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Div layouts :3

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“Ive created this group only to help you and others ;D”

Im doing div layouts for people and i'd like you to join this group so your aware that i am making them and i can help you so if you want one join my group go to my hp and message me ;o

Membership: Open
Group Owner: iBarbieBeatdown
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2009-10-04 17:41:47
Members: 2151

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These are my current officers :D Tiffany,ExplictToy,Ben

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Holla Board


LiliumMortis: Hey, been a member for a while but haven't posted. So hello, everyone (: P) Why is it so dead...

Axiiom: Hey guys. I'm selling name token for $12 instead of $12.99.

Xx0sakur40xX: aun esta activo ??

lJxmmyl: Ayyeeee

llFae_disabled_105737688: You should help mebers that ask for help.

Disclude: I feel like this group is dead so I'm leaving. bye

Turpentine: []

KitKatniss: Can I have a div lyt? <3

Belladette: I am looking for a DIV layout for my hompage, if you're good I am willing to pay up to 15k f...

MizPLEZUR3: Hello every1 .... I'm MizPlezur3 nd I just joined the group :))

Tumblr: Cleaned up, please refrain from spamming.

Fockles: wanna become a better picture editer^^

knaux: Her account was disabled. Join another group and stop posting on this one. Good day everyone.

GothicSafire: hello! I need some help with creating my homepage and I really don't know where to start......

LadyKonstantine: Hey iv a layout using iframe flash + js + css files its diff to Standard iframe usee take a look...

iChampel: I Was Juss Looking For New Layouts Cause I'm Tired Of My Old One. Hopefully I Can Find Some...

RapedxPanda: Hello, neww(: I was wondering if I could open a DIV shop...? c:

Guest_DollFaceObsession: I'm looking for someone to make me a layout for my profile I want it to just be one box with...

Uva: Looking for a nice div layout. (paying 5k)

Guest_IEpicnes: :l Can anybody make me a div layout or teach me? DX Pwease