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“You are the love of my existence.”

For any who are desperately in love with Edward Cullen, or who admire and wish to be Bella Swan! Anyone who loves the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, for all who dream, wish, and whim for Twilight

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Group Owner: Grace_old2_10883110_deleted_10883110
Category: Romance & Relationships
Date Formed: 2007-10-31 13:29:19
Members: 457

The Soapbox

Welcome to Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Welcome to the group where we rant about Twilight, about relationships, and a certain love triangle we've all grown to love and know. Welcome... to Twilight.


If you haven't read Twilight, I wouldn't suggest you stick around here. You'll have NO clue what's going on, and you'll likely just be annoying.

We welcome all opinions and views, whether you think Bella should shoot herself and leave Edward to oneself (My personal opinion), or whether she should skip off to Jacob and leave Edward in the dust - where, of course, the fangirls can attack and kidnap and marry him. Maybe you even think Bella should ditch both Edward and Jacob, and find a new true love - Mike for instance.

"Please keep the randomness to a minimum."



OH, hah, ho, hee! That's a good one...

I love randomness. Randomness is TOTALLY welcome, but please don't just randomly start babbling about off topic things, but once in a while (AKA, all the time) it's okay. :D

What more can I say?

Welcome, and I hope you have fun!


I am no longer able to post here on my Grace account... So I will be posting on my alternate. 8D

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"You are my life now."


Guest_LillySlutcute_retired_99233188: i wish i waz bella i would die to be her!! njk!! i want a life like hers i want an edward :(((((

Guest_LadyDarkness70_retired_99070988: I am reading the books again.....for the fifth time.....hmm.

Guest_gomezwblond_retired_66018258: i cant what to breacking dawn comes out

EdgeOfRomance_disabled_46587491: Im a massive fan i flipping love edward cullen soooooooooooooooooo much and i so wish i was bella...

MischievousLilVixen: Does anyone now if Stephiane is going to finish midnight sun really want to know plaese tell me!!...

Guest_BOINKK_retired_41499757: Hi, new here. Twilight just rwarks! :D

Guest_nekogirll_retired_30030137: I WENT TO FORKS YAAAYZ MEEEEEEE


Guest_H0llist3rL0v3_33280376_retired_33280376: me?? i already read that! lol im done... and now im bored. nothin to read.

Guest_lilmexicanandproud_retired_33807050: go to her website and read the rough draft

Guest_lilmexicanandproud_retired_33807050: hey im new nd in love w/ the books

Guest_lilmexicanandproud_retired_33807050: hey im new nd in love w/ the books

BabiiBrandy: He is so Sexy!

Guest_H0llist3rL0v3_33280376_retired_33280376: i hate that she wont tell wat shes working on! >.<

Guest_H0llist3rL0v3_33280376_retired_33280376: is steph gonna finish midnight sun? has she still said nothing?!

Guest_Ladibliing_retired_35522288: What makes me Happy is my name Esmee-Taylor So when i read the books and saw her name i was so ha...

ISeezYou_disabled_25657394: I describe Bella as a teen who can handle the truth but still hides from it she is sorta a klutz...

AuroraRosaDarkheart: Why do you say girls like her don't exist tybit? What kind of girl do you discribe her as?

Tyblt: im a dude, read all the books. im in ove w bella. too bad girls in real life like her dont exsi...

Guest_H0llist3rL0v3_33280376_retired_33280376: lol i do that too, when i read a book, im the main character...=p

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