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“Graphics and Fashion Boutique”

A place to purchase avatar pictures and products by SummerRhaine. Anyone can join so please make yourself at home.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: SummerRhaine
Category: Fashion
Date Formed: 2011-10-22 00:36:18
Members: 343

The Soapbox


Latest artwork, 'Adele' auction for The Cemetery group:

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Holla Board


Kitaryu: *Waits for slots to open again.

SummerRhaine: Thanks hon B)

SaphiraFireDragon: Rawwwwrrrnessss Sinful looks amazing!! wonderful art ;)

SaphiraFireDragon: (: P) Have A Great Weekend 💕

SummerRhaine: No hon - the 'Order Here' thread says 'FULL'

Nioria: a little confused by the order page ? :P are you taking Oders atm?

SummerRhaine: You're very welcome, Loran. Honoured to have you here :)

Loran: Thanks for the invite!

SummerRhaine: X( Premade Sale NOW OPEN X(

DevineDelite: Hola just joined the group ":)"

SummerRhaine: *Waves* Welcome Aash :)

xXAashantiXx_disabled_45955586: Hello just joined :D

RaphaelDesti21: Good Morning!! :)

SummerRhaine: Hi Echoes, lol, stalk all you want :D

InsidiousEchoes: <.< >.> -Stalks-

SummerRhaine: You're very welcome hon :)

Masquerade: Thank you for the invitation :)

SummerRhaine: Check out my 'Serenity' Premade auction open NOW!

SummerRhaine: X( Taking DP and HP art requests NOW! X(

SummerRhaine: X( Simplified Ordering System Implemented X(