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“Norms: Respect”

This group is for the people love badges

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Group Owner: Guest_SoldierSpain1
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-08-10 15:53:18
Members: 5747

The Soapbox

Do not worry I will be adding more every badges every day

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    3OH!3 Pride KarlaSexys my shop -Hello Kitty BVB Black Veil Brides Star Symbol A6 Badge batman RollingStones LGBT Community
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    owo country hat NY ZIP ALL BLACK Letters D ALL BLACK Letters M ALL BLACK Letters T ALL BLACK Letters M2 Mikes Free Letters A Mikes Free Letters O Mikes Free Letters T
    GIFTEMBER! Cass SEXY! spring flower
    LOVED ...Never Ends... Saint
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    A badge of Appreciation Mood swing ~True Love is is the ONLY thing that gives Life REAL Meaning.~ huh Chrome Letters J2 Chrome Letters S2
    Gold Married badge - NyxZep Forever Gold Badge - NyxZep
    Super Badge 1

Holla Board


Guest_JustShutItowo: Looking for any gif badges.

ImaBIKER357: thank u so Much!!!

MrsJxAmore: Two FREE badges on my homepage!! []

JokerzWylde: "Happy 4th of July" badge + more free badges on my page :)

anadreamzilla: Hello everyone - Ana loves Anime / Manga badges! If you have extra's pls donate anytime ^...

AdriannaLightning: I have 4 free badges :)

JokerzWylde: Winter and Summer Solstice badges on my page now. -Changing Holiday Badge- + MORE FREE ONES!!

HeyBartender: 3 free badges @ my place Cheers []

JokerzWylde: D-Day Badge (changes with holidays and special days) ...more free ones at my page :)

MrsJxAmore: Two FREE badges on my homepage!! []

1HarleyBlackHawkDove: hi everyone hope you all having a good day :D Does anyone know where to find plain black badges?

Guest_DvHx: Do you have any free badges with acdc or kinds of band badges?

MrsVaashaVDiddler: hello all...two free badges on my hp ......waves...

JokerzWylde: The Changing Holiday Badge is now set as Memorial Day :) ...more free badges on my page

MrsJxAmore: Two FREE badges on my homepage!!!

iFreakQuency: New Badge! ~ [] X( X(

JokerzWylde: The Holiday Badge is now "Mothers Day"...+ more free badges my page ;)

JokerzWylde: Changing holiday badge is now set on May Day..more free ones at my page

NobuShiina: does anyone know where i can find the badge that says married

JokerzWylde: Changing Holiday Badge is now set to 100 years of ANZAC...Lest We Forget