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“Graphics and Fashion Boutique”

A place to purchase avatar pictures and products by SummerRhaine. Anyone can join so please make yourself at home.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: SummerRhaine
Category: Fashion
Date Formed: 2011-10-22 00:36:18
Members: 214

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Holla Board


SummerRhaine: X( Taking DP and HP art requests NOW! X(

SummerRhaine: X( Simplified Ordering System Implemented X(

SummerRhaine: X( Please make sure your HiRes shots are 2048 x 2048 px X(

SummerRhaine: Welcome hon :)

SoulFireLyn: wooo HappY DAYS FOUND YOUR GROUP AT LAST~Hi everyone,cant wait for a space to order

SummerRhaine: Hehe, glad you did hon, welcome :)

LePosh: yay i found your group :)

SummerRhaine: X( VIP Level 1 Available X(

SummerRhaine: Hehe, glad you did hon, welcome :)

lRoSe: nevermind i found u!! :)

SummerRhaine: X( Emporium AP now open X(

SummerRhaine: X( Emporium Graphics public room now open!! X(

SummerRhaine: Clients, please see the 'Help...' thread for a little proposition ;)

RicheIIe: Welcome, Grace!

GracefulSerenity: Awe Thank you so much dear, I think your work is much better than mine though. Stunning!

SummerRhaine: Please welcome my good friend Grace and take a look at her great art services

SummerRhaine: X( New agreement for all new customers to sign in the 'Rules' thread X(

SummerRhaine: X( New pricing system for banners operational from now on X(

SummerRhaine: Happy New Year all!

SummerRhaine: Merry Christmas everyone!