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“Blender developers developer 3D meshing creator”

A group for creators using blender 3D as their main tool for meshing, texturing, this is one of the places to discuss many of the issues surrounding blender and the imvu previewer, and how they work

Membership: Open
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Group Owner: Apollosapphire
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2007-09-11 18:47:46
Members: 4032

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Hackedcross: hello

ObsidianCrossITW: hi all it's been a minute but i'm back for now

ThibautOberon: i install Python but i don't see it on my pc i am running windows 8 any can tell me how tog...

ThibautOberon: hi all

NobodysFoolEver: Hi to you all, Im new here, well new to 3d stuff, but not new to graphics in the 2d style

ObsidianCrossITW: need help

ObsidianCrossITW: ugh, i been trying to use maticb's tutorial, but i can't seem to get the controls down

ObsidianCrossITW: i'll open a topic for it

ObsidianCrossITW: well i'm having a little confusion finding the tools i need

ObsidianCrossITW: and chose to use blender :)

ObsidianCrossITW: hi all, i just joined if that's ok? and i'm just starting out as a creator.

IceBloodwing: I wish to say hi and say omg thank you Corriandre for showing me this,huggs

IllusiveJack: For Dark, its Version 2,49b

xXK4ROL4Xx: hello all ^^

DarkAdobe: K very quick question: How high of a Blender version can I currently go to create stuff for IMVU?

NativexoxKisses: Hello Everyone! :D

MAAN: Hi friends ^__^ I need a nacless of my name > MAAN < can anyone here who can creat me this...

MAAN: Hi friends ^__^ I need a nacless of my name > MAAN < can anyone here who can creat me this...

ChynaNatt: Im new to the whole creating and blender thing I would love if someone could help me or guide me.

Kokomoman01: Hi all ! Just trying to keep in touch :)