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“date, dating, romance, love, marriage, engage, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, chat, hangout, dance,”

Looking for a Date or something more serious? Come join this group and list your profile in the Directory. Join up and invite your friends. Click on HOW TO POST YOUR PROFILE for step by step guide.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: FoxyLadyRedWin_disabled_81577194
Category: Romance & Relationships
Date Formed: 2012-01-08 02:37:55
Members: 94

The Soapbox

Neutral rooms you can meet in :

AP: Lonesome Tonight
GA: Date & Dance Hangout

Active Members

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Holla Board


Guest_frodyk: Love beautiful guys

Guest_EpicEmoflame: Hi all ;)

RoxieHokuAlohi_retired_84421931: look at my profile guys :3

Myrddin2000: I hope this group picks up by the time I can get back into public rooms... (11-12 days)

FoxyLadyRedWin_disabled_81577194: Datine Directory Room - Lonesome Tonight - AP Date and Hangout

FoxyLadyRedWin_disabled_81577194: NEW TOPIC: Hosting a Singles Event? Post it in "Singles Events, Parties & Get together...

FoxyLadyRedWin_disabled_81577194: : NEW TOPIC: Met someone here Getting Married? Post it in "Weddings Announcements" to...

FoxyLadyRedWin_disabled_81577194: NEW TOPIC: Met someone here? Now Dating? Post it in "Seeing Someone / Engagements" -...

talli3: on behalf of dating directory i wud like to thank those who have signed up to this gp already..

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