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Creative Beginnings: Short Story Contest
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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2016 8:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I Was Dead

When I was a child my family moved to a big old two-story house, with big empty rooms with creaking floors. Both my parents worked a lot so I was often alone. One early evening, when I came home from school I noticed that all the lights were on in the house.

As I walked in the door I called out, "Mom?" and heard her say in her cheery voice "Yeeeeeeees?" from upstairs. I called her again as I climbed the stairs to see which room she was in, and again got the same "Yeeeeeees?" reply. We were decorating at the time, and I didn't know my way around the maze of rooms but she was in one of the far ones, right down the hall. I felt uneasy, but I figured that was only natural so I rushed forward to see my mom, knowing her presence would calm my fears, as a mother's presence always does.

There was some bad feeling inside me, but I tried to ignore knowing how far my mind could be if I started imagining things. For a brief moment, I saw something strange moving in my direction. I don’t know what it was, but it was staring at me.
At the moment I approached that room, I felt my heart racing and leading me to an uncontrollable hysteria. A dead man was trying to reach my arms, breaking the pine wood door and looking at me with hungry and nefarious eyes.

I was about to faint, with no control over my body when I heard the front door downstairs open and my mother calling “Sweetie, are you home?” in a cheery voice.

Using the remaining energy I had, I jumped back startled and ran down the stairs to her, but despite my wish to see my mom, I could only witness a scary dead man, with blood dripping from his mouth.

All I could do was cry. My trembling voice still called my mom a couple of times, but I will never forget how much I regretted. The dead man was cynically replying using her voice and words.

As I sat back in a deep anguish, her voice brought me strange memories. She was screaming my name while I was stuck in a room feeling so much pain. It was an accident; I don’t know how it happened… it was so fast. Everything was gloomy and filled with mist. I couldn’t remember where I woke up after that.

Those memories made me realize what happened. I was dead… just like those creepy creatures. Maybe my body was still flowing on the waves of the twilight. Anyway, I could now see the truth and my fear slowly faded away. My mother’s voices coming from those dead souls made me feel so scared, but it also guided me to find the peace. I love you mom.

The end.
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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2016 5:45 pm    Post subject: LourdesDeltell Reply with quote

He did not remember much of the previous day. The wedding had been something strange, but very much enjoyed themselves. They took too much champagne and wine, so that feeling of headache, Ver-tigo and so thirsty upon awakening.
      Awoke in silence, it was not yet daylight, but as the morning sun peeked over the horizon. He slowly looked at the bed, the same wonderful wedding night she remembered. But the sheets were black silk and she did not remember asó.Su brand new husband was not enn bed already. He imagined he had madrugado much or perhaps had awakened as thirsty as her in the morning,
   Came the long corridor looking for the kitchen, not remembered well the distribution of that magnificent and grandiose villa in the countryside, and to reach it was set on a black door, like a pantry, which had not previously noticed.
       He came a little concerned about this development and saw the center of that room a beautiful lacquered coffin in black with silver rivets very bright forming strange signs on the top and sides. Bated breath and quite scared by the discovery slowly opened the coffin lid was there asleep .... and the brand new husband. !!!!! It became clear that he had married a vampire !!!!!!!!!!!!!

   It was not the worst thing that could happen thought, in the XXI century, where many lies and violence had, where no respect for anyone ,, at least her husband had lied about one thing ...... on their promise to love him always .... until after life always love
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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2016 8:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Title: ţhę wíșh
Fating light, firey pits, black charcoaled ground, twelve year old boy, light brown hair, baby blue eyes, pale smooth skin and a black plain Tee, with white pants, walks into an unknown world, a gateway to the darkest place, he didn't know where he was going, all that he knew was he was going somewhere, out of the loneiness. Pitched black hall, flickering lights, every step he takes the light fades behind him, dark whispers follow him, this was a nightmare.this all started on a lonely Friday 13th, shopping at the mall with his mom Cory Gilbert, his mom always looked for sales, in fact she had so many coupons it was unbelievable! The little boys name? Well it was Jade GIlbert, he didn't like to go shopping with his mom, she would take 4 hours. Jade looked at the stores Hot topic and, JC Penney, beside it, his mom wanted to go in a 18+ store Spencers, Jade stood out the store waiting, 30 minutes passed. Jade started to get worried, he walked into the store slowly, yelling "mom!?" A girl at the corner with long blue and red hair in a bun, and black piercings, with a band Tee on said,"can I help you? Are you lost little boy?" Jade shook his head" I'm looking for my mom, she just walked in here." The girl looked really confused and replied" nobody has came in here for an hour at least" Jade back up confused, scared and worried, he ran out, running around crying, and screaming "MOMMY!!!!!?! WHER----" he look around and noticed, the people had horns and black eyes. They all surround him, and stared at him. Hours later he awoke in a candle lit room, a not was beside him. He slowly sat up shaking and afraid, but he was brave, he reached and grabbed the note unfolding it, written in what seemed to be blood. "You have brought the sins now, your price is done" tears flowed in his eyes, and fell on the paper. He remember he wish for his mom to go away, and that she would disappear. The room was old, had symbols everywhere, and holes and, marks, blood everywhere, he stood up and ran to the door, and opened it, finding himself in a hall, flickering lights, he took a step and the light faded behind him, scared and alone he started running, he didn't know were he was going, but he had to find his mom. He ran and ran, it felt like the halls never ended, the further he went the same the hallways looked, twists and turns, right and left, he was where he begain, he ran into a door and he was, in a different place, he saw his mom in pieces dead. A man sat on a thrown in a black choacaoled ground room, fiery pits and the evilest smiled of all. He whispered in a dark voice, "your mine.." And from that day on...nobody saw the little boy Jade and the mother Cory every again. Never make a wish of evil on Friday the 13th.
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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 4:40 am    Post subject: Re: Creative Beginnings: Short Story Contest Reply with quote

Hi i love the contest, i hope like my history ^-^ (sorry for the bad english, for moments i used a translator)

-The Envy Girl-

Friday 13th came down from my room's stairs toward the dining room, from there, my aunt saw news, drinking a rate of coffee
They talked about the serial killer in the same, he had gone back to attack, they called which: Envy, my aunt mention: His description is equal to the legend
I ask: What legend?... She answer me: " The girl, of the great beyond that comes to get back her eyes..." I interrupted saying it: -Do you believe in those stories? is only a legend. This murderer, are real. Take the eyes from his victims.
She answered me: " because, are equal to the legend...", She continue drinking coffee, aftertaste your rate to a side of the table to her front and continue talk: ... Be 15 years back, at the village high school, a girl, which I do not remember her name, I believe think was ... "Mary"
The boys' attention, for his beautiful blue eyes called the girls of the high school they envied it, one day tired thereby, reprisals with her took, and they attacked the way out of the high school, removing Its eyes with a pocketknife ...
Alone and at the forest's bleak upland, you did not know yourself to be further of her, only than days after found his body choked back at a river. Days later, the first victim appeared..."
I interrupted asking: And how do you know everything that aunt?... What answered to: "I ... I was an of present of such act ... 3 days after it, one of my friends, it died losing his eyes. Mary, he has turned to get revenge".
I made fun of such history and laugh. - HaHaHa ... Aunt, as you can believe that?... That girl no longer exists. This subject, do you have to imitating the legend. And, what happened with the girl that, take her eyes? - what she answers to with a cynical smile: - " Even you see on here..." And continue mentioning something like if they be the words of somebody that her remember: ... "Someday, I will take the most valued for you ..."
With some fear, but without understanding to that it was referred, look at the wall clock and realize that you already should have gone away to the high school, I said good bye to my aunt and go like all the mornings to the high school.
I finish off classrooms, i had agreed on the high school's library studying for some exams for the day following, already were by night stop then, I came out of the building I walk to my house, with the night, and nobody did not have only the fog mist ...
I kept on walking, after listening to the sound of a metal crawling heavily on the pavement behind me, scare me and begin to run, remembering the news on the murderer, called: "Envy".
Running get to a corner, I went for the left after hearing that sound of metal to my right again, the fog was thicker as you were advancing, almost without stopping to think have me at the village forest. Damn i have lost my way. I say nervous, I continued toward my front with the hope look the exit from that place, the fog did not enable to reveal me nothing, for my luck, always which took a little pocket lamp use to drive my road
I heard that sound of metal to my right in the distance, again, hitting a tree, frighten me and go to run to my left hand, nervous, desiring look the way out of that forest, in a time i trip with the limb of a tree, throwing the lamp at a few me, drag me along to take her, in when you had it in my right hand I saw some feet to my front, suspend the look along with the lamplight in it I saw the following ...
A figure with a horrible mask, that say...
"Do you feel alone?... Are you cold?..." - catch up with to hearing of that figure, a voice of a girl underneath that mask, i scream because I was afraid to see such aspect, drag me along to the back, hitting the end my back with a tree. In it this, She add ... " Do Not Be Afraid..." - saing taking off her mask, kneel front me, and showing me a horrible face with 2 black holes...
Smiling mention: " you have some beautiful blue eyes ... How are the little Lisa?" - without understanding to that it was referred, certainly it was, She mentioned my aunt's name, in that time I remembered the history that she had told me, stop talking that girl raised on himself her rusted and bloody sword, screaming: "Hour of paying ... My eyes!!!"
I felt the cold of that cutting edge going into my chest, everything turned black, more darker than that forest, the last thing that I saw was that girl bringing closer your hand to my eyes ... in it, record my aunt's words, who care me like a mother, from was child, after my mother's death, after i was born ...
"Someday, I will take the most valued for you ..." My aunt, she were right ... The Envy Girl, is real...
With hard pain, finally i can see again, my mother front me...

(Here a little animation, i made for illustrated my own history)

"Muchas veces me he caído y lastimado, con el tiempo el dolor termina. Ahora ya no temo a los golpes, aunque me hagan pedazos."
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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 7:16 am    Post subject: Time to Wake Up Reply with quote

Time to Wake Up

Letting out a loud curse, I looked around again for the keys. I can’t be late for work again! They had to be here somewhere. I looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was starting to set. When the sun sets, the air becomes cooler. My body beings to slow and I feel like there are a million needles sliding over my skin as I try to move. But you must move, always move. I thought to myself as I dig into another snow bank as my breathing gets heavy. They must be here; they have to be! Nothing more than just soft snow filtering through as I search. I curse once more as my fingers scrape against the dirt.

Looking back at the purple sedan as my hair whips around my face with the howling breeze, I pause for a moment. Didn’t I have a blue car? No, the weather must be getting to me. It has always been purple… hasn’t it? Making a wide circle around the car with suspicion, I look towards the city. I can see the lights twinkling like they are the reflection of the sky in a pool of water. The glow they give off like a sun rising just for them. I sigh as I watch it in all its beauty, forgetting my task for only one moment. One moment of pure silent bliss to calm the mounting terror that is crashing around inside me.

Frozen stiff, I heard a screeching howl behind me. My mind and body are thrown back into the present as the cold hits me harder than before. I wonder how long I stood here, wasting my time by drifting in thought. Wanting to scream from the effort, I look to the sky. The cold is stabbing into the back of my neck as I move. I often wondered what ice breaking feels like. Now I wish I did not ever have to know again. The moon is shining above me, light a spot light just for me. How long has it been? The sun was just setting! I look over to the white truck before I begin to dig once more in a snow bank to the rear of the vehicle. White! I can’t believe I got a WHITE truck in the middle of winter! I bet they will never find me out here!

A sound of metal dancing melodic against bells pulls me away from my task. Wind chimes? There are no houses for miles around here… are there? Looking around, I try to locate the sound. Startled, I fall back into the snow as I see a house not even five feet from me. I furrow my brow in frustration as the wetness from the snow seeps into my clothes. I know that house was not here just a moment ago… I KNOW it wasn’t… The smoke billowing from the chimney lifted into the air as a soft glow lit the ground from a window told a different story. Like it had been here for a long time and I am the new one to this scene. I turned towards where I had seen the city lights and gasped as I scrambled to my feet. Now I see nothing but black, total darkness. I am all alone.

What happened to the city lights? Had ALL the power gone out? This could not be happening! I have to get home to my children. They need me and so does my husband. They… need… What happened to the car? Turning in a slow circle, I realize the car is now gone. The snow has disappeared as well as the chilling wind and the wetness of the clothing. I am not cold, but I am not hot even though I am bundled up so tightly. All that is left is me and this cabin. Taking a step closer, I take in the details a bit more. The terror inside me continuing to flip flopping from relation to total destruction.

As I remove my outer layers, I circle the cabin in wonder and awe of it. The cabin appeared pretty ordinary. It was made of a dark wood with a structure like that of a log cabin. The windows were trimmed with teal shutters. The glow from the inside seemed to grow brighter the longer I watched the cabin. The chimney was brick, the smoke still billowing away from the inside. I took another step forward, wondering if there was really any other detail the side, maybe something carved into the side. The glow was preventing me from seeing anything other than just that. Resting my hand against the side all that was there was smooth wood. Nothing to give away any hint of whom or what may lie inside.

Walking up towards the porch, I had a sense of uneasiness. The door is red, blood red. How odd to have a door and shingles that do not match. Most people try to make sure things are all together, but not this person. As I look over the door, a peep hole appears. Confusion and fear run through me as I see it. From the whole a note appears, dangling from string that is looped around it. “Do You See What I See?” is written across the parchment in big golden letters. Shuffling closer, I dare to take a peek inside. What harm could come from…. Oh wow.

There I am, lying on a bed. The faint sound of beeping and someone being paged over the intercom fill my ears. A hospital? I look around to take in more of the area. Yes, I am in a hospital. When did I get to a hospital? I was looking for my keys. A muffled cry to my right catches my attention, turning my body to get a better view. My heart drops as I see my daughter squeezing her teddy bear to her chest. The one I got her just last week. My precious angel and her father are right there beside her, holding her tight as she cries for me.

“Wake up mommy… please… wake up…”

With a startled gasp, a white flash explodes within the room and I stumble backwards. Shaking my head to clear the dots before my eyes as well as the sharp pain in my head, I stager forward. Looking into the hole once more, it is like I am looking from inside the cabin. I see the snow covered grounds. I see my daughters playing in the snow and laughing as two older figures, a man and a woman rush to join them while their faces are kept in the shadows. They run around with shrieks of joy and fake dismay as a snow ball fight commences. Frowning slightly, I wonder who it is that has joined the children as my lips part to cry out for the girls to step away. The female looks over in my direction and I realize it is me. I remember...

As I think those words I am transported outside, going through the motions of what lead me to where I am. I jerk and pull within my body, but there is no stopping myself. It has already happened. I waved good bye to the family as I get into the blue truck, screaming inside for myself not to go. Not to go down that windy road, to listen to my instinct to just stay home because the weather was too bad. But I did not listen. Closing my eyes, I try not to watch myself get hit by the other car. The sounds of metal crunching as the two vehicles collide, coming to a stop with me pinned in. The other car on one side, the building my car is now up against on the other side. I hear myself whimper before passing out, my vision dulling as the time passes. After a moment I open my eyes and I am back on the other side of the door.

I push against the door, trying to get it to come open. Feeling the crimson wood bow against my body I take a few steps back and charge into the door. It flexes under my weight but stays still. The door looks back at me like a mocking cyclops telling me I cannot enter. My daughter’s sob echoes though my head as I tighten my fists at my sides. No, I will not quit on her. Taking a few more steps back, I stumble over something hard and fall onto my back. The wind knocking out of me as I see stars before my eyes as I look up into the black pit that I think might be the sky. Struggling to roll over on to my side, I see what I tripped on. An axe.

Wrapping my fingers around the warm handle, I pick it up like it weighs nothing. Normally, this might have taken some effort but not now. The adrenaline and mother’s need to be with her family have over ridden every other thought. Every other feeling other than getting to them, waking up and seeing them again. With a shrill cry like a banshee, I raise the axe and dive for the door. I thought for a moment, I even heard it whimper right before making contact against the wood.


I never thought such a sound could be so satisfying. The wood splintered again and again as I swung the axe repeatedly. Never letting up as my determination soared. I was going to be with my family. They needed me and I needed them. I. Crack. AM. Crack. Going. Crack. To see. Crack. Them! With a started cry I fell into the room. Standing up immediately, I looked around. The door was gone along with the axe. All there is now is the hospital room. Slowly moving towards the bed I see myself. I see the bruises and bandages that cover almost my entire body. I wonder how long it has been, how long I have been away a moment before hearing that sound again.

My head snapped up to see my other daughter had come to join them as well as my father. I see them all together and I realize that how I got here does not matter. What matters is what I do right now. Do I wake up or do I stay asleep? I caress my own cheek already knowing the answer.

“It is time to wake up.”

The beeping of all the machines, the whirling of the life support system all seem to pause for a brief moment. My youngest daughter looks up and gives out a startled cry as my eyes flutter open. I try to turn my head but I realize that I cannot move. Am I paralyzed? As I hear my child scream as she realizes I am awake, I do not care. I am home.
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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 7:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Before I begin, I just wanna say thank you IMVU, for this contest. Smile I did my research about the Twilight Zone weeks ago, and you opened my mind to such wonderful stories. Thank you Very Happy

About my story, it's a mix of the Twilight Zone's It's A Good Life and The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. This is quite long, because I couldn't help injecting my own style into it. Smile


12: 06 PM

I’m aware of the people staring at me, obviously disturbed by the tapping noise my pencil is making, but I don’t care. I just want this day to end. There’s nothing about this day that I particularly hate; I just don’t like how everything is too…heavy. The skies are too dark, as if it’s going to rain, but there is no mention of that in the news forecast I watched this morning.

Other than that though, everything is going perfectly normal here in the cafeteria. Preppy girls chatting about a new line of makeup, geeks talking about video game missions, choir members singing some hymn that will probably be sung on the next Sunday mass—the typical high school you see in the movies.

Oh, and I forgot. We also have the typical high school bullies. The type who targets scrawny-looking students and make them do their bidding—do their homework, eat the poor sap’s lunch, literally push them around, etcetera, etcetera. I’m looking at one right now.

“Think you can skip out on me, huh?” Gus was saying while pushing a frail-looking guy. Gus is a classmate of mine and part of the varsity team, which basically means the whole school department is practically deaf to every offense this guy makes. “Think you can stand against me? Think you can bail out on me after the stunt you pulled in the lockers, huh?”

The frail-looking guy backed away from him, hitting one of the preppy girls. The girl said, “Eww!” and pushed him away. Gus then grabbed his shirt, and whacked him at the side of his head. The guy yelped and fell face-down the cafeteria floor.

“You’re in for a world of hurt the next time you play with me, little boy,” Gus yelled. “You better check yourself. You don’t know what I can do.”

The guy whimpered. One of the preppy girls then decided to pour the contents of her soda can on him. His body gave a tiny twitch, but aside from that, he didn’t move.

The whole cafeteria erupted with laughter.

That seemed to satisfy Gus. He smirked, and then sauntered out the cafeteria.

Everyone was still laughing when the guy moved to get himself up, and looked around. His eye seemed to catch me, since I was the only one who wasn’t laughing. I looked away. I don’t want people to think I sympathize with him—I want a bully-free high school life, thanks. I don’t like being belittled for whatever. I never wanted to be like this guy who seems like his entire existence is to be punchable. I’m contented in my own zone—drama-free and comfortable.

1: 15 PM

I think it’s going to rain. I felt a chill just now, and looking out the window, the sky seems a lot darker. Our algebra teacher, Miss Lorraine, decided to wear her cardigan again. She is one of the newest teachers here in our school. I assume she just recently graduated from college since she is so enthusiastic as compared to the other teachers.

She was writing down the equations on the board when a loud thud came from the window.

Miss Lorraine turned around. “What was that?”

“I dunno, Miss Lorraine,” answered Chuck, the most polite student in our class. “Sound like something hit the windows, but we didn’t see nothing.”

Miss Lorraine peered at the window for a moment. Then she said, “It’s nothing, guys. Continue your work.”

After a minute or two, our lights started flickering. We didn’t mind it at first, but when another loud thud came from the window, all of us started to look up.

“What is that?” Miss Lorraine dropped her marker and went to the window near the end of our room. She was trying to look outside when she gave a little scream. Something black hit the window and fell, leaving a smear.

“OMG, Miss Lorraine! What is it?” Preppy girl Kathy asked, running to our teacher.

Miss Lorraine was covering her mouth at first, trembling. The she replied, “I think…I think it was…a crow?”

“A crow?” Kathy blinked. A lot of us stood up to get a closer look, including me. Another thud came from the window, this time at the front of the classroom.

It was Joana who went this time. “Oh, gross! There’s blood!”

A lot of gasps were heard from our other classmates. It was followed by a moan, coming from Rosalya. She is looking at us with fresh panic.

“What is it, Rosalya?” Miss Lorraine asked.

“No—I, I just remembered…my, my Gramma used to say that if crows seem to be committing suicide at one location, it…” she paused. She looked at us nervously. “It’s an omen. A lot of people are going to die.”

Nobody spoke for a moment. Suddenly, we became more aware that the lights have started flickering more frequently. Chad, however, broke the silence.

“Agh, baloney,” Chad said while waving his hand, as if fanning off a fly. “Must be one of them old folks’ superstitions. They ain’t real. They just messin’ with you.”

“It’s real,” Rosalya said, almost pleading. “It is. My neighbor’s house got attacked by crows once. Her family from her father’s side died from poisoning afterwards. My cousin’s flat, too. He was celebrating his birthday with his buddies from work, they were drinking and a bunch of men showed up and started killing them off while stealing their things. And my cousin didn’t make it to the hospital.”

“Might be just a coincidence, don’tcha think?” Chad countered.

“No!” Rosalya moaned. “It’s true! I—“ her breath got caught, and she suddenly covered her mouth and started coughing.

I forgot that she was delicate. Miss Lorraine went to her, sat her down and tried to comfort her. We waited for her to calm down and collect herself. Another three thuds were heard from the windows, each leaving a bloody smear.

Rosalya cleared her throat. She is now wearing Miss Lorraine’s cardigan. “My-My Gramma said…my Gramma said that…in order to avoid death, the odd one must be removed.”

“I’m sorry?” Miss Lorraine said.

“We…all of us right now, we all are equals. We are all normal. No one is better and lesser than the other. Except one,” Rosalya coughed a bit, and then continued. “That one is who Death wants the most. There will be a clue. We must find out who it is and get rid of that person.”

“I’m sorry,” Kathy raised a trembling hand. “’Get rid of that person?’ Like…how?”

“We just need to keep him or her out of this place,” Rosalya replied, and coughed some more. “As long as that person is outside of the place, we’re all safe.”

“What about that person?” Chuck asked. He seemed tense. “Is he also gonna be safe?”

Rosalya looked startled at first. Then, she shook her head. “I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

Silence prevailed in the room. Nobody moved. And then…all the lights went off.

1:47 PM

Not one of us moved an inch. We can’t even bear to look at each other…either from panic, distress, or nervousness, I’m not sure. However, all of us are sensing something—we can practically smell it in the air.

It’s paranoia.

“Well!” Miss Lorraine exclaimed all of a sudden. She got up and clapped her hands together. “That’s um…that’s very fascinating.” She added awkwardly. “I-I need to talk to Principal Perez. He needs to know this…this—whatever’s happening. Can anyone take care of Rosalya for me?”

Chuck raised his hand. “I will.”

“Alright. I’ll be back, okay? I’ll be back. Stay here, don’t move. We’ll sort this out.” And then she went out.

1:50 PM

I stared after her. I keep thinking what kind of a teacher leaves her students in the middle of this situation, but I thought that it’s probably because she’s new, and she doesn’t how to deal with this. But still…

Okay, I admit it. I am kind of spooked, but come on. What I’m about to say is cliché, but seriously. There must be some other kind of explanation for this.

“Do you believe her?” my friend Paula jerked her head to Rosalya’s direction. Rosalya is now fast asleep. Wow, way to go, ditching us right after she scared our pants off.

“Of course not. Come on. Let’s get back to our chairs,” I replied, going back to mine.

“Yeah, hold on. Let me call my parents first,” she pulled her phone out of her pocket. “Oh, shoot. No signal!”

“Yeah, mine too.” Joana said, a few steps away from us. Then the others said the same.

I took mine out. There are no bars on the phone that indicate a signal. I dialed Mom’s number but the call fails to get through. I tried again. No luck.
Seven thuds came from the window, but this time nobody paid attention. Almost all of my classmates were still trying to call someone.

I shoved my phone back into my pocket. “Seems like everyone is having the same problem. I guess we’ll just have to wait.” I told Paula.

“Guess we’ll be stuck in here.” She shrugged.

Amid the buzzing noises brought about by my classmates’ chatter, and the thudding from the windows…a phone began to ring.

1: 58 PM

The entire class froze.

I felt my chest turn cold for reasons I cannot explain. My heart is beating so loud, and for a moment I cannot breathe. At the time, I do not know the reason why, but I kept thinking, please tell me it’s not my phone, please tell me it’s not my phone, please tell me it’s not my phone.

I slowly took my phone out of my pocket. I stared at my phone warily before removing the lock on the keypad. And then…

I exhaled. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath when I took out my phone. Yes! Zero bars!

I’m still wondering why it’s a good thing.

It turns out most of my classmates are feeling the same way, too. I heard lots of relieved sighs and nervous laughter around. However, there are also some who are casting suspicious glances everywhere.

“Where’s that ringing coming from?”

Chuck started walking around, looking for the source of the sound. He looked everywhere—the chairs, under the teacher’s table, nothing—until the phone rang again, except it sounded muffled this time.

Chuck continued to look around, but this time with more impatience. He started kicking chairs out of the way, and when he got to the end of the room, he stopped.

Gus was sitting on his armchair with his hands in the pockets of his varsity jacket. He was casting threatening glances everywhere, but his movement is kind of fidgety—he was slightly hunched and kept tapping his foot on the floor.

“Don’t even think about it, bruh,” he said.

I saw Chuck force himself to smile. He took a step nearer, and said in a gentler voice, “Hey, Gus, what’s going on? You got a phone there, buddy? Someone calling you? Can we, er, use it? We just really need to call our parents for a few seconds.”

“I don’t have it,” Gus said curtly.

“It will only be for a few seconds. Just a quick one, so they wouldn’t worry too much.” Chuck kept his smile in place, but his eyes are as hard as stones.

“Yeah, we need ‘em,” Marc stepped in. He’s a head shorter than Gus, but he's built like a tank.

“Yeah,” Benjamin joined in. He’s almost as tall and muscular as Gus.

“Piss off, numbnuts,” Gus snapped. “I already told you I don’t have it. I left it at home. Now leave me alone.”

“Then take your hands off your pockets,” Chad said. No smile this time.

“I already fr—“Gus’s sentence was cut off by the loud ringing of a phone.

The sound seemed abnormally louder than what I’m used to. It continued on and on, and it was starting to hurt my ears. I felt, however, like everyone in the classroom was thinking the same thing: Odd One Out.

Gus backed away. But it was too late—Marc and Benjamin were too quick for him. They grabbed him by the arms and waist and when Gus kept struggling and yelling, Benjamin started hitting him on the head and Marc gave him punches on his sides.


The two guys nodded. The girls in the classroom started to scream. Marc snatched the cell phone from Gus’s jacket and they both heaved him higher. Benjamin opened the window, and then he and Marc hurled Gus outside.

We heard a long yell from outside, followed by a very audible splat.

Panting heavily, Marc and Benjamin both leaned on the chairs.

“I had to do it,” Chuck blurted out. “I had to do it, you guys. It was us or him. He was never nice to us anyway. Right?” he looked around, as if asking for affirmation. “Right?”

Some girls nodded weakly. “Right,” one of them managed to say.

“Dumb guy didn’t even try a stronger keypad code,” Marc grunted. He was now accessing Gus’s phone. His face suddenly creased into a frown. “No signal?”

2:27 PM

As he said it, a crow flew inside the room and slammed itself into the door. It left a long smear of blood as it fell to the ground. Some of my classmates screamed while most made sounds of disgust.

“I don’t understand,” Chuck frowned, seemingly ignoring the bird. “Wait, lemme look at that.” He grabbed the phone from Mark and looked at the screen. “There’s no signal. Didn’t you guys hear the phone rang earlier?” He asked us. Everyone nodded. Chuck stared at the screen. “Then why isn’t it working? He’s the Odd One Out! He’s the only one whose phone is working!!!”

Three consecutive thuds were heard from the window. After a few seconds, five birds slammed on our windows, with one landing on the classroom floor.

I screamed, “Shut the window! Shut it! SHUT IT!!!”

Benjamin nervously nodded, and closed the window where they threw Gus out. As soon as it was closed, a group of crows slammed themselves into our windows, this time with no restraint. We watched in abject horror as their blood rapidly painted our windows red.

Phones have suddenly started ringing, almost drowning out the thuds from the windows. Everyone checked their phones, including me. Mine was ringing, but there was no one calling me and there is no signal bar—meaning if someone is doing so they wouldn’t be able to reach me.

“Why is yours ringing?” I turned around and saw Paula looking at me with an accusatory gaze.

“I don’t know,” I mumbled, completely dumbfounded. “This can’t be…This is impossible. There’s no way this is…”

“Give me that!” She snatched my phone out of my hand. She started typing random numbers, but the security verification won’t let her pass. “Open it! Give me the verification code!”

“Okay, okay!” Panicked, I type in the verification code. “Here! I have no idea why it’s ringing but it has no sig—“

As I was about to hand it to her, my arm suddenly froze. I don’t know why. There was a feeling of lightness that lasted for a moment—then it became heavy as lead. My arm then started smashing my phone on the floor repeatedly. I tried to grab my phone using my other hand, but to no avail—it’s like my arm has a free will of its own.

I glanced at Paula. She was shrieking and screaming that I am a monster—but no one was listening. I looked around wildly and I saw the almost half of my classmates are going through the same ordeal. I caught a glimpse of the others—Benjamin is carrying a sobbing, pleading Chuck while Marc is opening one of the windows, Kathy and her friends are yelling something at Rosalya who's weeping in the corner, while Chad kept getting smacked repeatedly by Joana’s hand.

I don’t want to be a part of this! My mind screamed. I never wanted things to be this way!

I somehow regained control of my hand, and as soon as I realized that I ran to the door and flung it open—and ran as fast as I can.

My mouth gaped from what I saw. There was chaos everywhere. Black feathers, papers, cups, books, are scattered all over the place—and people were fighting in the corridors—students, teachers, the janitor, you name it—and I even saw Miss Lorraine brandishing a saucepan. They were pulling, scratching, and tearing at each other—

I ducked when a student tried to hit me with a twirling baton. I’ve had enough!

I just want a place away from all of this! I want to be somewhere safe! I don’t want to see it all—I’ll just wait it out!

I ran and ran and ran. I ran even though my legs have started to hurt like crazy. I ran and ran…until I finally found a place where I can hide in peace.

The library.

The floor was littered with books and papers with different assortments, and the high, tainted windows are splattered with blood, but I don’t care. The place is deserted. This is perfect.

Finally, I thought. I let out a sigh of relief. I can finally re—

Until I felt a sharp, white-hot pain in my back.

3:24 PM

I have never felt so alive.

Here I am in the clinic, lying in bed and waiting for the pain in my head to subside. Ah, that knucklehead hit me too hard. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Especially now that he’s dead.

You don’t what I can do, he said. Yeah, well. You don’t know what I can do.

I guess my plan started to materialize when I became more confident with my powers. It happened in the locker room a few days ago—when I ‘accidentally’ dropped a box of energy drink on his foot while he was giving one of his motivational speeches to the team, not enough to hurt him but just enough to embarrass him. He shoved me around as usual, then grabbed my collar and pinned me to a locker, and threatened to break my arm if I mess up again.

I shut my eyes and wished that I could hit him at least once in the head with a baseball bat.

As I opened them, I saw a wooden bat floating in midair, as if it was waiting for my command. Then I imagined the wooden bat clobbering Knucklehead, and the bat did just that.

I fled the scene, of course. I don’t want to get beat up. But since then, I’ve been practicing at home every day. And I stopped responding to Gus’s commands to come to this place, blah blah blah. Because why should I? I don’t have the muscles, but I am so much stronger than him. Just as what I have proven today.

Gus texted me a couple of times, threatening to thrash me if I don’t show up to school today. I wasn’t scared of him anymore, but that does not make me less angry when I see him. He used to push me around to show people he’s the boss of this school, and because he was, no one ever bothered to help me out. They all laughed and laughed and laughed, not a single one bothered to hand me a tissue napkin.

I was not a happy camper when I came to school today, so for fun, I decided to tune the skies to my mood today.

Oh yes. I am that strong.

And then the bullying started again. The shoving, the hitting, and the pinching. Gus ranting at me for what happened in the locker room, and everybody’s laughter throbbing in my ears again. Except this time, there was actually someone who wasn’t laughing. I was a little hopeful, I admit that. However, she decided to ignore me. Which is a lot worse than what the others have done, to be completely honest, because she could have helped me out. She could have gotten me out of this situation. She could have made my life a little better. But she chose not to. Whatever her reasons are, it isn’t right.

So I decided to test my powers today.

Through her eyes, I saw everything that has happened. It was brilliant and funny at the same time…and I can’t help but marvel at how convenient it was, that there was someone in the class whose superstitions align perfectly with my plan. The crows weren’t intentional—it was just a coincidence because I saw a lot of crows on my way to school. I liked the concept of the Odd One Out—I decided to make Gus the shunned one. And instead of helping one another, everyone’s selfishness got the better of them…and that’s what ended them.

I had a lot of fun controlling their phones and their body like a puppet-master, but looking back on it now…it looks like I didn’t really have to make a lot of effort. I don’t have to destroy them, because they’re capable of doing it themselves.

I stretched my body. The nurse kept stealing glances from me every now and then—she’s been hearing the commotion outside, and I’ve been laughing for the last two hours now, even though there isn’t anybody else here aside from her. Absently, I imagined one of the tablet containers beside her. I imagined lifting it up in the air, and then letting it fall to the ground. After a few seconds, I heard a loud crash! followed by a frightened whimper. I felt my mouth twist into a grin.

Today was a good day.
"There are two kinds of men and only two. There's the one staying put in his proper place and the one with his foot in the other one's face."

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DETAINMENT by IMVU User Heungtan

“Have you ever seen a serial killer up close before?” The air hung low in thick wisps that slowly leveled out into a light gray fog around our ankles. It was eerie and silent. In fact, it was so silent that you could have probably heard a pin drop, and it sure as hell didn’t help the fact that we had been standing on some old man’s gravestone. His name was Robert J. Smith (what a lousy name) and he died at the great age of 72 in 1948. He wasn’t anyone significant though, just some old geezer whose grave we smeared with dirt and soot for kicks because we were bored.

We were bored, and we were depressed. We were kids that felt too much yet all too little at the same time. We were kids that didn’t care yet cared all too much. We were kids that blatantly deserved to be dubbed Juvenile Delinquents. We really did fit the title too, except I never dressed like one. I never put grease in my hair, and I never got caught in some warped and faded black leather jacket either, but Hunchul did. He did it a lot. Hell, he was even the best fighter in town -- he could probably knock someone out with just his fists and that goes without saying. Jung Hunchul was absolutely mad, and he had a knack for keeping his reputation up to date, and maybe that’s why his question didn’t strike me the wrong way, but it should have. It should have, and I should have known better. I should have made up some lousy excuse about how I needed to get home and do my house work, but I didn’t. I stayed, and I answered.

Well, I shook my head really, but it’s all the same thing. I could feel his eyes burning holes into the top of my thick head of hair as he watched me. Hunchul was taller than me by about a good head’s length (give or take a few inches) so it was either I look up at him or he looks down at me. I couldn’t bring myself to look up; I just kept shaking my head. I kept shaking it until the ground beneath my feet was tilting upward at an angle that seemed almost impossible to obtain, until there were six gravestones plated with “Robert J. Smith” instead of just one, and until I felt Hunchul’s slender fingers curling into the back of my parka as he reeled me back into reality. The force of the tug was a bit too strong as it had me stumbling back against his chest, nearly tripping over my own two feet. It’s not like he meant to do me any harm; he was just too strong for his own good.

Hunchul never means any harm, but there’s this part of me that thinks he does. Sometimes I’ll see him punch a guy, and there’s this glint in his eye. It’s like he enjoys it, but for some reason, I still can’t find it in myself to stay away. So I looked up (it’s not like I wanted to, but my body kept on telling a different tale), and I swear I’ll never forget what I saw. It was that same goddamned glint in his eye, except it was strong, like the sunlight dancing happily through your window the morning of a malicious hangover strong. He was smiling too. His lips were curled up at the corners in neat little hooks, and the lines that ran from his nose to his lips were folded over so deep that it looked unnatural. It seemed so surreal that if I hadn’t known any better, I’d have said he was a walking ventriloquist dummy.

It was right at that particular moment that I had come to the conclusion that it was the danger in him that had kept me grounded. So in truth, his face hadn’t any effect. When I was around this man, Hunchul, nothing seemed to pluck at my chords the wrong way. It was like every rash action we ever sought to achieve was so incredibly gratifying to my senses that I never stopped for one second to even think about what I could have gotten myself into. It scared me, yeah, but I still lingered, teetering on my heels as my ears practically preened for what he had to say next.
I really don’t think I remember a time when I felt like this. It was a new feeling, if I must be completely honest with myself. It was the feeling of fear, of excitement, of enchantment. I was so captivated by him that he could have pushed me off of a cliff, and I'd still find a way to kiss the ground he stomped his steel toe boots all over. I admired him, really I did. I admired him so much that the anticipation literally made my skin crawl in a way that would make any normal human being’s heart collapse.

I felt like a mad man, but I didn't care. My head was spinning as I looked up at him, watching the way his lips parted, his tongue darting out to wet them before he spoke. He flicked the ash off of the cigarette in his hand, and put it out on the head of the tombstone, then he spoke. He said, "Well, Siyoung, it's a sin to lie. Just take a good look at yourself in the mirror one day because you are one, just like me." I didn't quite get what he meant by that, but then again, I hardly ever understand what anyone means, so I just looked at him, that stupid dumbfounded expression resting on my features like a cat would to a soft pile of blankets. I heard him laugh, light and breezy, as if what he had just said was some big joke, and the conversation was left at that.

Alright, so now, Mr. Jailer, you're probably reading this, and at this point, you're probably like, "What?" And I'll admit, it's rather confusing to someone who just doesn't quite understand what it's like to be better than everyone else, am I right? But anyway, usually, I forget most of the things that people say to me on a daily basis, except it was that same night when I finally figured out what he had meant. I had just finished pulling the butcher's knife out of my brother's chest when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My face was covered in blood, my t-shirt was soaked with it, and there he was, standing behind me with that same smile. I smiled back, counted the bodies perched neatly on the living room couch (they looked like one big, happy family, should I add), and added the number to the previous tally in my head. Twenty-six bodies down, a hundred and four more to go.

I never really did get to that hundred and thirty -- I only made it to ninety six before you caught me. Oh, what a shame that is, but I guess that's why I'm writing this in the electric chair, right, Mr. Jailer? But I guess I only regret never having learned your name, but it's okay; I hated you anyway. However, if for some reason you do post my last words, Mr. Jailer, do keep in mind that I will be back for you. After all, Friday the 13th was always my lucky day for killing.

Best regards,
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Deep in the woods near my town on an island, there is an abandoned asylum. It was a high secured facility because the most dangerous psychopaths were locked in there. Every Halloween some young people want to visit the asylum. They want to show off in front of their friends and enter the asylum. Every time there are allot of missing person cases. From the people who entered the island there is only one who came back alive. The girl is locked in a psychiatric hospital and didn’t say a word after she returned. She was found in a boat, scratches all over her body and screaming hysterical.

One of the psychopaths who was locked in the asylum, before it was closed, was a child called Bo. You wouldn’t think she was dangerous but appearances are deceptive. The little girl grew up with her abusive mother. Most of the time she was drunk and slept all day, but when she woke up she became very aggressive towards her daughter. One day an old woman found Bo sitting in a shed behind the old woman’s house. Her whole body was covered with scratches and she was playing with a knife. The old woman called the police and they took Bo and went to her house. When nobody answered the door, the police forced the door and found her mother death. She was laying on the ground in a pool of blood. On the floor next to her body there was glass scattered all around. After a quick investigation the case was closed. She had allot of alcohol in her blood and probably dropped her bottle of whiskey, tripped on something and fell down in the scattered glass.

The police didn’t look further and closed the case and Bo was sent to foster parents. She came in a family with two other children, Dillan and Josh. They also had a dog called Flin. Bo recovered from her scratches but was very shy and quiet. The boys always played together and didn’t pay much attention to Bo. Near the house there was a big forest where Bo spent most of her time alone. One day Flin didn’t come into the house when the parents called him in. So they went looking for him. After looking in the garden the parents decided to go and look into the forest. And there he was… The poor dog was stabbed several times and he was all covered in blood. The parents rushed to the vet but it was too late for Flin. After they got back home, they told the news to the children. The two boys started to cry while Bo just sat there quietly looking outside.

After a few months a girl from Bo’s class got missing. She was living in the street near to Bo and never got home after school. Nobody saw something suspicious. Everyone helped looking for her but they didn’t find her. As days past by Bo kept playing in the forest every single day after school. One day Dillan and Josh sneaked after the girl to look where she was going. They saw in some sort of underground shelter. The entrance was covered with sticks and leaves so you couldn’t see it if you didn’t knew it was there.

The boys decided to come back early in the morning so they could found out what was inside Bo’s hide-out. Josh woke up Dillan at 8am and together they sneak out looking at the closed door of Bo’s room. When they were outside they started to run as fast as they could to Bo’s hide-out. When they arrived Dillan poked Josh and told him to go in first. He tilled the lid and went down the stairs. It was so dark inside and Josh couldn’t see much more than entrance with the light from outside. The only thing he noticed was the smell of a dead animal. Suddenly Josh heard a scream followed by a loud sound and all the light was gone. He used his cellphone to see around but what he saw was horrifying. Right in front of him the missing girl was tied up to a chair. She was mutilated with a knife and was covered with dried blood. As Josh started to gag he went back to the stairs and then the lid opened.

When Bo came back to the house the parents caught her sneaking into her room. They saw her clothes all covered with blood spatters. They ran outside and called Dillan and Josh but they didn't answered. The man called the police while the wife went looking for her boys. They first found Dillan with his throat slit near to the opened lid to the hide-out. When the police went down they found Josh with several stab wounds. And they also found the missing girl. When they went back inside to look for Bo she was already gone. After searching they find her in her old house, playing with a knife. She was sent immediately to the asylum.

Here is a youtube movie about young people spending halloween in the abandoned asylum watch HD and full screen and enjoy! And see if you recognize Bo's spirit in the movie Wink
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Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror, who is he? Tall and powerful, everyone respects him, women want him, men envy his very being. His long flowing hair gleams in the sunlight, his skin is a testament to his beauty. He basks in his daily shower of praise, and his personality shows that ten fold. His body is large in stature, and larger in structure. His lips are grown and kissable, even his nose is something to be desired. His eyes, like spears, pierce into your very being, captivates you with their glory. When he is around, you gravitate to him. His muscles are perfectly shaped, solid and unmoving. He has the hair of a God, perfectly matched in all the right places, face and arms and legs and chest. Everyday is good, for the first thing he always sees is himself. He is proud of his features, though some would call it cockiness. They do not know, unless they have experienced it.

Man in the Mirror, who is he? Small frame, smaller intelligence. Scrawny, and weak. He has small eyes, and tight lips that are pink in color. His skin is a pale white, he must have not seen sunlight since his birth. His nose is a pathetic thing, it might as well not even appear on his face at all. He hides his brittle, yellow teeth and his greyish jet black hair shows his mental age but not his psychical age. His eyes are baggy, eyelashes show no signs of life nor does his facial expression. He needs a sandwich; its what everyone he knows has told him, but he never admitted it to himself, he refused. Lanky is his structure, his fingers and legs and arms elongated. His hair is a fizzy mess, he hasn't combed it in so long, and a haircut would do him no justice. He doesn't have any hair at all, its the one thing he can actually manage when trying to look his Sunday best, but it's never enough. He is ashamed, frightened of his otherworldly appearance. Why did he exist, what was his purpose?

Man in the Mirror, who is he? He is I, and I am him. No variation is a lie.
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A group of five friends went to an isolated place to investigate any paranormal activities or mysteries that cover the area. They wanted to use the opportunity to be successful in their career, to gain more viewers and readers, to be more popular.

“Guys, I think it’s not a good idea. We should be heading back, it’s dangerous,” Wynona said, warning them about the place. “Babe, I won’t leave you. We’ll be safe, I promise,” Ralph reassured her. “Pssh. Don’t be such a chicken, Wynona. We’re here. You’re not a baby anymore that needs a babysitter all the time. So, let’s just enjoy the adventure, you’ll surely enjoy it,” Jenny rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms.
Then they came to an old house owned by Jenny’s family, which they’ll be staying for 10 days. But Wynona saw someone at the window, it was an old woman in black, weeping she warns her to go back to where they are. She shivered, “Please, guys, it’s not a good idea to stay here! I just saw an old lady at the window looking at us,” Henry laughed, “It’s just your imagination, you wanted to scare us so we’ll leave this place, right babe?” Jenny just simply smiled and leaned at his shoulder. Ralph sighed, “That’s enough guys, I will check if there’s anything strange in this area,” Ralph has a third eye and he can sense anything strange, but then he said “I’m sorry, there’s nothing in the house Wynona,” “See? told ya’,” Vincent winked while tossing small rocks.

That night, they are all sleeping and Wynona hugged Ralph while sleeping because she was scared of what she saw in the room that morning. Ralph then slowly rose from the bed to avoid waking up anybody, he lied to everyone. He sensed something strange, a strong aura surrounding the whole area, so he went downstairs to investigate further. Then after a few moments of looking, he then turned around to see someone crawling down the stairs! It was an old lady, the one his girlfriend saw that morning. Shocked, he decided to run away, but he stumbled into a body hanging at the ceiling, he saw a girl in ripped clothes, blood all over her body, she’s looking at him. He decided to go back to the room but he came face-to-face with the old woman with blood seeping out of her eyes, she said something to him, he screamed, Wynona heard his scream and decided to go downstairs because he’s not in the room, she finds him unconscious, laying on the ground, but someone held her hand, a man crawling on the floor as if he wanted help. The man said, “Get out of here! All of you will be killed,” a woman also appeared with a knife on her head reaching for her, she also saw the old lady, and a little girl with a doll, and they’re all surrounding her, she screamed before passing out.

That morning, they saw the couple laying on the ground, so they asked them what happened to them last night. “Geez. They just wanted to stay the night together here so they can have fun,” Vincent teased. “Stop it. Really, guys what happened to you last night? Why were you lying here on the ground? Is there anything strange?” Henry asked worriedly. “No. I can’t remember what happened to me, how about you?” Ralph scratches his head as he asks his girlfriend. Wynona hugged herself, “Me either, I can’t remember anything,” Jenny sat and crossed her arms and legs, “Oh, Really? That’s nonsense. If you can’t really remember anything, fine,” she raised her eyebrows, “If you’re not going to talk about it, we’d better make some breakfast.”

After a few days, it was fine. Until Ralph saw his girlfriend staring blankly at the window, hugging herself. “Are you okay? Tell me the truth, you saw something strange that night, didn’t you?” Ralph gently held her arm. “I saw them. They’re warning us. Someone will kill us if we continue to stay here,” she said, trembling in fear. “I know, I saw them too. It will be fine. After a few days we’ll be back to normal. It will be our last project,” he hugged her. Vincent interrupted them, “Hey lovebirds, wanna come? We’ll show you something.” They went downstairs to see a Ouija board. “Hey dude, we’ll call the spirits so we can start our business here,” Henry excitedly said as he set up all they needed. And they started the game, while Jenny is filming the event. Two times, nobody answered their questions. But the third time, “I will repeat, is there anyone in here?” Henry asked. The glass moved to answer YES. “How many are you?” it moved to number 6. “They are so many, I wonder who killed them,” Wynona wondered. Jenny annoyingly looked at her, “You talk too much. You might be the next target,” “Her? Did you know anything about the killer, Jenny?” Wynona asked suspiciously. Jenny grinned. “Well, I heard, one time the killer lures a family into this house and kills them shortly after as brutal as possible ….” Wynona gasped. ‘’Stop making such stories, Jenny. It’s not funny,” “No, I’m not making things up, I heard it from a guy while we were about to go here... and you know what’s the most interesting about what he said?” she said as she put down the camera and looked at them with shine on her eyes. “She’s a woman, yet has a strength of a man. How cool is that?” They were all shocked, speechless, little did they know that they already forgot about the game. Suddenly they heard screams falling of objects, gushing wind even though they’re inside. “Henry, bring the girls to the room, we can handle this,” Ralph commanded Henry. Henry took the girls inside their rooms, and he told the girls that he’s going to the bathroom upstairs. After 15 minutes, Jenny started to worry, she went upstairs to look for Henry.

After a few seconds, they heard a scream. Vincent and Ralph went upstairs. They asked Wynona what happened. “Ten minutes ago, Henry told us that he was just going to the bathroom, then Jenny decided to look for him because she’s worried,” she said. Then Vincent rushed upstairs to look for them while Ralph guarded his girlfriend. Vincent came to the bathroom and he saw a ghost with a very long hair, covering her face. She crawled held his foot and when he step back, he saw someone. A girl with a knife, the killer. She stabs him multiple times and slits his throat. He falls to the ground, dying. But then he saw the killer’s face. It’s familiar. “You…you…are…the…kil-ler,” that’s the only thing he said before he died, he can hardly utter words because of his serious wounds.
Ralph and Wynona became worried what happened to their friends. Then, someone knocked on the door. While holding a knife, they slowly opened the door. They were surprised to see that Jenny came back from upstairs. “Jenny, I thought you were going to find Henry upstairs?” Wynona asked. “Yes, I did. But I can’t find him, so I came back to check if he’s already here. And where is Vincent?” she suspiciously replied. “He went upstairs to check on you and to find Henry. And why did you screamed?” Ralph replied, slightly raising his voice. She touched her head, “Oh, I’m sorry about that. I saw a spider upstairs and I’m terrified of it, so I screamed, by the way, I will check on them upstairs if ever they are still there. See ya’.” She leaves the room and went upstairs. The couple suspected Jenny to be the killer, because of she acts weird. They assume that she already killed Henry and not sure about Vincent, so Ralph decided to follow her upstairs but Wynona stopped him, “You can’t go. What if she waits for you to be the next victim? Let’s just escape and go back to the city,” “And what if there is someone still alive upstairs? I will not going to leave them alone,” Ralph replied as he rushed upstairs. After a few seconds, Wynona saw the old lady warning her, “YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE YOUR FRIEND ALONE…YOU DON’T KNOW THE ONES YOU CAN TRUST. LEAVE THIS PLACE,” she then saw another ghost crawling into her direction. And she ran, leaving the room

Ralph looked first into the bathroom, then he saw Vincent lying on a bloody floor due to his wounds, then he searched for Henry’s body in the rooms only to find Jenny. Dead. She was killed brutally that it almost cut her body in half. As he takes a step back and is ready to leave the room, someone is already blocking his way. To his surprise, he saw the killer. It was no other than Henry. Covered in blood, and dressed in a woman’s clothing! Henry then attacked him with his knife.

Wynona went upstairs as she hears a scream. It’s Ralph. It’s a good thing she carried a knife with her. She checks the bathroom to see the corpse of Vincent, she was shocked and tried to find Ralph. Finally she saw him being attacked by a girl. And it’s not Jenny because she saw her dead body nearby, but then, she realized, the killer wasn’t a girl. It was Henry. All these time, she suspected Jenny to be the killer but she’s not. She saw her boyfriend stabbed in his arm and has wounds on other parts of his body. She lounges and stabs Henry in the head, but before he died, he uttered the words, “I didn’t do it…. I am also a victim…. Please believe me,” and after that, Wynona hugged Ralph and helped him to leave the house and finally driving away.

Little did she know when Henry was uttering those words, his last words before losing his breath was, “It was Ralph.” And as she and Ralph drove away into the midst of darkness, Ralph let out a big smile and the last thing Wynona will remember is her own screams.
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Varsha 18+ Age Verified

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PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 11:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Have read through all the stories - wonderfully scary for sure!

Sorry for the delay but JustJ will be announcing the winners on Wednesday morning
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JustJ 18+ Age Verified
IMVU Staff
IMVU Staff
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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 8:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Winners announced!

Thank you all for sharing your creative writing talents! All of your stories were fun to read and it was very tough to pick our favorites so we decided to add another winner to the list! Without further ado, here are your winners:

STAFF PICKS (TOP 6 in no particular order)

Guest_RainDominates - CAMPING

Guest_Blessingsgold - The Unknown Guest

MelancholyLush - ODD ONE OUT


MrsShhy - I Was Dead

BladesSassyBrat - Beware the Crash

and your Grand Prize Winner....drum roll please....

SonnyAnhOssah - The 13th Dimension

Winners keep an eye out for your prizes! Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this contest and please look out for more in the future!

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BladesSassyBrat VIP Club Member 18+ Age Verified

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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 8:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OMG!!! TY so very much!!! One thing you have my story listed under the wrong name. Mine is Beware the Crash Smile Congrats to all the winners, I loved reading your stories Smile

Last edited by BladesSassyBrat VIP Club Member 18+ Age Verified on Wed May 18, 2016 8:34 am; edited 1 time in total
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EpicDiamonds VIP Club Member

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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 8:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I just want to say loved the stories everyone and Congratulations to the winners
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JustJ 18+ Age Verified
IMVU Staff
IMVU Staff
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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 8:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Congrats BladesSassyBrat! Thank you for the correction, that is now fixed!
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