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“This is the only active NASCAR group on imvu! But we are working on another one.”

How much do you like NASCAR? If you do then please join my group. We are not all Earnhardt fans, so you can join too. I do ask that you introduce yourself in the Intro Thread and tell us your driver.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: stbullwinkle
Category: Automotive
Date Formed: 2008-07-19 01:16:49
Members: 129

The Soapbox

Welcome to all NASCAR fans. This group is not just a Dale Earnhardt fan group... We are NASCAR fans first and foremost. Please feel free to participate in the chat threads and games we have (see the rules threads). Also, please introduce yourself in the Sticky called Members Introductions thread below, and let us know who your driver/s is/are and any other info you wish to share... Like when did you became a fan, or what is the one race you never miss, etc...

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The last time a seven-time NASCAR champion was honored was 22 years ago, December 2, 1994.

Glenn Wood's first NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway in May 1953

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Holla Board


stbullwinkle: If you are joining Nook's game do not use ID (like I did) only use the number (1723) itself....

NookieAmore: Info needed to join: ID 1723 Password is: nascar2017 (no space, no cap) Group name: Nascar Pro...

NookieAmore: link for Yahoo Nascar: []

NookieAmore: Yahoo Nascar Fantasy Group Now Open. Name: Nascar Pros ID# 1723 Password: Nascar 2017 Come Join...

stbullwinkle: Thank you, Morgan.

MorgansRed: Great Pics Boss. :)

BIBorJan: Hi and Welcome Tim. :D

timmyhh1: thank you stbull ..

stbullwinkle: Welcome back Tim. (: D

MorgansRed: Yayyyyyyyyyy Welcome Tim..

timmyhh1: hello ever one


stbullwinkle: I am back. Thanks to my sweetheart Morgan, she amazes me. :)

Guest_DonnieAllison: Dale Jr. was married earlier today, Jan 31. Happy New Year everyone too. :)

JazzieOne4U: I believe Dale Jr. got married today.. or yesterday.. not sure. :)

BIBorJan: Well that sucks, Mike. Bummer!

Guest_DonnieAllison: This is me Mike... My and Juni's accounts have been disabled for something she shared with m...

TonyTitan: You're welcome Mike. I'm happy to help out here. I do hope you showing as disabled is t...

stbullwinkle: Members, I want to let you know TonyTitan is the new officer replacing MorgansRed. Thanks Tony.

stbullwinkle: Happy Birthday Melissa (NookieAmore), Wednesday, December 28, 2016! WOOHOO X( Thanks for all you...

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