~E~ 2 Blue Number 7 - 2
    Stew Bear Uchiha Clan Badge Konohagakure Badge Itachi Mangekyou Black Lives Matter
    10Blue 14Blue 15Blue 10Purple 13Purple 1Pink 17Pink 21Pink 2Rose 3Rose
    i l z2. heart. heart ll. Arrow (1) Arrow (2) Arrow (3) Arrow (4) Arrow (5)
    COFFEE FREAK Proud Heart Canada CareBear Soundcloud
    a1 Be mindful. 12Pink 13Pink 14Pink 15Pink 1Rose 3Rose 5Rose 12Rose
    Poser Toxic Blue Letters I1 Toxic Blue Letters S1 Toxic Blue Letters A2 Toxic Blue Letters S2 Toxic Blue Letters T2

Holla Board


JigSawJr: doe's anyone kno where to get jigsaw badges from the movie saw or just billy saw..

Guest_llloading99: please help me get badges

Guest_XCoralxX: lip gloss badges?

Guest_luvkat23: Bryson Tiller Badges?

Guest_ShadowHunter2003: Shadow Hunter

AllStar: New Badges []

AllStar: New Badges []

RuRuLaRoux: does anyone know where to get D/s or BDSM badges?

Guest_HHazelGraceLancaster: Or even a Dan and Phil badge

Guest_HHazelGraceLancaster: looking for a Suicide Squad badge or maybe a Death Note Badge

HotDesigns4u: Free badges and links to thousands of other badges []...

AkokkenGreyMordak: Looking for more letters...Please help :O

JessieSaya: i need any badges anyone can give it doesnt matter what it i only have 2

EruLerousse: Hi, I'm looking for angle or elven badges can anyone help me? :o :)

Fungus: Looking for a 4x2 tumblr badge, can anyone help?

XGAS: 2 free badges on my hp...:)

HoneyDewMaiden: looking forward to finding badges ty for letting me join

HotDesigns4u: I have 3 link directory for badges that might help. grab some badges and a link for lots more bad...

xXPeinTheLeaderxX: Gas mask badge?

AllStar: New Badges []

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