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“Come bored, leave entertained [:”

Please join. This group isn't just for avatar picture making, it's much more. Join to find out? (:

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_KimberlyRockz
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2007-12-29 15:00:00
Members: 738

The Soapbox

PLEASE POST A MESSAGE IN HERE IF YOU ARE ACTIVE! or you could just message me d:

Active Members

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autographie: cheap avi picturess , message me and see how!

LvKristina: hey guys...plz use my cupon_:D :( ;) VXUS2FG43V _:)

Guest_iprincess190_retired_16192699: hi i hope to get a new awsome pic from you guys thnx!!

Yen: IM BACK! [ i know people forgot about me nao]

Guest_Pokerface664_retired_36533403: ello pplz! just joined a few days ago but sadly..i dont know any of u T.T.. so hai im...ME!!

Guest_KimberlyRockz: lmao we already have 734 ppl they just dont check the group..


Guest_KimberlyRockz: Yeah but i dont know how.. i tried messaging ppl

Guest_KimberlyRockz: Yeah but i dont know how.. i tried messaging ppl

Guest_LovinIsWhatIGot_retired_30989202: There should be a way to make this group more active.

Guest_KimberlyRockz: Ur welcome Meiyuki368 nd to MagicBabi i already did =]

Guest_MagicBabi: Join my group: ~*~*Randomness*~*~ ppllzz pplss

Meiyuki368: thanks 4 the invite, KimberlyRockz!! ^^

Guest_KimberlyRockz: Nothinn.. =] Welcome to the groupp..? j/kk :]

Guest_SoRandomSoSexy_retired_38949976: hey wuts new

SW33TCAK3Z318: would love for someone to take the time to show me how to do avi pics n bkgrounds with photoshopc...

Guest_KimberlyRockz: ENTER THE CONTEST!!!!! xDD

Guest_jenny1947_retired_37901986: plz join and well get u whatever u want

Guest_KimberlyRockz: ENTER THE CONTEST!!

Guest_LovinIsWhatIGot_retired_30989202: Enter the contest, people >.<

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