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  • Owner: Puma
  • Category: IMVU
  • Size: 14258 members
  • Active: 2 hours ago

A group where you can find the best tutorials, where you can ask ANY questions and be given answers by pro devs, designing, codes, modeling or why not, just a awesome place to have fun ;)

NewPost by Kuroi001 on 08/31/2015 01:46:35am
 Sticky: Re: :: DERIVABLES ::
"some of my newest derivables ^^rnrn[url=http://www..."

  • Owner: VAMPKILLER1
  • Category: Role-Playing
  • Size: 26758 members
  • Active: 2 hours ago

What happens when vampires and slayers are put together? They fight, but who is stronger? They fall in love but will it last? Or will blood continue to stain the streets? But who's blood. . .

NewPost by Guest_XDiavalX on 08/31/2015 01:43:48am
 Sticky: Re: Out Of Character (OOC)
"Yup your post."

Group for the Dawning Developers Contest.

NewPost by Dutchwannabe on 08/31/2015 02:49:38am
 Re: Chatterboxes' Corner! (Chit Chat)
"EinSturm Wrote:rn---------------------------------..."

It is Japan, in Anime form. Whatever jobs you would like and things you would like to do.

NewPost by Etzura on 08/30/2015 01:57:06pm
 Sticky: Re: Create your Character here ~
"Name: Maria AlkaevrnrnrnAppearance: http://www.pol..."

Group where web programmer are here. Especially based on PHP and MySQL. So Please join here and you'll find another case for your project along with solution

NewPost by EpicMo on 08/30/2015 08:26:07am
 Re: join groups

  • Owner: Guest_LovelyWisp
  • Category: Role-Playing
  • Size: 311 members
  • Active: 19 hours ago

Modern Day, the original high kings are too old to return... A group of children find a mysterious burnt down house, a door untouched. Curiosity took over and they wandered into a whole new world...

NewPost by EpicMo on 08/30/2015 08:25:45am
 Sticky: Re: OOC

  • Owner: Guest_BloodBoy6795
  • Category: Music
  • Size: 2406 members
  • Active: 19 hours ago


NewPost by EpicMo on 08/30/2015 08:23:06am
 Sticky: Re: VOTE NOW

For the fans of MLP: FiM. :) Where's all my Bronies and Equestria Girls?

NewPost by EpicMo on 08/30/2015 08:22:27am
 Re: Were can i get more mlp badges!

This is a GA group for contests, games, and advertising. We welcome any and all people who want to participate in a great environment and just have fun.

NewPost by EpicMo on 08/30/2015 08:17:38am
 Sticky: Re: ~!! DECEMBER WINNERS !!~

  • Owner: GoddessJordana
  • Category: Games
  • Size: 16193 members
  • Active: 19 hours ago

This is a group for all of those who have a particular love for Final Fantasy VII.

NewPost by EpicMo on 08/30/2015 08:17:00am
 Sticky: Re: So I did an interview about this group...

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