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This is a GA group for contests, games, and advertising. We welcome any and all people who want to participate in a great environment and just have fun.

NewPost by JemJenny on 08/20/2014 10:12:25pm
 Re: Active Members - 1000 credits for saying Hi an...
"Hi I posted in just3, Lets talk about, What am I,..."

  • Owner: wordsdance
  • Category: Hobbies
  • Size: 9236 members

This is a group for writers, readers, or fans of both or either.

NewPost by Guest_hgsfdasd on 08/21/2014 12:46:30am
 100,000 IMVU Credits=$39.99 a...
"100,000 IMVU Credits=$39.99 a..."

  • Owner: JazzMood
  • Category: Regional
  • Size: 61614 members
  • Active: 44 minutes ago

La Comunidad Latina. Ayuda y tema abierto para cubrir todas las necesidades e interrogantes de nuestros compañeros de habla hispana en IMVU. Temas de discusión y posteos, preferible sean en español.

NewPost by llKeisyll on 08/21/2014 12:29:44am
 Re: Regalo edicion

  • Owner: Dutch
  • Category: Hobbies
  • Size: 4199 members
  • Active: 1 hour ago

A place to show off your piece, talk about what you like and what you want. Review the latest gun developments on IMVU or RL. gun, guns, gunz, rifle, rifles, pistol, pistols, impact,firearm, firearms, impactguns, machinegun, machineguns, ,sile...

NewPost by BiliTheAxe on 08/20/2014 11:18:04pm
 Re: 100,000 IMVU Credits=$39.99 http://www.emogs.c...

  • Owner: kittysamantha
  • Category: Role-Playing
  • Size: 891 members
  • Active: 2 hours ago

This is Yaoi so no girls... This is all guys... If your a female then you can make a guy character but that is it.

NewPost by Guest_hgsfdasd on 08/20/2014 11:13:07pm
 100,000 IMVU Credits=$39.99 a...
"100,000 IMVU Credits=$39.99 a..."

Group for the Dawning Developers Contest.

NewPost by WolfRavenloft on 08/20/2014 11:08:48pm
 Re: Chit Chat and Discussions
"Very sorry for your loss -hug-"

A new version of my previous auction group. Creators, come here and share your creativity by auctioning pieces of your imagination to other creators. Everyone is welcome to drop in and have fun.

NewPost by moni1hotmommy on 08/20/2014 10:49:11pm
 Sticky: Re: Showcase
"[center] rn ..."

  • Owner: VAMPKILLER1
  • Category: Role-Playing
  • Size: 22580 members
  • Active: 4 hours ago

What happens when vampires and slayers are put together? They fight, but who is stronger? They fall in love but will it last? Or will blood continue to stain the streets? But who's blood. . .

NewPost by AngelDrakorePayne on 08/20/2014 09:10:54pm
 Sticky: Re: Vampire Characters
"Appearance: Glacier white hair, pale tan skin, tat..."

The most Advanced Avatars on IMVU.Competitions,Tutorials,VisNova Products,Developer Support and Promotion Incentives and More

NewPost by SinfulSensations on 08/20/2014 08:52:37pm
"# 11rnrn[img]"

  • Owner: Bosonpenguin
  • Category: Regional
  • Size: 10411 members
  • Active: 5 hours ago

Welcome people who love Chinese language and culture. We help each other and make a happy home here for all people who speak Chinese or love Chinese culture, coming from China, Taiwan, HongKong Macao, Singapore and anywhere in the world. Using Chines...

NewPost by Nubian on 08/20/2014 07:42:17pm
 Sticky: Re: Showroom~Newest products
"[center][b][u]Shop Nubian[/b][/u][/center]rnrn[cen..."

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