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“This is the only active NASCAR group on imvu! But we are working on another one.”

How much do you like NASCAR? If you do then please join my group. We are not all Earnhardt fans, so you can join too. I do ask that you introduce yourself in the Intro Thread and tell us your driver.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: stbullwinkle
Category: Automotive
Date Formed: 2008-07-19 01:16:49
Members: 121

The Soapbox

Welcome to all NASCAR fans. This group is not just a Dale Earnhardt fan group... We are NASCAR fans first and foremost. Please feel free to participate in the chat threads and games we have (see the rules threads). Also, please introduce yourself in the Sticky called Members Introductions thread below, and let us know who your driver/s is/are and any other info you wish to share... Like when did you became a fan, or what is the one race you never miss, etc...

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Pocono Winner and first time winner

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Holla Board


stbullwinkle: I did not Outlaw. Unless I see a big improvement from JR I will not use him. Drivers do go cold.

RnR0utlaw: errr, can't even spell this weekend... I mean brake, not break.... :(

RnR0utlaw: And no, not in the break business... but I think I am in the Jinx business... sighs.

RnR0utlaw: I am so lost this weekend.. do I dare put in an HMS car this week? O.o

stbullwinkle: Outlaw you would not be in the brake business would you. (: D(: D(: D

MorgansRed: WOW...Outlaw you did it again..LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Better watch out Hendricks put a contract out on...

RnR0utlaw: Yep, it was me... sighs.... :(

MorgansRed: OK Outlaw..I now think you did Jinx Hendricks teams..LOLLLLLLL

RnR0utlaw: As for Jimmy, he has his wins... time to help tht #24 get in the winners circle :)

RnR0utlaw: I agree Bullwinkle, Jr. is better on the super speedways. I do want Elliot to win one soon though

stbullwinkle: She might already have a career in the medical field. ;)

stbullwinkle: Okay for my next career I want be the person that hires the Monistor Engery girls.

stbullwinkle: Outlaw, that is why I don't use JR execept at Daytona and Talladega or maybe Phoenix. :)

MorgansRed: Not Really Outlaw, JJ has 2 wins and the bad finishes was freaky accidents and Pit issues..

RnR0utlaw: I am certain I have jinxed Hendrick Motor Sports... the more I want a win, the worse they do... :...

RnR0utlaw: Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the Moms.

MorgansRed: Please remember sunday the 14th is Mothers Day so Happy Mama Day to all the Moms..Hugggss

BIBxJAN: This would have been the race CAB and I seen live but decided to buy a house intead. :D

RnR0utlaw: Come on Team HMS, #24, the 7th is my B-Day, win this one for me. :)

RnR0utlaw: Yeah they did, I have no idea what the hell happened... I think they were imposters... lol.

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