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“Blender developers developer 3D meshing creator”

A group for creators using blender 3D as their main tool for meshing, texturing, this is one of the places to discuss many of the issues surrounding blender and the imvu previewer, and how they work

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Apollosapphire
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2007-09-11 18:47:46
Members: 4954

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Holla Board


Ronbulays: looking forward to the challenges of learning blender

JatunSuwayHananPacha: Hello fellows, thanks for let me in

Occultia: here goes, entering the crazy world of meshing

TKxRyder: Hello and pleased to be here :D

nerissasweet: hi everyone :)

IPaxii: I wish you a happy Weekend

Ezer: You probably never knew this>[]

Grandpa: Hello all :)

IPaxii: Hi, Have a Nice Day !!!!!

sonnex: Hello , Joey from Italy

sonnex: Hello , Joey from Italy

tarkan24: hallo frpm germany,liebgruss:)

andora12310: bonjour je viens de me joindre a votre groupe, no speack english , pouvez vous me joindre merci

LyraOfTabor: Looking forward to learning how to mesh with Blender. Thanks in advance for sharing information&h...

Arie: Hoping to learn a lot. Thanks in advance for all your support and enlightenment.

Trillogy_disabled_61235639: []

Guest_PattyStrikeXD: Can anyone tell me, what are the requirement?

ZlatanWyntermistel: can anyone help me with the jimbow4 archive the link keeps redirecting to my homepage. pls and ty...

backagain: Hello group

Schelm: Hi everybody im glad to be here. im confused since i try to get started with blender. "s&quo...

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