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“Norms: Respect”

This group is for the people love badges

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Group Owner: Guest_SoldierSpain1
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-08-10 15:53:18
Members: 5471

The Soapbox

Do not worry I will be adding more every badges every day

Active Members

    Alphabet Badge ~I~ Alphabet Badge ~N~ Alphabet Badge ~O~ Alphabet Badge ~N~ 2 MakeYouSaYwow Bish Badge
    Latns(C)cold(H)heart UJealous of ME? Latnfemale Precious LatnFemale Latnfemale Bit ny bit Latnfemale Wicked Mindless
    Ribcage PVC Heart Cristal Rose Music. Medicine my heart and soul needs. P a i n Demure
    Minnie Cutie Badge~ Lovely Piglet ~ Rainbow6 38RB - OnLine Completely His AngelXuria1
    SILVER RING - TAKEN 9B 14B Goth Letters A1 Goth Letters D1 Goth Letters M1 Goth Letters T1 Goth Letters M2 Goth Letters O2 Goth Letters T2
    Dolce and Gabbana brand and style LV Louis Vuitton brand and style
    Phenomenal Woman... K ! Milestone Badge ! Politeness Badge Knowledge Is Power The Awakening Mono-Crown Johnny1 Johnny2
    Nurse Nurse 9 Love Promise me Puppy
    PUERTO RICO BoRiCuA BuTtErFlY BoRiCuA  GiRl Happy New Year Free Random Badge 2 Hes Mine
    Kuro Kimono
    Silky Letters  J Silky Letters  O ~ ..I LoVe My Hubby.. ~ leter P leter R RollingStones Zombie-Cuppycake PinkMaple.SR Epic3D Derivables (Canadian Flag)
    emo anime girl

Holla Board


MrsJxAmore: Two FREE badges on my homepage!! []

AngelRoseHeaven: hi everyone hope you all having a good day :D Does anyone know where to find plain black badges?

Guest_DvHx: Do you have any free badges with acdc or kinds of band badges?

MrsVaashaVDiddler: hello all...two free badges on my hp ......waves...

JokerzWylde: The Changing Holiday Badge is now set as Memorial Day :) ...more free badges on my page

MrsJxAmore: Two FREE badges on my homepage!!!

iFreakQuency: New Badge! ~ [] X( X(

JokerzWylde: The Holiday Badge is now "Mothers Day"...+ more free badges my page ;)

JokerzWylde: Changing holiday badge is now set on May Day..more free ones at my page

TearDarkHeart: does anyone know where i can find the badge that says married

JokerzWylde: Changing Holiday Badge is now set to 100 years of ANZAC...Lest We Forget

Asomi: Fairy Tail Pride badge on my page c:

XxXxDessi: Got any Paul walker badges or anything with fast & furious?

MrWhiteDiamond: Hi i looking for Panda badges i have an few but its also for my gf her name is panda ty

JokerzWylde: The "Changing Holiday" badge is now set to EARTH DAY.

mrskawaiioctopus: kawaii badges??!???!!


XxXGraceSinzXxX: ty for the badges you guys are awesome, i would like to have some custom badges made with mine an...

alsassi: There are 4 free badges on my homepage :)

GodHaidesDarkWolf: i like them hehe