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This group is out of commission, but due to the wishes of the members will remain in the forum. If you want a Christian group, talk to TheresaJill of Celestial Spirit or Sonlit of Christian Cross Road

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: AlainnCairdeas
Category: Religion
Date Formed: 2009-02-21 18:18:11
Members: 31

The Soapbox

Group Closed Down

If you're looking for a good Christian group, I suggest you try these out!

Celestial Spirit:
[] (Talk to TheresaJill)

Christian Cross Road:
[] (Talk to Sonlit)

Saying good-bye...

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Announcements & Happenings


TheresaJill: Your room fills up very quickly, you had 17 in it Sometimes I have a bad night & don/t get ti...

JYHARA: What location is the study being held, the old location?

Sonlit: Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and real life will be added unto you.. lol

123Zoey321: Sorry I haven't been really active! Been pretty busy in RL. But never busy enough for the Lo...

Guest_manditron3000: ty 4 acceptin' me in finally meetin people who believe like me!! :)

AlainnCairdeas: on making the group more open for as of us to run it like the Body of Christ.

AlainnCairdeas: ...and I am so thankful ya'll are still here! I promise over Christmas Jamie and I will...

AlainnCairdeas: I only had time to read a couple posts, but I just want ya'll to know I miss you...

MinisterT0626_disabled_47809005: im bac on now cant wait till our next meeting

AlainnCairdeas: There was no Bible study last night, I couldn't make it at the last minute

brownings: Dang it, I missed the bible study again, by like an hr. poo!

Sonlit: Blessed Tuesday Morning Everyone!! God is so Good! Praise Him in the Morning!!

Sonlit: Love You, Precious Daughter

AlainnCairdeas: CWAM on Facebook will be used for thread archives. Check there for old posts!

xXQueenSaraiXx: We worship Him on a daily basis with our actions, words, and deeds

xXQueenSaraiXx: We worship Him all the time by the way that we live. People are able to see the Spirit of God in...

Guest_Charible: its funny how we only worship God during our free time

xXQueenSaraiXx: woohoo!!! More christians on IMVU, I am over joyed!!!

Guest_hephzibahh: howw about tommorow?to we get to hang out?

AlainnCairdeas: 07/26/10- The Bible Study is canceled until further notice.