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“Shows, Movies, Streamlining, and so much more!!”

Do you Love Movies or TV...what about a big bowl of Popcorn? If so your gonna love this group and the main thing is to Have FUN!! This is a GA group,please keep it clean ;)

Membership: Open
Group Owner: CcHugz
Category: Movies & Television
Date Formed: 2009-07-24 18:20:30
Members: 126

The Soapbox


If you want your birthdays in the soapbox get your screenies in the birthday thread in corresponding box







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Intermission Chat Box


CcHugz: Sorry about missin;g the birthdays, going to gift those that have passed from all of us at EB

CcHugz: Sorry everyone, been busy with business, lol Will get prizes out this week. Hugz

HARLEYxMADDOG: are we gonna do the next round of screenie theme for the box?

xHELIENAx: Thanks and congratulations to the other winners:)

LenaDelCastillo: Wow! Thank you so much for my 1st places! Congrats everyone :)

HARLEYxMADDOG: aww tysm for third place on unedit

CcHugz: Will try to get everything caught up by end week, had snow storm so busy outside and new business...

CcHugz: I mean choose which banner to put in your groups or on your website, but not done til get back

CcHugz: Banner winner was Epic, although have decided to use all will get them linked so can choose

CcHugz: Winners posted may not get prizes out until Monday as I am getting ready go out of town til Sun e...

INatalie: voted on all good luck everyone! 8-)

Tiamat008: voted on 3

LenaDelCastillo: Voted on all 3 contests, good luck everyone :)

luminousfleshgiant: Voted, good look everyone! Awesome entries! ;)

HARLEYxMADDOG: will be out of house for a few days bro inlaw having surgery.

CcHugz: I will be out of town the first weekend of Dec, not sure which day yet waiting on Sis to let me k...

CcHugz: We all do I imagine, lol...fixed

DEZIGN: It's ok Cc...I've been known to have an alter-ego, lol :p

CcHugz: grr think grabbed wrong code on Dezign banner lol, will fix

DEZIGN: Everyone Read My Post: 2017 Staying Active Counting Backwards Thread- Page 11

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