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“Badges Badges Badges. Who Wants Badges?”

Share Your Badge. Have Fun., Play Nice, Enjoy.

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Group Owner: XenCorp
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2009-02-11 06:14:46
Members: 45111

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Holla Board


xREZ: I have one bags :3 <3

TeeLee: [] free I LOVE YOU BADGES :D :) ^_^ <3

Msleeara: You are most welcome Guest_mxl937 ;)

Guest_mxl937: @Msleeara Thanks chica I appreciate you pointing me in tha direction

Msleeara: Guest_mxl937: [] MrsPhilly(real recogonize real badge)

Msleeara: Guest_mxl937:

Guest_mxl937: im lookin 4 a badge that says real recogonize real. thanks in advance.

NaturalSpirit: come and get em []

xXBooXx: Just made a changeable holiday badge, currently halloween, available on my homepage for 2k

MrsGigglesONYX: I have made 2 badges they on my hp elect purple butterfly symbol of Frbro warriors & Kindred...

Cabron: I have an autogrant Pokemon badge and ones for sale/trade if you're interested

pupnightwolf: looking for pokemon or my little pony badges

TeeLee: [] tons of badges

Guest_IvanKorenev: anyone have ukraine flag badges if so please let me know

BrokenBowtie: I'm looking for Chevrolet Badges Pls LET ME KNOW ASAP Thanks :)

SunsuSin: 1 Badge @ [] X(

OOTD: alien , flower, & arabic badges on my profile. []

BohemianBliss: Come see If you like skulls/ flower on it Its my first badge!

Sugi: Check Out My HP For My Badges! Right Here!

LadyLyka: Due to to someone copying it my MAKE ME SCREAM badge is now available for autogrant. ENJOY!! :D