Planet Paradise  (Created by: DUG)

Welcome to Planet Paradise! Everything here, from the plants to the people, is bigger, stronger, faster and more beautiful than on Earth. The native inhabitants of this maagical planet live in complete harmony with the nature that surrounds them. They pray to a sacred "Tree of Life," which is perched upon mountains that float in the sky like lily pads in a pond due to the magnetic phenomenon of this special planet. It is said that when the inhabitants visit this tree, the Tree Spirits descend upon them and instill in them things like wisdom, strength, and vitality. Roleplay as these magnificent creatures and enjoy all the following in this fantastic fantasy bundle!

  • Experience the mystical glow emitted by the mushrooms, palm trees, and other outlandish flora � especially the "Tree of Life."
  • Rest on one of the beautiful blue, bioluminescent logs and chat with your new native friends.
  • Ride on the back of the swift banchee and soar across the skies of Planet Paradise � of course, only if you can catch one!
  • Tell stories of your adventures on Planet Paradise around a dazzling camp fire.

Fantasy becomes reality in the magical world of Planet Paradise!

Furniture and Room Details

(D) Paradise

(D) Paradise Log

(D) Paradise Mushrooms

(D) Paradise Palm Trees 2

(D) Paradise Tree Plant 2

(D) Paradise Camp Fire

(D) Paradise Tree

(D) Paradise Banchee

(D) Paradise Tree Spirits

(D) Paradise Plant Bed

(D) Paradise Jelly Chair

(D) Paradise Tree of Life

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