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“80s Pub Club”

WELCOME TO 80's PUB CLUB GROUP! Here you will find the best people in imvu that want to hear great music and have a good time in our club.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: 80SPUBCLUBS
Category: Music
Date Formed: 2008-02-03 17:02:46
Members: 3870

The Soapbox


Often imitated, but never duplicated!

Please introduce yourself to the group and feel free to make any suggestion that helps to get a better room for all of us.

80's Pub Club Rooms - Link: []

How to make a Report - Link: []
How to apply for Staff - Link: []

Active Members

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Holla Board


Tulloulah: The original AP and GA 80SPUBCLUBS Rooms are now open "X("

iNoMercy: Until Feb 15th, NO CHANGING in the AP room due to decorations. Thank you :)

iNoMercy: Reminder....80s theme tomorrow. -optional- and DJ from 8cst to11. AP Grand reopening!!!

Tulloulah: Please keep mixes mostly 80s, under 20 tunes per mix and only 1 mix at a time :) Thankyou

StangSter: New room is Great, Upbeat,happy feeling, Nells and Mercy you did wonderful work "X("

iNoMercy: yayyyyy

Tulloulah: Original GA room is back open to the public... come have fun with us

AngStarr: Hey Everybody!! Check out the 80s LIVE thread for more info!

iNoMercy: NEW AP ROOM NOW OPEN! look in search under 80SPUBCLUBS or 80s Pub Club III AP

vSCARv: Sad

iNoMercy: The Clubs are closed for the next two months. See below for more information.

TimeWarpGenClubs: i heard clubs are down about 3 weeks we making clubs or something

JayRebelMan: of all the years 80s been open .why the sudden change?

LavitaFallen: is 8o's pub clubs in construction? if so many ppl would like to know

XxFr33SpiritxX: Not very oraganized lol should let people know if rooms are down ;)

TurtleMonroe: I can't find the rooms either...hmmm

XxFr33SpiritxX: What happened to the pub rooms ? cant find them and they not on my list ?

StangSter: Hi Star Welcome "X(" I Got that sunshine in my pocket,got that good soul in my feet :...

Guest_MixedBeauty2: Hi I'm Star and I'm new here.

Guest_MixedBeauty2: Hi I'm Star and I'm new here.

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