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IMVU Credit Reseller

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Evil
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2009-03-17 15:42:09
Members: 150

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Holla Board


JessicaArmani: Evil credits caused my account to get disabled..Now I can't get it back unless I pay $75 lik...

hamid600_disabled_106061689: Hello every1 i'm new

vampikaalice: I love Evil Crdits just bought SOME THANKS !! <3 :3 :D

DanyM0stWant3d_68677412_retired_68677412: good morning everybody :)

BurningFlame4U: hello i am new to the group (: D

Evil: Credits are for sale at

iFukYew: :D

GorillaTGenesio: Wow this group is amazing, I love Evil Creds!!

RedFoxCaL_disabled_35429179: hi everyone

SneakyWhoami: "Join" link on main page doesn't work for me, eventually gave up and did it manual...

StormDesign: ^___^!! Happy to join! LOL, we all support evilcredits!

LIZIAAH: Hello ...Thanks for the invite!! i'm happy to be here.

4n14: Awesome! Thanks for the invite! *cheers*

SilentBabble_disabled_7572940: YAY fo da group :D HI EVERYBODY .....:D

EXOTICARAIN: I'm sure you will Evil :)

Evil: Yay! a group! Now all I gotta do is find some time to do something useful with it...

HYPNOTIC: Hello... I'm here for EVIL ! ! ! (thanks for the invite)

FurArt: EvilCredits, YAY! lmao

Evil: Welcome All

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