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Coupon codes and free gifts

“Gifts and coupon codes!”

We Give out coupon codes,Badges url's and we do contests and I buy the winner a couple of things off there wishlist or Give Credits.Sooo get wishing. Enjoy! Lillihipbebaxoxo

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Date Formed: 2011-04-23 11:11:54
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The Soapbox

Here Theres Only 1 Rule............
Dont Treat People Like You wouldnt want to be treated! :P
If You Break It i will have to kick you out this group or I will take away the contests then you will not get gifts sooo its up to you! Any Questions or Got a Idea for the next contest Just Tell me Thanks.......B.T.W I need some staff that are willing to stick with the rules and we will kick out the horrible people but we dont want to kick people out...! :D To Help This Group Grow Please If you Can will you invite people to join If You want some Badges go to : or []

thanks for everything....


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Our Board! :D


gretax15love: Hello ! I'm new here. Do not asking for gifts, just I'm glad to be here =] =] =] ♡...

Guest_amma1223: Can i please have something please (: P)

Guest_Zoella08123: Hey can someone help my friend : lavinia0812 today is she birthday and no one give to she a gift...

Guest_ChrysanthemumHarmony: Good morning everyone✋ I hope to see some new coupon codes for the rest of the year.

Guest_OutOnMyOwn: Hi! I just joined..I hope I can Get somm gifts and a coupon code. But its really okay I Guess. :P

Guest_MarcelineCake: does anyone know a new coupon ??

Guest_Uniqqueex3: Hey I just joind,hope I'll get some gifts soon :):)

Guest_Elly19999: Someone donate ?

Guest_Elly19999: Hey there.... im new here someone can send me gift??? ..i will be glad xD :D

prinses1999: Hi who can gift me please :$

Guest_WyNiqueNicoleReed: Hey Can Somebody Please Gift Me

Guest_xodaya: Hey guys can some gift me the first 5 things on my wishlist :)

Guest_xXNeekiexX: Can Somebody Donate Me Some Credits Please? #InNeedOfNewClothing

Guest_GALL3T1TA: :D

Guest_babycxk3s: Hii I'm new

Guest_qChp: Heyy. Can anybody use my coupon code? 5HKAHACKWK pleasee, i review products back, anything :( :(...

Youpurr: Hello , How are you, i think im gonna like this group :)

Youpurr: Hello , How are you, i think im gonna like this group :)

xC00KI3M0NT3Rx: haii guys am keeley am new and i need more stuff so can i get a gift please ^.^

xC00KI3M0NT3Rx: haii guys am keeley am new and i need more stuff so can i get a gift please ^.^