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Babbit's group of video tuts, and freebies for skins, furries, clothes and more!

Membership: Content Creators only
Group Owner: Babbit
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2011-07-19 22:27:24
Members: 1550

Active Members

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Shout Board


KatherineSabreWulf: NOTICE: Name Change CelticSabreWulf aka KatherineSabreWulf

ShyFallenDarkAngel: Thanks to all the tips here I've been able to make my furs and finished a new one.

Guest_Voxx: Hey guys so.. I'm completely new to creating and I kinda need some help x-x... any advice? t...

TwiztedAsh: Hello Everyone im looking for a decant male human skin template for body and head but no luck

Nomicom: Hello Everyone! I am hosting my very first Fur Auction in Furry Pride!! Check It OUT!

MightyMary: Hey! I am completely new and would like some help with one of my furs

7Kelevra: I want to thank all of the awesome devs for the help, almost finished my first fur set thanks to...

LordAlexFear: Hi all.. Babbit, you inspired me to try a new avenue in creating thanks to your matching skins tu...

LadyVelrena: Hi everyone, looking to start creating advide and guidance will and would be appreciated! :)

Rebellious: Hello everyone, pretty new to the furry thing. But willing/hoping to learn about deving a fur or...

SheCarnage: Hello, everyone! Just informing some people that I now have 3 badges available! Auto-Grant~

Beefcake: does anyone know anyone who makes and sells templates?

KatherineSabreWulf: Hello, well ty. hoping to learn more about making furries. Thanks Babbit

DeadlyGeo: Hey! Is there anyone here right now?

Sciggles: Hello! Made an IMVU account years ago but just now really looking into it, thanks for the tutoria...

Phoebe112412: @Dubcandy I do edits. You can pm me and I can get you more info ^.^

Sinnra: Anyone knows who does DP?

Nekoi: Ayaki, do you mean Furry Repaints or furry drawings?

Kalika: Does anyone do furry Dp'z or know of anyone whom does? :o

KeiraVox: Hy every fur I might start creating meshes again PM me and I might make you one B)

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