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Sexual content causing a real danger to young kids on imvu say parents and study groups:
DA Warns of Dangerous New Chat Room
First there was, then Runescape, now prosecutors believe the chat room alternatives have taken an alarming turn for the worse. They have literally entered a new dimension. is a new, 3-D environment using animated Avatars. Avatars have generally been an Internet user’s representation of himself or herself in the form of a three-dimensional model sometimes used in computer games. IMVU participants design an Avatar which becomes a fully 3D character. They create their own persona and choreograph activities with others they meet in this chat room.
In the last two days District Attorney Investigator Mike Harris has received numerous calls from concerned parents about In the interactive IMVU environment participants create a profile as in other chat rooms, but they also create how they look, act and interact with others. A quick look at the list of profiles in Colorado alone shows kids aged 11 through their teens, and adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.
Participants in IMVU have hundreds of options for their physical attributes including skin color, hair color and style, eyes, brows, hands, etc. They then have hundreds of options for clothing: tops, bottoms, sleepwear, shoes, gloves and accessories. The newly created persona then enters one ofa choice of several chat locations, waits to be approached and the visits begin. There are many choices of demeanor and actions such as flirty, bashful angry, and several different types of hugs and kisses. The characters look like animated kids, boys and girls. To one concerned parent, it appeared that her child was simply playing an interactive game on the computer with dolls.
District Attorney Scott Storey warns, The use of Avatar animation on this site will make it even more appealing to younger users. It appears to kids to be a perfect world where they can create themselves to look like they want to look and dress like they want to dress. They can direct and star in their own video. In reality it is just one more resource for predators to hide behind a facade as they lure our unsuspecting children.
I am a regular IMVU user and I have to agree that this chatroom website is totally inappropriate for children and teenagers. Not only for the risk of predators, but for the risk it puts the adults members with children and teens faking their ages to ‘get to know’adults! You have no idea how many teens I have blocked and reported that were trying to pass as adults. It is not safe for NO ONE to mix adults, teens & children in a same chatroom website. Many adults at IMVU are trying hard to convince the owners of IMVU to make a separate similar website just for children & teens. That way at least an adult will have no business going there nor the adults at IMVU will feel threatened by a ‘jailbait’ minor as some call them.
It does seem interesting that imvu clearly has no real security at all, anyone can join, no email validation needed, once on can upload pics and take them and become creator easily, if got cash. Imvu does nothing to put in safe guards to stop ufi and ap stuff coming through to GA area. Anyone can lie about their age also, giving them access then to the younger teen search options, a haven for sexual predators and pedophile putting at serious risks young teenagers on imvu: The following puts it rather well I feel:
parents & educators say
75% say language is an issue
75% say sexual content is an issue
What parents need to know
Parents need to know that the anime feel of this beautiful 3-D social networking site will encourage younger teens to log on, but it really isn't for kids. To access most of the content (nudity and raunchy catalog items), you need to pay $20. You need credits to buy stuff for your avatar, and teens can get creative by designing and selling catalog items or public rooms.
Sex: Many user home pages have sexual innuendo, racy graphics,...Many user home pages have sexual innuendo, racy graphics, and titillating discussion.
Language: Many home pages are full of swearing. ...Many home pages are full of swearing.
Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Found on user home pages. ...Found on user home pages.
Privacy & safety: Kids can potentially give away personal information....
On the same link above, here is what another says of their experience on imvu.
This is not SAFE!
Well i have played and they do use cyber sex and my parents let me continue on the website but then it was an issue but i knew to get off of it when a teenager asked me where i live, whats your address,don't worry i wont hurt u,i will take care of u and i will make u feel good so i ran to my mom and i was to be asked to never be on there again the guy got in trouble and found out he was it can happen to teens to so thank u and thank u for listening!
Another thing to is I noticed a pedophile chatting on line with other kids and that is why I cancelled the whole thing. This company attracts pedophile, crooks, and software is very hard to remove in your hard drive.
Absolutely not for teens
This site allows children to potentially view pornographic content. I lures with Sims style graphics. block this site!!
This thread and topic has become fairly pointless. I'd be impressed if the OP actually is still around and paying attention. I'm fairly certain IMVU is no longer watching it and even if they are it's in amusement.
IMVU isn't going to change. The company is all about it's bottom line: Money. It doesn't care about user safety, it doesn't care about minors accessing unsuitable content. It doesn't care if there's minors with nudity, or partaking in cybersex. I say this in absolutely full confidence... IMVU doesn't give a damn and that's not going to change.
If you're worried about your children using the site -- yank them off of it. If you're dissatisfied with IMVU -- get off of it. Don't feed the machine, and don't waste your time like I and many others others have... No matter how many pep talks you hear, no matter how much change you think you can bring I'm telling you flat out... You're wasting your time. Show IMVU that money talks.... Take yours and leave. In fact, take yours and as many other people as you can manage and walk away from the site. Perhaps if enough people do it you'll have a shot at a small chance of change.
If you think I'm kidding... just read the archives here and at the second thread on the subject of IMVU, and hunt the forums at IMVU for my username and pay attention to all the things that took place. If you do that and you still think you have a shot in convincing IMVU to change for the better then read it all over and over again until you see the truth. IMVU will listen only when the cash flow walks out the door.
I have 3 daughters on this website. I read each of their messages and check out all of their friends everyday. They tell me who they’ve added and the age they said they were. But of course you can’t trust anyone on the internet. This website I would say isn’t the safest,or the best. I love my kids very much and I would hope that some freak wouldn’t find them and harm them in any way. I trust my oldest daughter on this website she is 14 years old and is very mature about what she says on this website and know what NOT to say to boys that she meets, or even girls. I talk to them and find out what has happend.. But it was very interesting when a 30 year old man called for my daughter Hollie,She was scared and left for about a year or so.. later on she decided to re-join. Since then, no problems at all and lets hope there won’t be.

So if you spot something on profiles, dick or naked young girl, do not video, just sent the link, ctrl c it to see also: Evidence needs to be gathered to mount a lawsuit against imvu, do you CARE enough, do you have children, younger brother or sister, might have kids one day, do you care for their safety, having seen nude girl of 15 and 16 year old naked having a dog lick her you know what below, totally sick, given 13 year olds and younger on here can see it in people search, won't you please join this good cause, contact staff, voice your concerns to mods and on the forum and contact Clare Tuma BECAUSE enough is enough now, protect the minors on imvu, DO NOT allow 13 to 17 year olds to upload pics, until approved.

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