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B100D M0N3Y N!55A

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“color of bannda red,black and white........ O.G bloodzmasters,O.G kingelijah23 O.G toodopehayd AND”

´┐ŻAsh to ash, dust to dust, bloods I trust; Crabs we bust, kill a crab, win a prize; Kill a blood your whole family dies!!!!!! ^^5^^ 5 banging 6 hanging......yea ya already knw wat da bizz i5 it5 Blood 4 life 5ooowooo gang till i die 5outh 5ide Tree Top Piru DAMU on da ri5e. let it flood let it drip let a Piru kill a CKrip let it rain let it flood kill a CKrabb kuz i CKlaim BLOOD Let it rain let it thunder bury a CKrabb 5ix feet under when i die 5hoe no pity bring my 5oul to RED BLOOD BITY cant stop wont 5top CK all day till my red DAWGZ drop5 throw da red flag rai5in and blue flag burnin Boom boom da blue Ckrabb is dyin CK all day everyday!!! XIV

Membership: Open
Group Owner: bloodzmasters_53477799_retired_53477799
Category: Family & Home
Date Formed: 2011-07-22 21:21:32
Members: 23

The Soapbox

1:if u aint real stay the fuck out
2:respect your set
3:no snitches allowed
4:no blood on blood beefing
5:we invite u you better answer
6:u talk shit bout your own set or you out the set
7:respect the boss and og's
8:b-check on deck
9:ckhill in the HOOD
10:no credit diggers or beggers
11:no beefing other blood sets
12:have fun ckillen ckrabs
13:make them fear you
14:dont let no fuck nigga try u
15:dont fear no nigga
16:if some one wanna join talk to a O.G first
17:we all are like family
18:see a ckab boom him
19:check the O.G at all time's

Active Members

    Bunneh Bling APS Bloody Z Awareness Bling Sikk (602) Badge Minion of Elfbrat DOUBLE TROUBLE BLING unknown HollowWithin Pete NINI (Black kitty=^-^= ) (Twin Cats Shared Bling project) 100 developers inside! Mad ... ZP

Holla Board



Guest_youngjeezy129king_78789891_retired_7878989: BLOODZMASTERZ COME IN BACKK

Guest_youngjeezy129king_78789891_retired_7878989: YOOOOOO WUZ POPPING

MvneyHvstla: 5 P0pp1n 6 Dr0pp1n 5uw0000

bloodzmasters_53477799_retired_53477799: F^*K A11 TH3M PU55Y A55 CKAB'Z

Guest_TOODOPEHAYDEN_retired_79795548: b's up c's down niqqa


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