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Coupon codes and free gifts

“Gifts and coupon codes!”

We Give out coupon codes,Badges url's and we do contests and I buy the winner a couple of things off there wishlist or Give Credits.Sooo get wishing. Enjoy! Lillihipbebaxoxo

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_lillihipbebaxoxo_retired_73456639
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2011-04-23 11:11:54
Members: 2617

The Soapbox

Here Theres Only 1 Rule............
Dont Treat People Like You wouldnt want to be treated! :P
If You Break It i will have to kick you out this group or I will take away the contests then you will not get gifts sooo its up to you! Any Questions or Got a Idea for the next contest Just Tell me Thanks.......B.T.W I need some staff that are willing to stick with the rules and we will kick out the horrible people but we dont want to kick people out...! :D To Help This Group Grow Please If you Can will you invite people to join If You want some Badges go to : or []

thanks for everything....


Active Members

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Our Board! :D


FriedCrazy: hai?

Guest_KazThaRapper: Can i get some help with some credis also. btw isnt there a room we all meet or can meet?

ICupzI: can some one send me gifts or 9k crdz plzz

Guest_DeslondMay: can someone gift me credits plz

Guest_DeslondMay: can someone gift me credits plz

Guest_KaiWalkerHere: Holy moly, I am broke, feel free to add me, I need credits also <:)

Guest_aliveSarah: I'm broke😅, plzzz, I tried everything to get credits but it doesn't work, and add me...

Guest_aliveSarah: Hello, can ya plz gift me my whole wishlist??, plzzzzzt, and give my 555k credits??, plzzz, I...

Guest_amburlina: Hi everyone😄feel free to add me but I also need credits.

Guest_AbegailNorberte: hi everyone i need some very poor now wish you can give me thank you☺

Guest_XxLiixTrillxX: I need 70k

Guest_XxLiixTrillxX: does this work?

Guest_XxLiixTrillxX: Add Me , Gift Me & I Need Coupons Please😭

Guest_XxLiixTrillxX: Hey Guys I Love Your Group ❤️

Guest_lalisa46: hello guys how are youu ! i need some gifts or badges:( so please who can help me

vaqinz: hii i need a prepaid card! please

Guest_KaylaRavenheart: Hello all!! I just joined the group and I am loking forward to meeting new people and the gifts!...

HelenaCavalli: Hi to everyone. Add me xx and gift me :*

XxAlishaaSmithxX: Hey. Can i got some gifts ? :) I will review and show them to my friends. :) Thanks u. :3

LilBaby2tymes_disabled_176477153: Can you please gift me like I'm broke so if you could gift me my whole wishlist That would b...

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