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“Norms: Respect”

This group is for the people love badges

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Group Owner: Guest_SoldierSpain1
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-08-10 15:53:18
Members: 3242

The Soapbox

Do not worry I will be adding more every badges every day

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    The only RubenMoon Only one... The only Ragnarok ...only.. Jerry - N Jerry - R Jerry - E Jerry - W lostwithoutyou.
    1MIND1HEART1LOVE LuizEdmond Stay True I Am Saved I Am Loved I Am Free Jesus Loves U. Believe Jesus Loves U. :: GRACE ::
    Firesaph ~ ..14th Feb.. HAPPY VALENTINE 69 Cute Pink 69 69 pretty 69 rave wear
    ~Le Heart~ Holy. Belief. OmniBravo01
    Holy. Belief. Breathe Deep and Let Go Cant keep calm I love THE WALKING DEAD I love THE WALKING DEAD TOO
    Suzuki San Badge .. Escape
    romance orange Box 1 Box 2 Nautical Star Orange Nautical Star Fuchsia Red Orange red heart orange heart
    The only RubenMoon Only one... The only Ragnarok ...only..
    Black #4 boxes boxes1 OmniBravo01 OmniBravoCOH wow_ wow. 9asi AngelXuria1 AngelXuria2
    KraL2 KraL1  DEEPLY IN LOVE Married M9roo3 Wifeyyyyyyy
    Arayna Support Badge HoneyComb03 HoneyComb04 MyHoneyComb Badges HoneyComb02 DivinaMoon Golden G
    Jerry - A Jerry - N Jerry - I Jerry - E Jerry - L H H. DISOBEY Happy 1-month Anniversary

Holla Board


XpinkstersX: My first badge woot!, Drop my my page and grab it :)

DRUDARKJUSTICE69: Lol that is meant to say 4 :O

DRUDARKJUSTICE69: $ badges on my hp. If you have problems I can grant them so let me know. :)

OmniBravo: Added a new badge on my home page:)

XxKaseyx12: Any coss badges??

NaturalSpirit: 9 badges free Visit here []

Guest_inkedseaa: Supernatural badges here []

tigerlithium: hi everyone have two badges on my hp welcome to grab them cheers have a good day :)

AnthonyRaySmith: hello all yes looking 4 all the badges i can fine if yall would plz help would app. it very much...

AngelXuria: 2 free badges on my Hp and 1 free badge on OmniBravo hp can get to his from my hp :)

Guest_IBrock2FreshI: wer can i get badges (just joined)

HEmprsGwenDragoni: Any one know were i can find free dragon badges??? (: D)

OmniBravo: Free badge on my homepage []

Guest_CupcakesSoYummy: Letter Badges Anyone??? :)

TRAXXLER: any1 duz animated badges pls msg me []

jessxloveu: im looking for really cool badges

MistyVanD: Im in search of any kind of Italian Badges. I would like at least one for my hp. Thank you everyo...

XxxLilNikkiLovexxX: Can you make name badges ?

LizabethiaTheFallen: Vintage badges?

Guest_GantaSig: Thanks all for your Badges ^^.... I Love the Badges :D