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“Become The Story...”

Welcome To Camp Half-Blood. But, Don't Expect Mr. D. To Be Nice To You.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-03-31 02:49:21
Members: 18

The Soapbox


1. You Must Be Active! If You Are Not You Will Be Terminated. If You Are Not Going To Be Active For A While Then Write It In The "Leaving Camp...?" Thread.

2. Be Respectful Towards Everyone! (We Can Make An Acceptence During "RP" But In "OOC"(Out Of Character) Please Follow This Rule At ALL Times!

3. Please Ask Before You Start A New Thread.

4. Please Add The Group Owner As a Friend. This Is To Notify Of Different Things Such As: Active Status, Summary Of What's Going On In The Group(If You Need It, Of Course.) And So on so forth.

5. You Don't Have To Fill Out All The Information But, you do have to sign and accept the rules.(See below). Please Speak In Third-Person's P.O.V(Point. Of. View.)

6. Each Person Is Given The Opportunity To Make 7 Characters Total. Each Person is given the opportunity to make an "OC"(Own Character.) No Over Perfect Characters.

7. No Ruining The Books For People! -Shakes Finger At You- It Isn't Fair To Those That Haven't Gotten That Far Into The Books... But, Since People Would Like To Share Anything Like That From The Books Then We will make a thread for it.

8. If There Are Still Already Characters In The Series That Are Available Then You HAVE To Repeat HAVE To Take one at the least(But, two would be appreciated.) Only Because... THEY ARE NEEDED! How Else Can We "RP" Whenever We're Talking About Some Of Those Characters And They Aren't Taken? We Can't. Exactly...

9. Let's try to keep the swearing to minimum. Let's be civilized. If you accidently post twice then just edit out and I'll delete it.

10. NO SPAMMING! If it's a group that you want us to join post it in announcements. Thank you.

Follow These Rules? You Are Not On My Bad List! If You Don't? You Will Be On My Bad List With Only 3 Repeat 3 Warnings... After That...? You Will Be
Terminated From The Group. Now, That You've Read The Following... Welcome To Camp Half-Blood! =D Here's The Map:

Map Of The Cabins:
All Cabins Are Avaliable.

Active Members

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Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358: I am going to redo a couple of threads. Just a few.

Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358: Fireworks Beach, The Big House, The Stables, The Lake; Have been converted to All Activities

Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358: Read the OOC Freestyle thread please!

Intriicate: Sadly... It's very boring right now. lol. Someone post somethin'!

Intriicate: IMVU... Is definatly jacked up today! DX'

Intriicate: IMVU... Is definatly jacked up today! DX

Kate13244_disabled_45928659: []

Kate13244_disabled_45928659: []...

Intriicate: No problem! lol. XD

Guest_QueenKeraDeath_36506591_retired_36506591: Thanks Jewel For Makin' My Profile Picture! I Love It! XDD

Kate13244_disabled_45928659: []

Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358: Night.

Kate13244_disabled_45928659: Night everyone

Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358: You're Welcome

ShainaBoo22: Thank you

Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358: That's okay and yes, you can. Btwm Welcome to the group!

ShainaBoo22: i am just busy that is all

ShainaBoo22: i am going to create a character soon may i have a daughter of poseidon

Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358: Updated "Cabin Avaliability" Thread. Please Check.

Guest_XxXKyraTheKnightXxX_49358713_retired_49358: The Rules Have been Updated! Please check them.

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