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“~Chaotic Creations~”

This is a group for everyone who loves my designs and is a supporter of me. If anyone wants anything special made or have any requests. Let me know here or put them on my hp.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Jynxxed
Category: Hobbies
Date Formed: 2009-12-10 08:45:59
Members: 530

The Soapbox


New support Stickers

You love Chaotic Creations. Want to support my developing. Then please help out and purchase a sticker showing your support.

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Active Members

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    Night Tristins Mask Tristins Feathers Tristins Flock Trust No One UnHolY The Crow by wBlackWolfw
    Sinner Pt 1 Sinner Pt 2 I KICK ASS Love is a Battlefield Magically Delicious Life is Short so buy my badges right now LOL love yall Love is a Lie
    The Return of the Ravens Hannibals Deer Man

Holla Board


Daralyth: New files in my shop!!!! Come take a look!!!

Jynxxed: Two New Furry Files Added

NachtPuppe: New Freshmen hair with resell. Limited!

NachtPuppe: New Sparkle Wingz in NiiChan W/Resell. Mass section.

NachtPuppe: New files with resell!

NachtPuppe: Buy vip and get any mass or limited file free!


NachtPuppe: I need to stop buying, I'm broke xD

NachtPuppe: Randomly joined. Nice group :) I'd open a sales if I could afford it x.x

MisSage: Thanks for the invite :)

Jynxxed: Your most welcome.Glad to have you here.

NoemieDenfer: thank you so much for the invitation :)

IS3RINFR3AKI: looking for some Insperational screen shots all kinds male fem Thank you

ACKV: I want to make some good rooms and learn meshes

ACKV: I want to make some good rooms and learn meshes

Jynxxed: Free Valentines Day Mesh up for grabs <3

IS3RINFR3AKI: FREE DP WORK!! oriced at 2k and 4k for single and couple!!!! QUICK QUICK QUICK!!!

IS3RINFR3AKI: Also 1st couple single DP will be free orderss in quick before someone gets too it 1st!!!

IS3RINFR3AKI: Premoting my art so here we go with a freeby 1st 2 single dp orders FREE priced at 2k!!!!

Jynxxed: Lust did. I left the thread up for a couple of days. I most likely closed it to early. I am sorry...

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