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You enter a cave mouth to enter into my home. YOu walk in and see large wooden doors. You open the doors into a great hall. as you look up you see balconies and window.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: LafiathiaMarce
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2009-07-02 18:03:13
Members: 12

The Soapbox

This is now a Relm.
wow this year 2009, has had too many changes for me. I am glad things are stablelzing for everyone. I am going to say, i am going to start to fight for my kids in the next couple of monthes. irl. but as i do. i wish to say i have two lovely children, mizaa and demonofdreams. A prince of man who i love dearly and will not listen to any more of the lies that may come to me.

time for us to stand as family. i want everyone happy. i am here for everyone. We stand together. not apart or alone. you need help pleae ask.
Angel is staying here and not leaving over stupidity drama stunts.

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welcome board, say hi


LafiathiaMarce: take you time .. dear we be here

DukeKirinHikari: I love you all hope to talk to you soon. CC Lady Fang Silvano

DukeKirinHikari: When I have acces to net I'll be able to leave messages and if possible say hi

DukeKirinHikari: Greetings everyone, I am sorry to say I am in the prosses of moving and will have no net

AmaranthaSolveg: greetings all.

DukeKirinHikari: feel free to post in journey north so we have a little rp going

LegendaryGuardian: Alright... L is here to help out XD

TsarinaWillowzArranX: Thank You Sister ~lots of loves~

AmaranthaSolveg: Greetings! Thanks for the kind welcome to your home :)

andromeda76: thank you for the invite angel..

DukeKirinHikari: thanks for invite aunt angel

KingLouisduLuc: I welcome the invite to ur group, be sure to make an alliance post on my group

LafiathiaMarce: welcome to all my family, you may invite your mates.

HighEmpressLadyRose: ty aunty, kiss

QueenSylviaRose: Thank you angel tis an honor to be here

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