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“This is the only active NASCAR group on imvu! But we are working on another one.”

How much do you love NASCAR? If you do then please join my group. We are not all Earnhardt fans, so you can join too. I do ask that you introduce yourself in the Intro Thread and tell us your driver.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: stbullwinkle
Category: Automotive
Date Formed: 2008-07-19 01:16:49
Members: 166

The Soapbox

Welcome to all NASCAR fans. This group is not just a Dale Earnhardt fan group. We are NASCAR fans first and foremost. Please feel free to participate in the chat threads and games we have (see the rules threads). Also, please introduce yourself in the Sticky called Members Introductions thread below, and let us know who your driver/s is/are and any other info you wish to share... Like when did you became a fan, or what is the one race you never miss, etc...

Due to spammers we are now making this an invite only group. To be admitted please send a message to the owner, or these two officers MorgansRed, or NookieAmore. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

If you find or have a picture of a driver, track, car, or other racing action and want me to post it here, send me the link.

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Holla Board


NookieAmore: Nascar Yahoo Fantasy pick your 8 drivers before you go to be tonight. Also the race is Sat. night...

stbullwinkle: B)

BIB64: Nice pictures in the Soapbox. Esp. the Talladega pic (tu)

NookieAmore: Welcome to all are new members.

MorgansRed: WOW..Member numbers really picked up..Hmmmm Now if they just be active..

stbullwinkle: Welcome Morgen, Minnie, Moon and Larry... Have fun in our group.

moonlight63: ty for the invite...great race at texas

BIB64: Welcome to the group Moon, Minnie, Morgen and Larry :D

EternalHope4U: Awesome race tonight...

Morgenrosewood: Hey y'all... Favorite for all time? Sr. of course. My driver is #31 Ryan Newman.... Debra

Minnielisa7: oops i'm sorry the message appeared twice.

Minnielisa7: Hi everyone, my favorite racer is #24. =) i'm new here.

Minnielisa7: Hi everyone, my favorite racer is #24. =) i'm new here.

moonlight63: hi everyone...most call me moon...Dale sr fan for life but kevin harvick the man. RCR fan too.


NookieAmore: Yahool ppl's lock in your 8 drivers before you go to bed tonight.

stbullwinkle: If you are a friend of Jazzetta check the pics she posted from the CA Gala in Photo Stream.

MorgansRed: Also check out Nookies Yahoo racing game..

MorgansRed: Hiiiiiiiiii Stevie,,Welcome to this fun and crazy group..Please join in on the games and topics.

NookieAmore: Hi Stevie and welcome to are great group. Morgan has an fun game that she runs every Sunday.