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“plz be aware of the cost for stealing edits, ty <3”

Yello :] Welcome to artistic edits. Here we take editing, developing, art, and games seriously while still having fun. Siging up for this group would be a great advantage for expanding ur artistic skills.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Gleaked_38806533_retired_38806533
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2010-07-01 20:16:59
Members: 186

The Soapbox

Welcome to the group. Enjoy ur vist.

Our Current and only officer Taro.
please do respect our officer She is a hard worker and i trust her very much.

Save it. Sign it. Upload. and Post it. Sign the scroll to show support for the group !

Congrats to the winner of pixel doll and edit a noob ! ivitamin

New Conest ! Make Best group image For the new season. :] Check it out and inv more memebrs while ur at it !

Active Members

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Wasssup [holla ] board :D


Leuche: Make me some please

Lab: @.@

Gleaked_38806533_retired_38806533: *New Group Pic By Taro Coming Soon, It's Gonna Be Hot!*

Lab: :D

Devious: Wakey wakey everyone :p

Gleaked_38806533_retired_38806533: Kay, im done slacking. :/ Dead serious about getting the group back up.

TheOgdoad: I'd Help Too, Since I'm Back Into Editing. o -o Let Me Know If I Can Help?

Lab: I would help get it back up but I'm not sure what to do :P

Gleaked_38806533_retired_38806533: Actually taro. Im trying to get it back up :I

Lab: Is this group dead? o . o

Devious: Yaay c:

Nudge: Ehehehe. c:

Nudge: Guise I made my very first clothing item. :3

Lab: :O What?!

BootlegBlues: hey erbody, our group leader is QUITTING. WE MUST PROTEST!!! O;<

ChrisJennings: Tyvm ^-^

Gleaked_38806533_retired_38806533: Welcome new members; Thanks for joining artistc edits.

Lab: I got a new account name :D I was once Culprut. Now Taro

Imprint: Here I am!!

Zenched: Switched accounts the name is glarsemp so thats me!!

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