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“Holidays R Us ;)”

A group to discuss all of the holidays both in and out of IMVU. Recipes, shopping tips, decorating, music. We love parties! Put a little love and joy in your IMVU life and carry that into your RL!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Mommajack
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2010-09-25 22:28:47
Members: 42

The Soapbox

The Christmas party was a success! Thank you all who came! See the Christmas 2013 thread for link to room, which will stay open until I need the spot!

The Twisted Alice party was a great success! Thank you to all those who came!

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Holla Board


Ismeny: Thank you so much for the invite! <3

Mommajack: Christmas party this weekend! See Christmas 2013 for details!

Mommajack: Happy Haloween everyone! See Twisted Alice thread for party today and tonight!

Mommajack: Talk Like a Pirate Day party tomorrow!

Mommajack: Party today for Valentine's!

FabyStyles: I missed it :( spent the weekend getting ready for Santa :P

Mommajack: Party is today!

Mommajack: Party planned for this Saturday!

Kadberrie: Happy Thanksgiving! ^^

Mommajack: Another change in the contest winners! See thread for details!

Mommajack: Excellent issue!

Jamo: Smoked Mirror Issue 3 out now - []

Mommajack: Don't forget the party tonight guys!

Mommajack: Hi Hi! And Welcome!

N3rdyGirl: HI ROOM! I came to crash the party!! lol <3

fsampan: Thanks MJ for the invite! enjoy guys

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_retired_197658: Thank you for the invitation to the group and I love parties!

Mommajack: Party today! Everyone come! Bring your own music!

Mommajack: A game will be in the room tomorrow :)

Nye62: Thank you for the invite! :)

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