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“Let's talk graphics.”

Discussion of art and graphics in the IMVU community, including artist's tools, software, techniques - especially related to avatar art, imvu fan-art, and generally IMVU'centric computer art.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Catbones
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2007-08-10 16:59:41
Members: 8091

The Soapbox

PLEASE refrain from posting links to bootleg/pirate software on the message boards! This group is about sharing information, not swapping "warez." Any messages posted containing information leading to the download of said materials will be deleted from the board. Thank you!

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Holla Board


expensivetaste: New real life repaint DP's posted and uploaded into my gallery!

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jimnie: hello, i'm new in this group. hope to learn more about arts and getting to know you all :) :...

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Guest_ShaneBane: Hello all :)

Guest_dclatten1: Hi

Guest_callmejazz18: hi i guess im new to yalls group

Seuchi: Premades for sale click here!

expensivetaste: New premade DP's! 5k each, PM me if interested. :)

LeezaLee: I'm paying 1000 credits for whom can do an Avi pic for me! PM ME OR INVITE!

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