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“" We welcome you "”

A safe haven for demigods to train, play and rest for there quest ahead of them. This is based on Rick Riordon's The Heroes Of Olympus. We accept Legacies, decendents of Gods.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: iiSwaggBeastz
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2012-12-24 10:33:38
Members: 13

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iiSwaggBeastz: ☮

BrandedScarlet: Cause I'm frikkin awesome xD

iiSwaggBeastz: Wow, Leila. You keep going on Quest ^ w ^. Congrats.

Guest_Teddybearhugger13_retired_105580188: Is this where I put the entrance for a quest? o.o"

iiSwaggBeastz: ◕‿◕ I can't wait for the quest. You guys ready Senka and Roxan...

iiSwaggBeastz: Goody. oWo

BrandedScarlet: Mkay I think I'm Eastern OuO

iiSwaggBeastz: And we need an excact time. Um, 1:00 Eastern 12:00 Western. or Central or whatever it's call...

iiSwaggBeastz: Maybe we can do it in the Camp Half- Blood ((RP)), or we can do it in the other Camp Half-Blood.

BrandedScarlet: Quest Friday O wO Where we gonna post it though? xD

Guest_DarkAngelEmma123_retired_98398629: :D

iiSwaggBeastz: Yup, yup.

Guest_DarkAngelEmma123_retired_98398629: Enyone there?

iiSwaggBeastz: Leila and Sarai when are we going to do the quest ? Later today ? Tomorrow ? :D

iiSwaggBeastz: SARAI, your on the group page ^ w ^.

Guest_BreakNeckSpeed: *Actually * Get On * Group -__-

Guest_BreakNeckSpeed: Well, Now I Can Actal GetOn The Goup Page, Now That My Internet Isn't Being Dumb :D

BrandedScarlet: Idk, if i made it wouldn't it mean Vicky is Head? Cuz I don't want another head for my...

iiSwaggBeastz: I'll make it now or if you want you could make it. :D

BrandedScarlet: When is the Ares cabin gonna be made? > - <

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