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CherokeeWolfLady's Family

“Hello family”

This is a group created for the family of CherokeeWolfLady and BigAl65.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: CherokeeWolfLady_disabled_19084619
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-01-31 01:43:17
Members: 27

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Holla Board


MoonStarEagle: thank you cher for inviting me its an honor to be in your family love u sis

llRaDhaKriShnall: aww thank you momma :) for invites me...hello family :D i'm jang...Al and Cher daughter :)

BuffySoUnique: hi im BuffySoUnique, my indian name given to me me by my mom Cher is Turtle Dove. I love my famil...

DarkAngelTemptation: thank you for the invite, grandma and grandpa! love you all <3

InsaneAngelSoul: Good Day Cherokee family ... I am Wild Flower I will be in charge of updates for the family...

TennoWolfTree: Osiyo! I'm Sage and brother of Cher. We are blessed to be imvu family for several years.

GuidingAngelofLight_disabled_38865854: Hello Family, I'm Lisa . Al and Cher Daughter. I am vry honored to be in this family. :)

dapearlgurl: hello all, pearl or moolissa on my udder account. long lost/recently found sister to char...

LadyBlairKbar1: Hello Fam; I haven't forgotten you all. Having big fun in Cali and will see you all soon, Mu...

InsaneAngelSoul: hello family ^^ think its time to think about halloween party :P any ideas?

InsaneAngelSoul: We need to welcome back Cel ^^ and get our family strong again ^^

KrissyBlackWidow: hello all my name is marie im bled and rebels daughter and al and chers grandaughter

LunaMoonBear: Hello everyone, My indian name is Blue Angel Heart I'm Al and Cher's daughter

EmberDelight_disabled_42801865: Greetings Everyone My indian name given2me by cher my big sis is black bear-Proud to be Family

BettyLou33_disabled_60864568: Hello everyone, My Indian name is Little Dove, Im proud to be a member of this group!!!!

CherokeeWolfLady_disabled_19084619: I am going to be putting out a newsletter once a week for email. Articles due Friday nights.

InsaneAngelSoul: Hello everyone ^^ my name is Little Wild Flower or as everyone knows lol Lovedoll1178 or cyndi lo...

REBELSHADOWWOLF: i all im Rebelladybled indian name little wild cat im married to Bled40 im al and Cher daughter

REBELSHADOWWOLF: i all im Rebelladybled indian name little wild cat im married to Bled40 im al and Cher daughter

BigAl65: Hello everyone. Hope you enjoy this group.