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“Even The Sweetest Nightmares Are Beautiful”

this is a place where I can keep all models up to date and get lined up for photo shoots for the catalog items.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: BlackWidowEmpress
Category: Fashion
Date Formed: 2007-12-21 03:48:58
Members: 14

The Soapbox

This is so we may all keep in contact in a mass message sort of way, its the best I can do. I hope everyone keeps up to date here for that is why I made it. You dont "have" to be here, but if you choose to be here and stay I would like you to check here at least once a day for updates.

Post a thread if you need help with a product or need models. You may make your own post for models to further assist you.

example: [BlackWidowEmpress] Ready For Models

We are a closed group, this is so we are not over run by drama and what not that you may like to call it.
If you would like to start a new thread aside from what is already listed by all means do so, just please no multipul threads of the same thing except for those listing things are ready. I will sticky the creator threads so they do not get lost amungst the rest of the threads. with all that being said, have lots and lots of fun creating and posing.

Officers: TimTam7

developers/Models: Aarakatt, Autumn197, BlackWidowEmpress, DHAlucard, D0RL4N, eKoHeaven, Marx810, MasterErestelle, Shadivar, TimTam7

Models: Asteraoph, Darklordsmistress, kittytristy, Knighhawk, Navytigger, NzDragonNz, Pumkinqueenn, Ryosho, SethDarkblade, Sukimonn, Sunsetkeywest, syntheticdarkness667, Zigehngehst

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