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“This is the only active NASCAR group on imvu!”

How much do you love NASCAR? Please introduce yourself in the Intro Thread below and tell us.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: stbullwinkle
Category: Automotive
Date Formed: 2008-07-19 01:16:49
Members: 160

The Soapbox

Hello and welcome to the group, please feel free to comment in the topic threads and play our game. You can join the game at anytime, also the game will be divided into 3 segments (Spring, Summer and Chase), with 3 winners plus the full season winner (see the rules thread below). Additionally, the name of the group is not the most important thing... It is the love of the sport, we don't care who your driver is... Just enjoy the group.

All members, please introduce yourself if you have not already (See the thread below). Thank you, The Management.

These are the results after the Darlington race Race#8 12 April 2014:
______________________________________________________Yr_Total__Spring__Summer__ The Chase
_1) - StBullwinkle -------- 348	 TP - 53	348	348
_2) - JUNIORFAN ----------- 341	 TP - 44	341	341
_3) - NaturalSpirit ------- 337	 TP - 39	337	337
_4) - NookieAmore --------- 332	 TP - 27	332	332
_5) - HorridCreep --------- 329	 TP - 44	329	329
_6) - LiamsFree ----------- 328	 TP - 53	328	328
_7) - JazzieOne4U --------- 317	 TP - 43	317	317
_7) - Dreamerbynight ------ 317	 TP - 43	317	317
_9) - MrsRosiePierman ----- 307	 TP - 44	307	307
10) - XxSouthernRebelxX --- 303	 TP - 43	303	303
10) - CountessHopeLymah -- 303	 TP - 53	303	303
10) - MorgansRed ---------- 303	 TP - 53	303	303
13) - xMistressRoxy ------- 302	 TP - 53	302	302
13) - Ginasomebody -------- 302	 TP - 53	302	302
15) - Trulyfree ----------- 289	 TP - 27	289	289
16) - RedFury08 ----------- 273	 TP - 41	273	273
* TP (Total Points for this race)

Active Members

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Scoring Tower Holla Board


NaturalSpirit: Welcome Home Billie!!!! Loves & Misses You *hugs*

stbullwinkle: Welcome Leah. Hope you enjoy the group.

Guest_AragoneseLady: Hi, my name is Leah, glad to join this club! Huge Dale Sr. Nascar!!! thanks for the ba...

NaturalSpirit: be safe gf and have fun!!!

trulyfree: Loved NC visit with sis, now i am in WV with my daughter, be home this weekend miss you guys

NaturalSpirit: look the bossman climbed a mountain!! Congrats! woooooot ;)

trulyfree: good job on climbing to the top of the heap Mike!

stbullwinkle: Ooops she got to wigglin' just a little too much and fell off. 8-) It is so lonely at the t...

NaturalSpirit: Yo Nook Nook you wanna peace of me?? ROFL I love it :)

NookieAmore: LOL Natural. Your hand is shaking.

NaturalSpirit: pulls the gun in tight looks long down the sight trail aiming at that perch LOL wot GF? LOL

NookieAmore: wiggles on the top perch all alone. X(

NaturalSpirit: wiggle baby wiggle *smiles* now thats HOT rofl

stbullwinkle: Big shake up in the game with the Texas race... Nook you can wiggle all you like at the top. ;)

trulyfree: Internet is back up, so wallah here i am dancing in circles for joy! la la la

NaturalSpirit: OMG gf sorry to hear that ! hope all is well, people are crazy out there! *hugs*

NookieAmore: I'm fine, so looks like I need to pick up a backup car (rental lol) this morning at the deal...

NookieAmore: In a fender bender Thursday in RL. ummm I was turnin left just like in Nascar. Yellow flag out. L...

stbullwinkle: Welcome back Rosie! I just hope you have been able to watch the good races. :)

MrsRosiePierman: Sorry i havent been on i had no internet we just got it transferred today 4/1