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“80s Pub Club”

WELCOME TO 80's PUB CLUB GROUP! Here you will find the best people in imvu that want to hear great music and have a good time in our club.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: 80SPUBCLUBS
Category: Music
Date Formed: 2008-02-03 17:02:46
Members: 4131

The Soapbox


Often imitated, but never duplicated!

Please introduce yourself to the group and feel free to make any suggestion that helps to get a better room for all of us.

80's Pub Club Rooms - Link: []

How to make a Report - Link: []
How to apply for Staff - Link: []

Active Members

    Rest In Pieces I do. Yours. Forever. For as along as we both shall live.
    I Licked It Its mine Puppy Licking Badge Oh my
    High Energy Beats Disciple of Christ 80SPUBCLUBS Naomi EV LOVE EPIC VENUE
    7Gearz7 Tinkerbell pt.1 Tinkerbell pt.2 E I P X I2
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    Celticdollie moonwokcat 80SPUBCLUBS SageTurtle MAR Bluto RipeMango SAL Free Animated Star 4
    musiccc 2Black 3Black 5Black 6Black Music man
    Grey Grey- Every Beauty Needs A Beast memories take us back 1 A I M R RR oV1PERo VENOM

Holla Board


Stoobs: Just throwing it out there, If you remember me, I missed you ;)

iNoMercy: AP THEME DAY...Sunday 13th....Nerds, Geeks, Dorks and Freaks!

Marrii1: Helloo there, just joined the group ;)

iNoMercy: AP Room is having a beach theme day, Thurs, July 27th. Details via pulse, stream or message me!

Guest_LilMoonGal: hiii everyone i just joined!!

Silat1: Weeeeeee!!! lol greetings all! muah

Guest_momsgirl0122: hello! Thank you for letting me join!!

MissBrattitude: I would love to have the 80'd pub club badges please if any thank you

xWPx: Thankyou for welcoming me to your 80's Family I feel more welcome here than my whole time on...

TigreSevenMika: hello to all my friend fro pub 80

iNoMercy: You're welcome Sexyboom but the group is not mine. :) Happy to see the new faces in the gr...

CandeeCane: hello

Haevenstear: Yea my Lovely room hello @ all ;)

JannatLoyalLion: Hello every one I really feel privilidged to be asked to join.thank you so much...

Sexyboomchick68: ty inomercy for your invite 2 your group love the club

Chulalove: Hi this is Chula hows all you lovable people love u 80s forever woohoo

Chulalove: Hi this is Chula hows all you lovable people love u 80s forever woohoo

LanaLostWolf: ty for invite .. love being there

Guest_xxpedroamberxx: hola mi gente bella de los 80 es una epoca de las mejores rolas de la vida xd

ChrisMrGia13: Been a Pub Groupie for some time now, why so many imitation clubs. SMH

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