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“Norms: Respect”

This group is for the people love badges

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_SoldierSpain1
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-08-10 15:53:18
Members: 6575

The Soapbox

Do not worry I will be adding more every badges every day

Active Members

    My one and only
    420 chibi leaf [4] Love U  4ever! Shut up & Enjoy Life... 420 chibi leaf [1] 420 chibi leaf [2] 420 chibi leaf [3] Angel Stitch
    The Secret - Chuuu Alphabet Badge ~A~ Alphabet Badge ~K~ Alphabet Badge ~P~ Alphabet Badge ~R~ Alphabet Badge ~S~ Heartbeat ANIM 2 Equalizer Anim Mario Block N1
    Forever.You.Me KCloveon ...Never Ends... Holy Spirit of God Make me Holy Keep Calm & Love Meee! I Love You
    Silky Letters - I Silky Letters - L Silky Letters - Z Flawless1 Flawless 2 I hurt feelings Stay cute baby Yas Im An Effin Princess
    ROC One To Get Mad ROC One Because I Can Be a Bi%h Sometimes ROC One Because I am so BadIf You Love Sex All Night ROC One for Love "A" By ShahlaAhsan "K" By ShahlaAhsan "M" By ShahlaAhsan "R" By ShahlaAhsan "A2" By ShahlaAhsan My Heart One
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 6 Badge December AngelLee731 PRO DEVELOPER NOEL CREATOR Xmas Wreath
    He Died For Our Sins. Cruel Support ~ Batman ~ i really love you (ASL) DreamCatcher A~ J~ N~ A 2~ I 2~
    Team Kari
    Night Stalker

Holla Board


HeyBartender: 3 Freebies []

Snakejr29: looking for a 80s badges

YoursTruly: Feel free to grab my badge!!!!!! []

TOOJUICYFORUxMAFIA69: I am looking for some gold letters and some lions

angellee731: Free auto grant my hp and more

MrsJxAmore: Two free heart badges on my homepage!!![]

SxyDesire: I so am addicted to badges I need more to add to my 3 K that I already have πŸ’–πŸ’•BADGESπŸ’“πŸ’...

KayxSweet: im new to the group and im addicted to badges. :)

BcQ0: I'm a badge addict Can I get some free badges? :D

xXMotherDragonxX: looking for Raven badges

Angiedeej: Looking for someone to make 4 custom badges and stickers for me- HELP please tks lots

Snakejr29: looking for rebel flag badge and harley badge

iiAmai: looking for the wolf badge that moves, its of jacob from twilight.

HeyBartender: come and get em Cheers []

MrsJxAmore: Two free heart badges on my homepage!!![]

Tiffani1554: helllo :-)

Guest_Daisyluv82: Looking for Frog or dog badges

angellee731: wanted any hallowwen and xmas badges-free badges my hp togive back

jesterBloodrose123: any free wolf badges out there

Throam: New halloween autogrant ghost badge on my homepage! Please enjoy