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Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 10 who played a crucial role in the development of the series. He has a great line in the episode that illuminates an underlying ideology in American culture in that the wealthy have no responsibility to help out their subordinates.



When Jax makes it clear that he wants Oswald to help out Mr. Putnam and his daughter, Oswald says, "I'm his employer not his fairy godmother." So is it a fantasy to think that employers might owe something to loyal and hardworking people? We also get an important revelation from Unser about his relationship with Gemma dating back to when they were kids and that they used to "dine and dash" together. This is important because Unser's fascination with Gemma goes back to his formative years and this helps to further explain his deep connection to her.

Moreover, we had the glorious return of Clay who brought Gospel preaching to a whole new level this week. I do not think any conservative religious folks will be happy with Clay's mockery of Christianity and his interpretation of delivering a meaningful sermon. The Priest makes some very valid philosophical points about how we cannot see beyond our own selfish desires and he reads a passage from the bible that comes from the episode's titular John 8:32. Clay manages to put his own spin on the origins of Christianity by saying that "some Jew got nailed to a cross a thousand some years ago and he's gonna be the magic pill that pulls all us scumbags to freedom?" Of course, this scene also served the narrative function of expediting Clay's role in being able to become the point man for the gun business in California to continue for the Irish. After Clay makes his dramatic remarks as only the superbly great Ron Perlman can, he then does his best Hannibal Lecter impression by biting a guard's nose off and then in another visual nod to The Silence of the Lambs Clay is forced to wear a mask around his face in the hospital room where he is awaiting treatment for his injuries. Never count Clay out, seems to be another lesson that we should all never forget.

The onscreen scene between Tyne Patterson and Jax was handled nicely as Jax does what he does best and attempts to make a deal to save the club. Once again, credit to Jax as he has just the type of offer that Mrs. Patterson would be keen to accept by offering up Galen a prominent member of the IRA for her to hold responsible for the school shooting. Now, exactly how Jax is going to go about making this happen and getting the Irish "Kings" to go along with this is an issue for another time.

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