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“What Time Is It?!”

a fan club made for Cartoon Network's new show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake! The First ever Adventure Time Club on IMVU!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: 80s
Category: Movies & Television
Date Formed: 2010-07-20 20:53:18
Members: 845

The Soapbox

This Group is under construction!
If you have any friends or have met anyone who likes Adventure Time, feel free to invite them!
Respect is the main rule!

Active Members

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The Box of Random Words


Guest_vanes1_disabled_137660658: hiii

Guest_QueenWolf123: does anyone have adventure time badges? please tell me if you do

iDistractive: Hello i make adventure time products. check my shop out. if you want something from AT made, jpm...

Guest_sexymoma652: Haii can i please get some adventure time badges??

Guest_alizee2013: Hi Does Anyone Here Have Gumball and Darwin Watterson Badges I Been Looking For Them In Weeks! PL...

Guest_kotetsunon12: :I

majesticramen: Hey does anyone know if Pik is disabled now? Can't access her homepage...

Guest_xAda0x0: When find I Adventure Time badge ?

ILeWeirdo: ello fellow humans/imvuers lol -cricket sounds- .-.

LadyHel: Hey ya'll

Bung: * Called Poo Brain, everyone is welcome ^_^

Bung: This group is awesome @_@ & for all you Adventure Time lovers, I made a new room called Poo...

80s: If anyone would like to own this group, please message me! There are qualifications though. &...

majesticramen: ello I just joined ^^

IILiuxII: do any of you know where to find finn and jake badges?

IILiuxII: do any of you know where to find finn and jake badges?

Guest_max123456kd: <-< >->

Finn: @_@ Bloops

Guest_anotheranime_disabled_106412301: where can i get adventure time badges?????pliss pm me :';)

Guest_SkrillexLoverXoXo: Hey ppl who's your fave character? Mine is Marceline c: