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National Hugging Day Contest (ends 2/1/17!!!)
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IMVU Staff
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:54 pm    Post subject: National Hugging Day Contest (ends 2/1/17!!!) Reply with quote

Hugs are free.

Hugs feel good.

Hugs are memorable.

What's not to like about hugging?

National Hugging Day is officially on January 21st and we want to celebrate it with all of you for the rest of January.

This contest is going to do something different in that we won't be requesting pictures. You will use words to move the judges for this contest. That said, if you really so desire you can include pictures. Smile

Contest guidelines:

**Contest is open starting today through February 1st (or until the thread is locked). Prizes will be given out within seven days of closing the contest thread.

** Contestants must write a description of what hugging means to them. No real word count limit. Stories are encouraged!

**Your entry must meet our community guidelines and be appropriate for ages 13+ as per those guidelines.

** Pictures are optional but not required.


We will pick our 3-10 favorite entries and award the winners with 15,000 Credits each!

In addition one other entry that is the most emotionally moving will get 25,000 Credits. Our judges reserve the right to give it to more than one contestant if there are a lot of good tales being shared!

On January 21st remember to give a hug to at least one person. It will make the world a better place!
Shannon Mac

IMVU Senior Community Manager of Customer Care & Education

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This was a hard contest for IMVU staff to judge.

Very tough.

When I put this contest out it was a first time thing and I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I wasn’t even sure if the first page would fill up hence the reason I put the minimum awards down to three winners. Had to cover my bases you could say. Heh. Razz

So we were pleasantly floored by the emotional stories shared and the lessons in hugging. There were some very moving stories here so it became increasingly difficult to narrow it down.

As a result we added 5 honorable mention spots with prizes at 7,500 Credits to demonstrate we were listening and appreciated your efforts.

Grand Winner (25,000 Credits)


Top Ten Winners (15,000 Credits)

1. Jewdz
2. Guest_NikkiBabby7
3. Guest_Marboi
4. XCandieStarrX
5. Guest_TeriLailaXD
6. Guest_bbyjen
7. umbraLee
8. xlIJazzayIlx
9. SweetLiikeSugaar
10. xXmusicvanesXxD

Honorable Mentions (7,500 Credits)

1. Zizisky
2. lKandaya
3. Guest_mimssie
4. Lamywindsor
5. TBvndy

As far as I am concerned you are all winners for putting yourself out there and sharing a piece of your soul with us. Thank you for being you!

I will start sending prizes out tomorrow and update this post to let winners know when that pleasant task is completed.

UPDATE: all prize winners should have received them by now. If there is an issue shoot me an email and we shall work it out. Thanks.

And for those interested we have another contest on friendship at this link. Feel free to tell your friends, too:

All my best to you!
Shannon Mac

IMVU Senior Community Manager of Customer Care & Education

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ɲαgαναηѕнι'ѕ Lєѕѕση {Story}: The Journey begins

It was almost three years now that the southern NAGAVANSHI KINGDOM , in the dense forest of Southern India was facing severe drought. The wells have dried out, land had become baked by the scorching heat of the sun, livestocks were dying of hunger & thirst. Villagers decided to perform rituals to appease the rain Gods, but there was no effect. The king was helpless, he couldn't witness the plight of his people, so he decided to call a meeting of his ministers and discuss the situation, he contacted the holy priests of the temples in & around the kingdom to see if there was some astrological problem, but there was nothing, everything was right. All planets in position. The ministers also gave every detail to the king, but there was nothing awkward, nothing suspicious, nothing malicious, still there was no rain.
Elders of the village decided to pay a visit to the temple of "SESA" the snake deity of the clan & offer prayers to him. When they entered the temple they found that the guardian snake was gone. They knew something had happened with the "Nagmani" or the snake gem that assured the peace & prosperity of the region. When they reach the inner chamber of the temple they found that the GEM was not in place! It was stolen! They realised that the drought was due to disappearance of the GEM. For three years nobody visited the temple, because they felt that temple was in safe hands of the guardian snake. Snake's name was "Vishal" meaning "huge". The snake was so huge that it used to coil around the perimeter of the temple with it's hood raised. It hissed three times a day, morning, afternoon & evening and could be heard from hundreds and thousands kilometers away from the temple. Vishal was a celestial serpent, he was one of the guards of the palace of the "SESA" the king of snakes.
When SESA created the NAGAVANSHI CLAN, he placed them in all four cordial directions of EAST, WEST, NORTH & SOUTH, with different colour "Nag Manis" & were guarded by four giant serpents. The SOUTH gem was RED in colour, and was guarded by serpent "VISHAL".
Who stole it & how did he managed escape VISHAL's prowling eyes, nobody knew. But all they knew was a new GEM must be brought from nether realm where SESA lived and be reinstalled on the pedestal, only then will the drought end. Only a NAGAVANSHI PRINCESS could go to the nether realm who had just crossed 19 years of age. So the king summoned his daughter PRINCESS Sulochana to go to the nether realm and bring another gem from SESA and fix it on the pedestal. Sulochana was a brave girl. She agreed to do the job.
It was a MAHA SHIVARATRI day. There is a Shivaratri in every lunary month on its 13th night /14th day, but once a year in late winter (February/March) and before the arrival of spring, marks Maha Shivaratri which means "the Great Night of Shiva".
She sat at the NAGESWARA TEMPLE in the village offering her prayers to the deity, the name means "God of the SERPENTS". She Sat silently meditating the names of Lord SHIVA.She was to begin her journey to the nether world the next day.

As she was meditating she recalled what Elders of the village had told her. They said to her "We are Nagavansi or 'Generation of the snakes'. Our story starts when the Garuda's father was the creator-rishi Kasyapa. He had two wives, Vinata and Kadru, who were daughters of Prajapathi Daksha. Kasyapa, on the pleadings of his wives, granted them their wishes; Vinata wished for two sons and Kadru wished for thousand snakes as her sons. Hence Kadru became the "MOTHER OF ALL SNAKES" & Vinita " MOTHER OF ALL BIRDS". Kadru & Vinita were rivals, despite being sisters, one day Kadru decided to trick Vinita into slavery. She bet her that the tail of the celestial white horse "Ucchishrava" was black & not white. Vinita knew that since the horse was white, the tail will also be white & she would easily win the bet. That night, Kadru called her sons and told them to shrink their size & coil around the tail of the horse when it would be grazing in the pastures. They did as told. The next day when Kadru took Vinita to the pastures, she pointed at the horse, and Vinita was surprised to note that that the tail of the celestial horse was BLACK & not WHITE. Vinita was enslaved.
When Garuda hatched from his egg he was fully formed & was surprised to note that his mother was slave of the snakes, and was bearing all ill treatments by Kadru silently. He could not bear it. He asked the snakes what was the cost of his mother's liberation & they asked for the nectar from the heavens. Garuda flew to the heavens & brought the pot of nectar down to the earth, and gave them to snakes and liberated his mother. In the process he struck a deal with Vishnu that he would serve as his vehicle, thus he had now become favorite of Vishnu who blessed him with immortality. Snakes were selfish, so they couldn't become immortal like GARUDA. Indra stole the pot of nectar from their cottage & took it back to heavens.
GARUDA vowed to avenge the snakes & let loose his eagle army to prey on them. Terrified, Kadru rushed to "NAGESWARA" for safety of her children. She knew that GARUDA was favourite of VISHNU & he will never side the snakes, snakes need patronage of a mighty god to stay protected. Kadru knew that "NAGESWARA" shiva was very pleased with the snakes as they helped him during the CHURNING OF THE OCEANS. She knew snakes serve Lord Shiva as necklace, armlets and appear in his clothes. They also serve as his bowstring.
Legend has it that all the snakes found on Lord Shiva’s body became ornaments during his marriage with Parvati. It is also said that Shiva made ornaments out poisonous snakes and submitted it to Pravati as gift. Even the king of serpents "SESA" coiled around his neck.
"NAGESWARA" shiva answered her calls and assured her that the snakes will be under his protection. He ordered "SESA" to convert the children of Kadru to human forms & thus the NAGAVANSHI CLAN was formed. "SESA" dispersed the clan in all four directions, giving one "NAGAMANI" to each clan & a "GUARDIAN" who protected the gem. By the power of the gem, garuda's army couldn't distinguish between the snakes & humans & thinking the snakes to be humans, they did not harm them. "
News of the lost southern Mani reached Garuda's army, and they were planning a siege on the southern NAGAVANSHI KINGDOM, which was already weakened by drought & famine due to the loss of the gem.
Sulochana had 10 days to bring the NAGAMANI back. If she couldn't there will be no "NAGAVANSHI KINGDOM" in the south.
While she sat meditating a mysterious blue fire encircled her & when it eased all the accessories, shoes & weapons gifted to her by the elders for the journey were were gone!

Meanwhile, in a chamber of VISHNU'S palace in VAIKUNDHA the Garuda army was preparing for the siege. The commander began "Praise & Victory be to Lord Vishnu. The earth is 100,000 light years from the palace, it will take our celestial army about 5 days to reach the earth, if we take left from INDRA'S kingdom we will take merely 3 days to reach the earth, it is just 25 galaxies away from there. We have weapons crafted by celestial craftsman VISWAKARMA which the snakes cannot resist, they will be defeated in no time"
Garuda replied" Not so soon commander, we must watch the turn of the event, because if we leave the heavens now there can be an attack by demons, who would try to seize the opportunity to win the heavens. We are the airforce of the GODS", we can't weaken the mighty army of GODS by our absence. I did talk to Lord Vishnu on the matter and he said he will think on it for he doesn't want another GOD-DEMON WAR to begin"
"Exactly, that is what Lord Vishnu was saying."
Everyone looked at the source of the sound. It was celestial sage NARADA, who entered the chamber. Everybody stood up for him as mark of respect.
"Please sit, everyone, no need to stand. I had come to Vaikuntha to pay a visit to Lord Vishnu & Lady Laxmi, as I was about to leave Lord Vishnu told me to give you this message that a siege on NAGAVANSHI EMPIRE may work as a spark for the new series of "GOD-DEMON WAR", for demons are the closest alley of the snakes. He also said that if the war breaks out "SESA" will fight form the sides of snakes which will make the war last for another ten thousand of years, for "SESA" like "GARUDA" is invincible. Vishnu doesn't want war, and he warns that if any action is taken against his wishes he will cease to support to GODS for ever, and that means GODS will be vulnerable to constant attacks by demons & will never be able to regain the heavens once they are lost. Lord Vishnu has set up an investigation team comprising of the his trusted officers & guardians of Vaikuntha, JAYA and VIJAYA; they will be reporting him soon, and then he will decide what to do in consultation with Lord Shiva & Lord Brahma." having said this NARADA left the chamber. GARUDA ordered his army to return to their cantonments, cancelling the siege and left the chamber.
"No BAJRAPARNA! Stop trying to convince me for the siege, Lord Vishnu is the Supreme of all GODS, even INDRA, we cannot ignore his orders!! To the CANTONMENT!! MARCH!!". thundered Garuda. Flock of 100,000 mighty celestial eagle army flapped towards the celestial Cantonment, causing tremors in vaikuntha & the heavens.
In the earth meanwhile, Sulochana meditation ended. She looked at her body & was heart-broken. " Where did the accesories & the weapons gifted to me by village elders go!" She began to sob. " How am I going to complete the journey, how can I protect my kingdom."
Her mind was filled with these thoughts as she walked past the NAGESWARA forests and about to reach it's borders, someone called her.

She turned her head to look who it was & found that it was KADRU. Sulochana kneeled to her in respect and prayed to her, with tears in her eyes.

"Mother I..." before Sulochana could finish her sentence KADRU spoke with a hiss.
"Hiiisssss, I do understand your problems, I have heard every news that you know & even those that you don't know. It is all BAJRAPARNA's nasty tricks. He hates GARUDA & want to become the KING OF BIRDS, that is what our trusted spies told us. I will explain you the issue later on. We need to put the matter in front of the COUNCIL OF TRINITY,when they 15 days from now gather at the NORTHERN MOUNTAINS. I have heard that lord VISHNU has stopped the siege, & even INDRA is in no mood to do so after VISHNU turning his back.
That demonic blue fire was created purposefully by BAJRAPARNA's half-brother, KALAPARNA who lives in the nether realm and is a master black magician. You will have to face him soon, but for now, you must resume your journey. I have come down all the way from KAILASH MOUNTAINS,in the NORTH as ordered by NAGESWARA I had come to gift you the the "SNAKE EYES". These eyes are magical. Wearing them on your head, your vision will be 100 times sharper than normal vision. You can see clearly through dense mist & fog & even in dust & dirt. Not only that with these tied around your head you can SENSE the right path."
KADRU gifted the EYES to Sulochana and left for the KAILASH MOUNTAINS.

Sulochana tied the snake eyes to her forehead & moved on. It was already evening by the time she entered the first forest called " TAMISRAVANA" or forest of darkness which was nearly 5000km away from "NAGESWARA VANA or Nageswara forest where the kingdom was located. It would have been difficult for a human to cover 5000 km on foot in about 12 to 15 hrs but Sulochana was not a human, she was a serpent in human-form, for her it was not a herculean task. She was a "NAGINI"or a female naga. Nagas are snakes that may take human form. They tend to be very curious. According to traditions nāgas are only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated. They are susceptible to mankind's disrespectful actions in relation to the environment.

As Sulochana walked past the forest the warnings issued by KADRU rang in her ears-"Neither eat nor drink anything from these forests, for they are poisonous for everyone. These are forests of the HELL, and person who dies in any one of them goes to the abode of YAMA, the god of death where souls are tortured till eternity, use your pace and cover the forests as fast as you can. At the end of the forest you will meet the GUARDIAN of the forest who are usually YAKSHAS or DEMONS. If they are DEMONS, they will be kind to you, if they are YAKSHAS, they will be cruel towards you and will ask you questions, be prepared to answer them. If you fail to answer or give wrong answers they will kill you at that very moment. YAKSHAS are usually benevolent, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots, but since we have ties with their fore sworn enemies the RAKSHASA, they are merciless towards us as well."
Meanwhile, a scroll from the nether realm reached heaven and was delivered to the commander in his cantonment room. It read 'Dear brother, I am happy to inform you that I has successfully stolen the NAGAMANI of the southern NAGAVANSHI kingdom when VISHAL was away shedding his scales & send it to MAAY DANAV who is the chief CRAFTSMAN of the demons. He had promised me that he will soon develop a potion using the GEM which will make us all immune to the venom of "SESA". He is currently working on the project in his labs. My spies had told me that the NAGAVANSHI'S have send their princess SULOCHANA to bring back another gem from SESA. Earlier you wrote to me about the bribes you gave to INDRA not to shed rain in the southern region & keeping the skies clear all the time and SURYA to shine as brightly as he can to dry up the land. Your efforts did not bear fruits because the for 2.5yrs they had managed to preserve the gem which did not allow the ponds & lakes in and around the temple to dry and hence they had constant supply of water & fishes, but after I have stolen the GEM these areas are nothing more than mud holes. I used my black magic & had stolen all of Sulochana's accessories, weapons, shoes that were gifted to her by the elders of the village while she was meditating in the temple of NAGESWARA, so that our birds of prey who feed on snakes can quickly spot her & kill her. But now they cannot see her anymore, or cannot distinguish between human females & NAGINI. One more news I have for you, KADRU visited Sulochana before her departure, though I have no details on what had happened, but I am sure she was send by NAGESWARA who is well-wisher of the snakes. How are the events in the heaven? Did you manage to persuade GARUDA & VISHNU for the attack? I am sure you have by now, and the mighty eagle army will me marching towards the EARTH for the siege. Please inform me how the events turn out to be.
It was not long before JAYA & VIJAYA entered the main chamber where VISHNU was resting with his consort Laxmi; goddess of wealth. JAYA began to speak"Praise be to Lord VISHNU, we have information that there is a bribery scandal going on in which both GODS & DEMONS are involved We visited 28 levels of HELL & talked to many officers at the top brass, upon strict investigation many of them accepted that they had taken huge sums of bribes for passing some YAKSHAS as the YAMADUTAS or servants of YAMA & appointed them in charge of the 5 forests surrounding the NAGAVANSHI KINGDOM. MY Lord, we also have proof that King of YAKSHAS KUBERA, had transported 25000 carts filled with GOLD COINS, ORNAMENTS, JEWELS, GEMS & Other precious metals to NETHER REALM, but to whom they had been send to we yet don't know. However, we found the skid marks in & around the region of NETHER REALM close to HELL. These marks indicate that KUBERA'S personal aircraft carrier PUSPAKA had landed several times in the region. We also have information that GODS were bribed as well, who they were & as to why they were bribed we have no clue."
VISHNU raised his eyebrows,"What is going on in the heavens? If GODS turn out to be as corrupt as the DEMONS, humans will loose faith in GODS! They will never build temples in the future, neither will they pray to them any more, the whole definition of TRUTH & RIGHTEOUSNESS will be wiped out from the planets including EARTH!I can't allow another GODEM(GOD-DEMON WAR), we already had one which ended with creation of the earth. NAGAVANSHIS must be saved. I am the PRESERVER of the world, I must take steps to curb all the EVILS.
He looked at GODDESS LAXMI & smiled " Goddess of wealth can help us." Laxmi understood his husband's plans. She immediately summoned her 8 forms & ordered them "Spread out in all directions of the three worlds, and bring me information of all the illegal transactions that had taken place in any form, be it monetary or non-monetary. I want ever details, even the smallest of the transactions, must be reported to me." The 8-froms of laxmi left Vaikuntha.
VISHNU, on the other hand, with his magical powers created a 50 spies, and asked them to spread across VAIKUNTHA & heavens. He ordered all the messengers to bring all the message that come in & out of heavens to him, before they are to be delivered to their respective places. He send NARADA to NAGESWARA SHIVA with the reports produced before him by his officers JAYA & VIJAYA.
When NARADA reached KAILASH it was snow storm was blowing across the mountains. He managed to reach the gates of the KAILASH CAVES where SHIVA was residing with his family.
"Where is NANDI, the bull?" he asked at the entrance of the cave.
"He is inside with his wife SUYASHA, allow me to take you to him" the guard replied
"No I can't go inside, I don't have time for it, give this scroll to NANDI & tell him to deliver it to SHIVA. It is from Lord VISHNU, so don't lose it & make it sure it reaches NANDI. I must leave before the snow storm gets worst"
NARADA left Kailash while the guard rushed in and handed over the scroll to NANDI, who delivered it to SHIVA. SHIVA lost no time and immediately called for MAHANAGA PATANJALI. He instructed him to immediately leave for SOUTH and become Sulochana's guardian in her quest by disguising himself as her friend and walking beside her, but keep his identity secret and never let her know who he was, for if she knew who he actually was, she might refuse to accept him & in turn risk her own life.
PATANJALI met Sulochana disguised as an orphan snake whose parents got killed in an accident. He also said to her to adopt him as her pet, as he had no friends to play with because he was so fat other serpent kids made fun of him. Sulochana was a kind hearted girl, she was moved by his story. She quickly adopted him. Sulochana was a NAGINI;a snake who could take her human form, but her real body was still that of a cold-blooded reptile who needed sun to warm herself. She started to shiver badly as her body temperature began to drop, so much so that she could barely walk. PATANJALI immediately took her in his coils to keep her body warm where she fell fast asleep. PATANJALI was a MAHA NAGA and he could keep his body warm in shivering cold, reason being that he was born as a human, who could take form of a NAGA, hence he is called MAHANAGA. MAHANAGAS are descendents of sons of creator-sage, Kashyapa who was father of GARUDA. That night when KADRU ordered her children to coil around the celestial horses's tail to defeat VINITA and enslave her, some of the snakes refused to follow her requests. When her offspring balked at the request, Kadru grew angry and cursed them to die a fiery death in the snake-sacrifice of King Janamejaya, the son of Parikshit, who was the son of Abhimanyu the son of Arjuna. The king of the snakes SESA was aware of the curse, and knew that his brethren would need a hero to rescue them from it. He approached the renowned ascetic Jaratkaru with a proposal of marriage to a snake-goddess, Manasa, SESA's own sister. Out of the union of the ascetic and the snake-maiden was born "a son of the splendor of a celestial child." This son was named Astika, and he was to be the savior of the snakes.In accordance with Kadru's curse, Janamejaya prepared a snake sacrifice of a type described in the scriptures, the Puranas. He erected a sacrificial platform and hired priests and other professionals needed for the rites. Following the proper form, the priests lit the sacrificial fire, duly fed it with clarified butter, uttered the required mantras, and began calling the names of snakes. The power of the rite was such that the named snakes were summoned to the fire and were consumed by it. As the sacrifice took on genocidal proportions, Astika came to the rescue. He approached Janamejaya and praised the sacrifice in such eloquent terms that the king offered to grant him a boon of his choosing. Astika promptly requested that the sacrifice be terminated. Though initially regretful of his offer, Janamejaya was true to his word, and the sacrifice came to an end. After the sacrifice came to an end Astika moved to Kailash to serve MAHADEVA. Since these NAGAS began to live in vicinity of MAHADEVA or SHIVA, they came to known as MAHANAGAS. MAHADEVA offered them a boon that they will no longer be snakes, but would turn to humans who could take form of snakes unlike NAGAS who were snakes taking human forms.

"Tell me the truth KUBERA, where do you send those carts loaded with jewels and to whom?" NAGESWARA asked.
"O Lord NAGESWARA I send them to my son in the nether realm" replied KUBERA
"Your son? who are they? I & my wife PARVATI never saw them, neither my two sons ever grew up playing with them, can you be a bit more clear? I need to know every details about your sons, because VISHNU had asked me to inquire into the matter. He says a heinous scandal had hatched both in the HEAVENS & the HELL. Since, I am the refuge & Restrain of DEMONS he wants to to investigate the DEMON side of the corruption as he is doing the GOD side of the corruption scandal.
"O Lord, it was spring time in KAILASH & I was sitting in my palace gardens in my city ALANKA when I saw a female eagle hovering above the mountains. I was infatuated by her beauty & took the form of a male eagle of the same species and flew at her. We started a family, and she laid two eggs one white & one black. The eggs took a long time to hatch, and when they were hatched two bird came out of them, one was half man & half bird & the other was a demon. They were fully adult when they hatched. When my wife saw them, she couldn't believe her own eyes, she was so terrified at the sight of KALAPARNA that she flew away & never came back to the nest. I took both the kids to ALANKA & raised them. I send my first son BAJRAPARNA to the Guru of GODS BRIHASPATI for education & warfare training & my younger one to DEMON's GURU SUKRACHARYA who is your devotee.Bajra became commander of the GARUDA ARMY while KALAPARNA became the commander of DEMON ARMY.Every full moon & new moon day KALAPARNA performs some kind of RITUALS and he asks me to send him wealth so that he can donate them to poor & needy in the HELL. I do help him in his charitable work by sending cart loads of GEMS & JEWELS from ALANKA. At times he personally invites me to pay him a visit so I fly to him in my PUSPAKA, that is all I know."
"Hmmm, You may leave now,but next time you go to him you must inform me for I will send my GANAS, officers & guardians of KAILASH MOUNTAINS, with you, who will investigate the matter deeply and submit a report on the corruption scandal VISHNU is talking about."
"Sure Lord NAGESWARA I Will"
"Very well. You may leave now and I will summon you once again If I need you so stay at ALANKA"
"Yes my Lord I will." KUBERA accompanied by his bodyguards, dancers & singers leave the mountains for ALANKA. One the way a thought disturbs KUBERA, but he dares not to spell it out in front of NAGESWARA, who know he may exile his sons to EARTH, snatching their immortality & making them mere mortal birds of prey? It is better to be silent. Time will reveal everything. KUBERA had another secret that he did not reveal & that was about the SECOND EGG, he told NAGESWARA that his wife laid 2 eggs, which was not true. KALAPARNA was BAJRAPARNA's half-brother, and son of female eagle's sister. After BAJRAARNA's mother flew away in disgust, the two kids were raised by her sister, who was transformed into YAKSHINI by KUBERA, by the name of ATIJWALA or "INFERNO"
BAJARAPARNA was shocked by the report presented by VISHNU's officers,and more than that he was terrified about the consequences of his actions. What will VISHNU do if he found that the COMMANDER of the air-force was involved? Will not his men, that he had commanded for several years mock at him? GARUDA will expel him from the heavens? What will INDRA do, and SURYA, who he bribed to chance the position of the planets to cause the drought in the southern region, what will he say? He mind was pulsating with pain, his nerves were about to tear apart, just by thinking about the consequences of his action. BAJRAPARNA decided to travel to the EARTH to meet his father & his half-brother.
The highest Heaven is Vaikuntha, which exists above the six heavenly lokas and outside of the mahat-tattva or mundane world. It's where eternally liberated souls who have attained moksha reside in eternal sublime beauty with Lakshmi and VISHNU.
BAJRAPARNA began his journey. First he crossed, Bhuva loka, then SWARGA LOKA where INDRA'S kingdom resides, then Mahar Loka, Jana Loka, Tapa Loka and Satya Loka, and finally reached earth, in total 25 galaxies.


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what hugging means to me you ask ? i think it's a kind & sweet gesture to give to someone whenever they are sad or down in anyway i also think it's a Nice and a very sweet way of showing someone how you feel about them i love to give Hugs and i love to receive hugs from the people i love & care for because giving a hug makes me feel happy Very Happy receiveing hugs makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside it also let me know that i am Loved and appreciated by my love ones i try to give hugs as often as i can to friends family or for that matter anyboddy i see who needs a hug because those who know me personally knows that i hate seeing those i love & care for Sad and would do anything i can to cheer them up even if it's by just giving them a Hug Very Happy hugging i think it's nice to give and to recive one why not be nice to someone and make them Happy by giving them a hug Today ??? it may not seem like you are dong much but to the one that is reciving the Hug it can mean so much to that person who needs a hug it can mean a whole lot to them so brighten up someones day by giving them a hug hugging someone or to rescive a hug from someone does not cost us a thing it's just a sweet way of showing people you care about them or care for them Happy National Hug Day

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a hug means to me is that you have someone protecting you and that you can turn to when you in a situation no matter good or bad like this game not going to lie I've gotten hugs when I go through issues they listen to me more than my friends in my town do like it feel like they are here with me every step of the way so to get a hug every day and night from this amazing people I feel loved I do get depressed a lot but now I know at least I'm not alone.
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mad0na15 18+ Age Verified

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:28 pm    Post subject: National Hugging Day Contest (ends 2/1/17!!!) Reply with quote

what hugging means to me ? Is the ideal gift.Great for any occasion,fun to give and receive,shows you care, comes with its own wrapping and of course,is fully returnable. Hugging is practically perfect....No batteries to wear out, inflation-proof, nonfattening, no monthly payments, theft-proof and
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To me, hugging is a beautiful gesture. Two years ago I was struggling with depression and self harm, that's when I met online what is now my best friend. She helped get through my depression and suicidal thoughts. Everyday she would make me show her my wrists, she would check on me and make sure I was alright. We would spend nights chatting about my feelings and she was always able to make me happy. She lived pretty far away from me and after a year she decided to visit me. I was waiting for her in the airport and as soon as I saw her I ran to hug her. We hugged for what it seemed like an hour, I was finally able to meet the person who saved me. She stayed for less than a week and before she left I thanked her for everything she had done and for saving my life. To this day, she still checks on me and makes sure im alright, whenever im sad, I talk to her and remember the day I was able to give her the hug that she deserved. I'd correct myself and say that hugs aren't only a beautiful gesture, hugs can express happiness, love and sadness. But the one who hugs is the one that gives it a true meaning.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What is a hug?
What can't a hug do?
It leaves us all vulnerable.
A risk worth chancing.

Short and sweet Haiku.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would be 13 years old. If I look back in hindsight, it seems very distant. But it is not so. One day a new boy came to my school and I saw him and I fell in love. Since that day I was anxiously waiting to go to school. He greeted me and was friendly to me. And I fool thought he was in love with me too. One afternoon when I left school I saw him go out holding hands with another girl. I ran home crying. When I arrived my parents were in the kitchen and when they saw me crying they asked me why I cried. I told them that I was in love, but that boy was in love with another girl. My parents laughed and told me you are too small to be in love, do not cry, you will have forgotten it tomorrow. Crying I left and sat on the stairs. Suddenly I felt a gentle arms wrapped around me. I raised my head and saw that it was my beloved grandfather. He did not say anything, did not speak, just hugged me like that for a long time. And I felt happy and calm. The years have passed, my dear grandfather died. But I will never forget that embrace full of love and understanding. It was the best hug I ever had in my life. The tender hug of my beloved grandfather.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hugs,Seem like a simple gesture but it can make a huge difference. You get hugs from the day you were born as a child you just simply don't understand the meaning behind one,its more like "get this this crazy lady off of me she's cutting off my circulation." Shocked but to me as you get older I believe you seem to value this small gesture so much more. Receiving a hug could mean a lot of things to different people. It could mean comfort, love, security, a hug could send your body in an whirlwind. Hugging is like giving another person a piece of you mending you two into one big bundle of love. Hugs give you that warm feeling in the pit of your stomache your heart ignites.
So you ask what does a hug mean to me? It means love,compassion,security, comfort,gentleness it means the world to someone.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:01 pm    Post subject: What Hugging Means To Me Reply with quote

I really am not trying to get pity or money, I entered because I feel like it would be nice to express how I feel. Now I'm a very suicidal person, I haven't grown up like most people with a happy family. I love hugs I'm a softy for hugs, a hug is what's my mother gave to me before she passed . In my 18 years of life I've lost a lot of the great women in my life, I haven't received a lot of hugs in the past few years. It's maybe been what ? 2 yeas since I got a proper hug, a hug that hadn't real meaning, a hug that, a hug that makes me feel like I have meaning. I have, actually had a twin sister her name was Gabriella we were inseparable. The last few hours before she died we had a deep talk, now my family's has a long line of people being depressed. My sister she hadn't terrible depression and not a very good things happening at that time, as twins I could feel her pain I could just see in her eyes she wasn't alright. You know how I said it was two years ago I had a real hug, well that was the last ever hug Gabriella and I shared before she's commit, now around 25 minute she after she had commit I knew something was wrong, I could feel the cold. I knew something wasn't right so I went to Gabbys room and I stood there in shock as I saw my beautiful twin sisters lifeless body hanging, just hanging there. I rushed over to her pulled the rope from her neck and broke down, I sat there crying for 15 minutes with her body in my hands, I clutched on to her and begged god to bring her back, she didn't deserve to die like this.. last year i lost my older sister Tanya to a drunk driver, i loved Tanya's she would stand up for me and just be the mom that I never had when lost her I felt like I had lost another part of my heart again. My niece, we don't know how to tell her, her mums passed away. So you ask me what a hug means to me ? A hug means everything to me. A hug is a beautiful action to express your love, a hug has gotten me through tough times. Sometimes just one hug can mend a broken heart.

Hunter V
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My definition long but here we go
Hugs are by far the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. When you are hugged you feel good and pretty much safe. Hugs are one of the best ways to define relationships, friendships and love. It is not really a display of affection but rather a portrayal of affection. Relationships need touch and feel for them to grow.
Very Happy
hopefully i'll win but it's ok if I don't. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's my definiton of what hugging means to me When you Hug Someone it's a sighn of affection that shows you Care About that particular person you don't have to wait until it's someones Birthday or Any Special occasion to give or to recive hugs but i Belive that Hugs should be Givin All year around to Anyone who you think may need one here's why i love Hugging people i love hugging people because you never know what others may be going though in life Another reason is because a Hug is Free there's absolutely No cost to Hugging someone i love giving &receiving and to me the Best Gift you can give is a Hug because hugs are Memberible & Althouh we let go when a hug is Done the Person you Hug can Rember what that hug Felt like when you hug them for a life time to me if you hug someone it can last a life time as my Gradmother Who passed a way would've said you can hug someone now and the feeling you gave that person when you huged them it can last a life time i truely believe that when you hug people it can do something that can change the person for a life time so why not try it & as i said to the top of my message it's a free Gift that doesn't cots you a thing i love giving and Recving hugs because it's showing Love & AFFECTION Towords people who may really need it it may be a simple gestere but a hug can save a life or help someone who maybe having sucidal thoughts to me a hug is the Answer to Everything i personally think a hug can cure Anything you'd be suprise what one little hug can do so why don't you be the reason for someones happiness and give out just one little Hug?if it doesn't cost you a thing all it may cost you is wraping your Arms around someone for a Certain lent of time to me hugging may same simple but it can do a whole lot to that person you are hugging try it by embracing someone in a tight warm Hug today and Always a Hug is Also a Nice Greting a nice way to say hello or Goodbye to Family or Friends

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:33 pm    Post subject: A Hug Reply with quote

Hugging is an action a person does to another. Not a lot of people in this world can receive hugs. Because they have no one, or they have a condition that prevents it. Giving a hug to someone is probably one of the most loving gestures towards someone, because most of the time they long for affection, and giving them a hug can really help someone. It helps when someone is feeling really sad, like me. My grandmother passed away in year 2011. I was very close with my Grandmother. I remember getting the call early in the morning, stating that she has passed, she was only 55. I had to speak at her Funeral, I had to stop halfway through the paragraph I wrote for everyone because I just couldn't keep the tears in. I was broken, numb. One of my good Uncles, that I haven't seen in awhile was there too. He sat with me, held me for so long. It was something I needed, and it helped me so much, it helped me because I knew I was not alone, and that people were here for me. And some people don't have anybody, and it would be a great thing to just go out and give someone a hug, you don't know what they are going through, maybe something tragic has happened, or maybe someone got a work promotion, and are very happy. Us humans , all of us need hugs.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hugs mean a lot to me cos hugs are something that are really rare in my life. The first time I felt something from a hug was when my dad hugged me for the first time when i was 8 years old. I had grown up with my grandparents so that was the first time I was meeting my dad after 7 years. He came running towards me and lifted me up in the air and gave me a hug, he was shaking and crying. He instantly became my favorite person.
Once I turned 11 or 12 dad started hugging me only on my birthday. On my birthday he would hug me and tell me he loves me and that would be the best gift for me. His one hug brought me to tears every birthday. I didn't actually realize the importance of his hugs until my 16th birthday. I was looking forward to our 5 minute father daughter time but on that day it didn't happen. No hugs on my sweet sixteen. I went to him but he said "enjoy by yourself" and left for work. Those words broke my heart.
A hug from dad is never the same as a hug from someone else. The ones who are able to casually walk up to their dad and give him a hug are lucky.
You said hugs are free and that’s true but there are people out there who aren’t lucky enough to receive hugs from the ones they love.

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