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“This is the only active NASCAR group on imvu!”

How much do you love NASCAR? Please introduce yourself in the Intro Thread below and tell us.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: stbullwinkle
Category: Automotive
Date Formed: 2008-07-19 01:16:49
Members: 168

The Soapbox

Welcome to all NASCAR fans. This group is not just a Dale Earnhardt fan group. We are NASCAR fans first and foremost. Please feel free to participate in the chat threads and games we have (see the rules threads). Also, please introduce yourself in the Introduction thread below, and let us know who your driver/s is/are and any other info you wish to share... Like when did you became a fan, or what is the one race you never miss, etc...

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Scoring Tower Holla Board


NaturalSpirit: Kiss those bricks baby "X(" YAY "X("

NaturalSpirit: "X(" GO JEFF GO "X("

trulyfree: Good Luck everyone, and i pray the bad weather holds off and it is a safe race.

stbullwinkle: What Tru is saying below is... I have openned a new group calle NASCAR FANatics. Look it up. :D

trulyfree: ok that link goes to pick a group page for me, on the left pick automotive and the new group show...

stbullwinkle: But there is not change in our game, but below Nook there were some movers up and down.

MorgansRed: WOW !!! New Names in Top 5..Congrats to #43..What a wreckfest.Glad all is ok.X(

trulyfree: Yes it is just starting right now! Good luck everyone and God Bless!

NaturalSpirit: Coke Zero 400 will be run at 11 AM Sunday Morning GLA!

NookieAmore: slips on bubbles from the soapbox

trulyfree: soapbox, what soapbox....*burping up bubbles** i didn't cuss :o

stbullwinkle: Has anyone seen if there is an issue with the Soapbox feature? This one is not working well.

MrsRosiePierman: awww ty E1

MorgansRed: Goooooooooo Rosie..Whoo Hooo X(

NookieAmore: Look at Rosie on top here and making great moves in the yahoo group. WTG gf.

trulyfree: :) thankie

MrsRosiePierman: I won't be on imvu for awhile we have no internet so hopefully we can get it back on soon tc...

stbullwinkle: Congratulations to our latest school graduate... TrulyFree. Way to go! X(

MrsRosiePierman: Way to go Dale Jr.

MrsLeahCamara: I bet Brad doesnt go behind Danica again for help...smiles..good for Dale Jr..