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“Badges Badges Badges. Who Wants Badges?”

Share Your Badge. Have Fun., Play Nice, Enjoy.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: XenCorp
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2009-02-11 06:14:46
Members: 47081

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    Kisa Kitty I Support Cute Things! Yuno 1/2 Yuno 2/2 ZzZz Ohh Snap!
    Hold a star... Never let it go Forever? Forever My Star And Moon
    Magic Fountain
    Free Random Badge Sweet Sakura CareBear IMVU LGBT Pride 2015
    country hat run lola run NY ZIP ALL BLACK Letters D ALL BLACK Letters M ALL BLACK Letters T ALL BLACK Letters M2 Mikes Free Letters A Mikes Free Letters O Mikes Free Letters T
    Supreme x Seph itachibadge4 grg3ghgh3h One piece ;D Kid Buu
    40K Badges! Banana boat The Ankh Phenomenal Woman... K ! Milestone Badge ! Politeness Badge Knowledge Is Power The Awakening
    Kokoro Reflections Super Mario Bros Super Smash Bros!!! Master Ball lolmuch? Aww. Navi the fairy! Markiplier Arin Dan
    Music badge by casanova I Love You!
    Dobby Deathly hallows always Snape Slytherin Prefect Certified PotterHead Sorting Hat + Sword of Gryffindor Always Freedom
    Sakura Kinamoto Kirito  x  Asuna Kirito x Asuna Pika Pile Li Syaoran

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