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Here you can rp yaoi till your hearts content, just follow the rules Which you will see down in the soapbox =P Invite people who you may think is interested, the more people the better!!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_XHaloseagreenX
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2011-10-24 06:21:44
Members: 48

The Soapbox

1. Please have some basic understanding of Role-Playing, otherwise it would be pretty useless of you joining.
2. Speak properly and in English, this is a English speaking group and text talking is not allowed.
3. If you are looking to RP one on one with someone look in the Rp story lines thread. Or if none of them stories intrest you in there post your own up in that thread.
4.Your characters can only be in one place at a time, this is just to make it a bit more realistic and also so you don't loose track of what thread your character is in.
5. Yes you can do the 'naughty' in the threads, just don't do it in a to public place. If you want it to be deleted afterwards please pm me or an officer.
6. If you have made a one on one please put in the title [Rp] so people know not to join in. If it is a public you don't need to put anything extra in the title
7. Post any characters you are creating in the Character thread.
8. Be respectful to one another and any private fights take out of the group.
9. Any random chit chat can go in the OOC thread, if talking OOC in role-play use brackets or what ever so we know.
10. Do not interrupt peoples Role-plays or if it is not a one on one and you wish to join make sure it's ok, it's basic manners.
11. Have as many characters as you like and as many RP's as you like long as you can handle it.
12. Listen to the officers and do as they say.

Officers - Dr3p and SemeruGrimm

Active Members

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Chit Chat


Guest_RoxisvonHellstrom: I'm fianlly back!!!!!! :D

llBuunnyii: If anyone wants to Roleplay message me:3

NoRating: Blarg blarg. Pish Posh?

Guest_StormRider315: Posted a roleplay

MortisCurua: Anyone interested in role playing Supernatural?

Guest_RoxisvonHellstrom: :p Anyone out there?

Guest_RoxisvonHellstrom: Meh.

Guest_RoxisvonHellstrom: xD

NoRating: Sperm -> ~o

kittysamantha: I love those posts

Guest_RoxisvonHellstrom: I hope my posts arn't too lenghty.

Guest_RoxisvonHellstrom: Hallo-lo ^^

Psycharia: Hello ^0^

Naphadene: is it the haunted tower?

Naphadene: sure!! XD

Guest_RoxisvonHellstrom: I'll use him, I already started a story thread if thats ok.

Naphadene: sure so do you want to use him or make another?

Guest_RoxisvonHellstrom: It's quite fine! Thanks! I'm ready whenever you are!

Naphadene: if you want i'll post with you Roxisvon....i have a character if you want him or make a new...

Naphadene: wow theres so many people but ardly any new rps......XD lol tats so funny

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