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“So... you love avi art?? Welcome!!”

Do you find yourself haunting the avi art threads... Do the words "free avi art" send excited shivers through your spine... Do you keep credit resellers in business, because you just can't stop commissioning avi art... Are you constantly making avi art for contests, or constantly holding contests just to see the art... Do you find yourself making avi art from peoples screenshots even if they haven't asked you to... Do you constantly bump your avi art thread, because you can't wait to get started on someone's work?? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then this is the place for you! This group is for those of us that can't seem get enough avi art, and those of us that can't seem to make enough avi art! :)

Membership: Open
Group Owner: dazedandconfrused
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2007-09-22 08:09:11
Members: 156

The Soapbox

Have fun and feed your addiction! ;)

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Holla Board


77killer77: dazedandconfrused: loving the new avi pic.

Nightfahl: me too. Really starting to worry about her pretty lil face. Haven't seen it in too long.

Mystery: I wonder what happened to daze... I miss her

DecievedPerception: hello all! havnt posted here in quite sometime, dont know if theres been much going on here late...

TitaScorpio: Haven't said hello yet so 'Hola!' :)

ORION: Awesome group. IDK if I'm good enough though yet. (tu)

Nightfahl: It keeps interfering when they make other changes.

Nightfahl: The 'NEW' buttons are broke again, Dazed. They ARE working on it though.

Galaxiae: we're supposed to be able to see?

dazedandconfrused: I dunno about anyone else, but I can't see when there are new posts again :(

Galaxiae: I keep sitting and refreshing anxiously...will someone comment on my art...will it be positive...

kloudust: Happy Halloween people! Have a great one!

WaiWaiChanz: Shure, help you with what tho? O.O

Guest_133InLoVe_18159105_retired_18159105: pritty please?

Guest_133InLoVe_18159105_retired_18159105: so...i am new and was wondering if someone could help me....":)"

Gege4U: holla everyone:)

LiquidIce08_4615883_4615883_deleted_461588: hey all you addicts!! How's everyone's weekend going so far?

dazedandconfrused: Hang tight everyone... they are working on gettng the groups fixed

Contumacious: *waving to all the Addicts* Hiiiiii And Dazed your Avi is smashing! Love it!

N3rdyGirl: O.O wow...u ish smart lol. I just click it cuz they seem to still go to the top

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