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Creative Beginnings: Short Story Contest
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:22 pm    Post subject: Creative Beginnings: Short Story Contest Reply with quote

WINNERS ANNOUNCED! See all of our winning stories now!

“You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

Twilight Zone Day is Wednesday, May 11th and the ONLY Friday the 13th for 2016 is on May 13th! To mark this momentous occasion, we are calling all IMVU writers to create your own spooky, eerie, scary short story! To give it that extra touch, add a visual created inside IMVU to symbolize your story.

Publish your story in this forum topic for a chance to win prizes!

Contest Guidelines

- In 250 words or more, tell us a Twilight Zone or Friday the 13th inspired original short story. Your story can be unreal, mysterious, strange and scary. Just like every Twilight Zone episode or Friday the 13th movies, the goal is to stretch your imagination and captivate the audience.

- All stories must be General Audience appropriate and follow forum guidelines
- All stories must be your own original writing
- No offensive or discriminatory content
- Images under 500x500 pixels are encouraged but not required
- Short stories should be posted in English or translated into English
- 1 short story submission per person

Stories can be posted here in this forum thread as a reply, OR you may use an external service (wattpad is popular, for example) and post the link as a reply in this thread.

This contest begins on May 9 and ends on May 15. Winners will be announced on May 17.


One lucky author will be chosen for the grand prize of your choice of one of these account upgrades: One month of VIP, Chat Room Slot, Shared Room Package, Marriage Package, Name Registration, Name Change Token - it is up to you!

Members of IMVU staff will also choose 5 Staff Picks. These winners will receive 10,000 credits each!

Happy Creative Beginnings Month and happy writing!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Get your creative juices flowing and start writing. You can post here starting May 8th!
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 3:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Halloween Night. This Story Is About A Girl Name Sarah That Comes Back To Life To Get Her Revenge. There Was A Girl Name Sarah She Had Long Black Hair, Dark Blue Eyes. She Was Very Nice To Everyone She was Very Kind But Her Family Use To Treat Her Wrong And At School To. There was These Kids That Use To Pick On Her Their Names Was Jame,Alexis,Careme,Nicole. They was Very Mean To Her They called her names and thing They did So Much To Her. Her Family Was Way Worse Her Mother Beats Her And Told Her She wish She Never where Born Her Dad sexually abused Her. She had No Sisters Or Brothers. Everyone Hated Her. One day She Was So Tired Of Everything Everyone And when she got home she was screaming crying and she ran to her room her mother asked what was up she told her that she didn’t want to be there anymore, Her mother slapped Her and Told Her She was Just Talking Nonsense But When She Woke Up The Next Day Her Mother And Father Got Into a Fight And she really try her Best to Break Them Up When She got in The Middle Of It And Screamed STOP IT NOW! And Her Father Pushed Her And Made Her Hit Her Head She Was Out Cold And Her Mother Started Screaming, Her father said We Have To Bury The body They Buried Her Right By the House None Knew About it They Just Said She came Up Missing. 2 years Later On Halloween Night Sarah Came Back that Night Told them She Would all see them in hell she wanted to make them pay like what they did to her she was only 15 years old She Suffer So Much None Every Cared About her But they all suffer Worse Then she Did She Took Them All With Her The Bullies and Her Mother In father She Tied Them Up She Killed Them One By One They Screamed They Yelled None Could Hear Them She Made Them Suffer and One Of Them Got Away she Been Looking For alexis she couldn't Find her and when she did she was home and she drags her from under her bed and drags Her To Hell.. Heres The Story Cover ---->

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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 5:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Grandmother's Pin
It had been 6 weeks from Sophia's father's funeral, The sound of thunder rattling the roof of her family home made Sophia edgy-er than she already was. Sophia turned to speak to Mike (her husband) then a loud BANG on the front door startled her. Mike went to the door and a tall thin, pale man was standing there holding a briefcase. "I'm Mr Denver" he introduced himself "I'm your fathers solicitor, I'm here for the reading of his will". Mike shook his hand and lead him to the drawing room. Mr Denver thanked him and took a seat behind a large desk. The room was as dark as the rest of the house, the pictures looked as if they may come to life at any moment. One picture in particular made Sophia very unsettled, it was the one of her grandparents. Sophie never met them her father had told her they disappeared when he was a Young boy and he never really knew them himself. After Mr Denver finished reading all the legal jargon he cleared his throat and looked at Sophia "Miss Miles as you know you are now the last remaining member of the Miles family and it just remains for me to give you this" he handed her a small chest with a lock but no key, it had been in her fathers family for a very long time, "Your father asked me also to tell you Miss Miles that a key was never found to fit this chest and he hoped that maybe one day you might be able to open it. After Sophie signed all the documents Mike got up to show him out and they both disappeared out the door of the drawing room. Sophia sat just gazing at the chest not really looking at it. Mike came back in Sophia looked up "why would daddy give me this without a key to open it?" she questioned more to herself than to Mike. "Mike look there's words on it BLOOD OF MY BLOOD IS THE KEY" She said, Mike "we have really got to open that chest" she screamed they went through the house searching for the key but none was to be found. "Let's leave it for today sweetheart" suggested Mike and Sophie agreed. Just then Milly (the maid) came in to the drawing room to announce that dinner was served.
It was starting to get late and Sophie saw Mike start to yawn, she giggled and suggested they head to bed. The rain tapped at the window making it hard for Sophia to fall off to sleep, Mike was sound asleep so Sophie decided to get a glass of water. On her way to the kitchen she looked at the pictures on the wall, she never really looked at them as a child they scared her to much for that but now as an adult she noticed them more. It had been so long since she walked alone in this big old dusty dark house. She didn't really have any nice memory's of growing up here. Her mother had passed away long before Sophie had gotten to know her so it was just her and her father and bunch of servants, who never really stayed long enough for her to get to know. She did remember her nanny thou. Her name was Miss Bridges, a tall thin woman who's hair was as silver as her eyes and she never smiled, just thinking about her made Sophia shiver. Finally she reached the kitchen, and was surprised to see Mrs Marks the cook still awake. " having trouble sleeping Miss Miles" she said, yes said Sophia "but please its Mrs Temple now" she noticed that Mrs Marks wasn't her normal chirpy self "is every thing OK" Sophie questioned. Mrs Marks looked back at Sophie "of course Miss, its just this old house, full of shadows and things that should be at rest. Go on back to bed with ya and never mind an old woman" Sophia was about to ask her what she meant when the door opened and Mrs Marks husband Ben entered. "good night both of you" said Sophia but she had intended to ask Mrs Marks what she meant in the morning.
Mike woke up and found the bed empty, he called out for Sophia thinking she might be in the bathroom, but she didn't answer. He slipped on his slippers and headed out to the hall way. Music filled his ears as he descended the long staircase, he walked down the stairs as if in a trance. Sophia was coming along the landing when she too heard the music. She met Mike at the bottom of the stairs, both of them looked puzzled at one another and just as suddenly as the music started it stopped again.
For one week they searched the house looking for the key for the chest, coming to a dead end Sophia was starting to wish they never saw that darn chest, they were in the drawing room were they had left the chest the day Mr Denver had given it to Sophia. "Why not just break the lock" said Mike. Sophia smiled and raced off to find something to break open the lock. she returned with a claw hammer and started forcing the lock, it slipped cutting her hand the blood started running over the lock and down the chest. Mike took Sophia to clean her hand and bandage it up. they returned to the drawing room and to there surprise the chest was open. "blood of my blood Mike that's what it meant" Sophie said excitedly. In the chest were letters and pictures and a pin. Sophia looked at the pictures, she didst know who anyone was but she recognized a picture of her grandparents from the ones her father owned. One picture was of a Young woman and man with a child on the woman's knee, "that must be pap-pa" Sophie said smiling. "hey look at this" Mike said holding a discolored envelope in his hand, taking it from him Sophie took a piece of paper from the envelope
Elizabeth Miles,
I know what you and Malcolm did, your not getting away with it, i will see you rot you hear me. Bring my daughter back to me she is mine and you will not get away with kidnap.
Sheila Brown.
Sophia was a little shaken by what she read, she looked at Mike with a tear in her eye," i wonder if this ~Sheila had something to do with my grandparents disappearance" she asked Mike. Mike took a little picture out of the chest, it was of a little girl dressed in a red dress and black shoes, she had long brown hair tied up with a little bow. On the back of the picture was a faded name Margaret Brown and under the name was a number 112511. scratching her head Sophia told Mike this must be Sheila brown's little girl. It was starting to get late and they remembered they had den eaten since lunch so Mike went off to see about something for them to eat. Sophia was about to put the stuff back in the chest when she noticed a tiny silver box at the bottom of the chest. it was dusty and had a tiny lock on the front, hearing Mike call her she put every thing back in the chest but kept the box and pin out, closing the chest she ran to the dinning room with the box, the pin and Shelia's letter in her hand.
After supper they both went to bed. Sophia dropped off easily that night, but her dreams made her toss and turn in the bed. Mike tried to wake her but he couldn't get her to awaken. She was drenched in sweat and she kept calling out "momma momma please I'm here" this made him worry then he noticed she had a picture in her hand, it was the picture of the little girl they saw in the chest. He try ed to take it from her but she had it tight in her hand. It was approaching dawn when Mike finally got Sophia awake, she looked at him with tears in her eyes and hugged him so tight. "that poor poor child Mike" "what's wrong" he asked her "my grandparents murdered her, i saw it all" She started to explain to Mike what she saw in her dream.
It was a sunny day on July 11Th 1916, Shelia Brown was watching her daughter Margaret playing in her back garden. Shelia was having tea with Elizabeth Miles and they were chatting away when she heard a scream coming from the back garden. They both ran to see what was happing and Shelia screamed when she saw that Margaret was gone. With a look of panic in her eyes Sheila turned to Elizabeth and shouted "were is she who took her". The police were called and they begone a search of the yard and Town. Weeks went past and still no sign of little Margaret was to be found. Two days later her mother was in the Mile's home and she noticed little James Miles (the son of Elizabeth and Malcolm Miles) playing on his own but he was talking to someone who wasn't there, "who are you talking to James" asked Sheila "I'm talking to Maggie" she is telling me about the dark room she is in" he answered. Sheila ran from the house and called the police when she arrived home. She told them what little James had told her and the chief sent his men to look around the Miles house. They didn't find anything and so they had to assume James was lying to Mrs Brown. Sheila was sure the Mile's took her baby and wrote to them to give her back. After the note was received Elizabeth send a reply to Mrs Brown.
My Dearest Friend,
I don't know what you are talking about, i was with you when little Margaret went missing. I'm sorry for your loss but i am not to blame.
"Sheila knew they took her Mike and i have got to try and find her" said Sophia. "but how" answered Mike "i don't know yet"
Every night Sophia had the same dream. She dreamed Margaret was calling to her. She would get out of bed and look all around the house the In the morning she told Mike about her dreams. It was unsettling for Sophia and heart breaking for Mike to watch the woman he loved so lost and drawn out.
Then one morning after breakfast Sophie took the chest out again and remembered the silver box and picture and pin. She looked at the picture and noticed around the neck of the child was a locket, she pulled everything from the chest looking for the locket but didn't find one. then she looked again at the silver box, "no key" she then looked at the pin she noticed it was the same one her grandmother was wearing in all the pictures of her, "this must mean something" she said to herself. Mike came into the room with a cup of tea for her she thanked him took the tea and told him about the locket, the box and the pin. he studied both of them and noticed on the back of the pin was writing. "forever" he read aloud. Sophie looked up to him "on the back of the pin it says Forever" announced Mike. "i wonder of the locket around the child's neck has anything to do with this lot" she said pointing to the little pile of things infrount of her. Mike took a long look at the little girls picture especially the locket "don't you have a locket like that" he said "the one your dad said was a family air loom" "yes" she cried and ran to her room to get it. Ten minutes later she arrived back locket in her hand. When she opened it she found a little key inside, it was no bigger than a penny. It opened the silver box, inside was another piece of paper folded up so tiny as to fit in the box. then Sophia looked at the pin "forever" "maybe grandfather gave it to my grandmother" she whispered the pin was made of gold and had tiny pearls and diamonds all around the edges in the shape of a heart, in the middle was a ruby rose on a Sapphire background "grandmother liked her gems" thought Sophia. Sophia looked at the two pieces of paper she opened the first one and it was another letter,
Margaret came to me in a dream and told me you and your husband killed her and took her locket. I need to talk to you tonight, meet me at my home.
the second was puzzling Sophie greatly
Till blood of blood, prove what you did, you will both be in cased in what you hold dear.
"blast this family" yelled Sophia, Mike looked at her funny
She told Mike what both the letters said and he just laugfhted, "whats so funny" she snapped back at him" "nothing love i just wasn't expecting a quest when we came for your fathers funeral" defended Mike. Sophie smiled "me nether" she whispered.
That night Sophie went into another trance she saw the locket the box, the pin and a protrait of her grandparents. When she woke she never said a word she just got up and walked to her fathers bedroom Mike following her, above his bed was the portrait she had seen last night in her trance. She reached up and lifted it down, she removed the back of it and found a blue print of the house. "would you look at this Mile" said Sophia. They studied the blue print and found a tunnel on it. The tunnel was in the basement. The basement was dark and damp Mike pulled a cord that turned on a light. The room was large and all they saw was old furniture and barrels and wine bottles. They looked at the prints again and found that the entrance to the tunnel had a door. They found the door and after Mike had kicked in the door they entered. Mike turned the flash light on on his phone and they walked down a long dark corridor, at the end of the corridor was another door again Mike kicked in the door. They entered the secret room and saw a cupboard and a bed. When they reached the bed what they Saw made them scream. One the bed were the remains of a child. They looked at each other and walked back to the main house, were they rang for the police. Sophie remembered the pin in her hand and when she looked at it Begin to shine, the ruby rose glowed so brightly and when the glow died down, there in front of them were Sophia's grandparents, suddenly the Sapphire background begin to glow too and there was Sheila, Sofia's grandparents were carried away in a black puff of smoke while a white mist covered Sheila and when the mist cleared they saw her with her daughter. Sheila and Margaret thanked both Sophia and Mike and a choir of Angels carried Sheila and her daughter away in a haze of lights. Sophia and Mike hugged each other and the darkness in the house lifted and the curse of her grandparents was lifted.
The End
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A note on Churail:
A churel, also spelled churail, cuḍail or cuḍel is a female ghost of South Asian folklore and well known in North India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The word "churel" is also used colloquially for a witch. Women who die in childbirth or pregnancy due to the negligence of her relatives are often described turning into churels, who return to seek their vendetta and suck the blood of their male relatives.
The churel is described to have a hideous and terrible appearance, however she appears in the devious disguise of a youthful, beautiful maiden to lure young men. She drains their blood, semen, and virility, transforming them into aged men. She dwells and prowls in places associated with death and filth.
Three types of churels are mentioned. Poshi churels are those who did not enjoy sexual pleasures, so they "fondle" children, but serve their husbands. Soshi churels, the most commonly described churels, are neglected and harassed by their relatives in life so they return after death to drain the blood of the men of their family. Toshi churels are still bonded to their loving husbands, and bring him joy.

Story cover:
In India it is said that before you start living in a new house you have to do religious ceremony which includes a priest, who asks the evil spirit in the house if any to leave. But our father thought there was no need of it so we came in the house and started living. Everything went smoothly through the day but at night, we heard the sound of the ornament which dancer wears from the roof. That night we took it lightly and assumed that it might be coming from the neighbors'.
When I & my sister Lisa went to the roof to collect dried clothes the following evening, I realized that we were being watched by a floating half-bodied women from the head. I clearly remember that pretty face of the woman. As soon as I called out to my sister she disappeared behind the wall. We never saw her again. We collected the clothes and climbed down the corridor that connected the roof to the house. It was very narrow. It had no windows, just the 2 doors at both ends & ceiling on the top. As we were climbing down the corridor my sister Lisa felt that something had dropped on her shoulder. She put her hand on her shoulder to realize that it was fresh human blood dropped from the ceiling. She looked up to see where the blood was dropping from & found a corspe of a small boy smeared in blood hanging just above her head, I saw it too. She was horrified & so was I and both of us quickly ran down the corridor, and back to our room.
The very night we heard the same sound and this time it was louder than yesterday. This phenomena kept on happening for the whole week and disturbed us very badly. Our father, one night, with a stick, went to the roof to catch the ghost but that night the ghost didn't show up so he was really very disappointed. The next night when our father was in bed the sound came again and this time it was so loud and hard that it would penetrate through the ceiling. The next morning our father called a priest who did the ceremony in the house & we heard a scream of a churail and then complete silence. The priest told us about the churail, she had been seen by many on the roof of this house standing & clad white or people had heard the sound of dancer’s ornaments quite often as they passed by the road beside the house. He was surprised that nobody told us that this house was haunted. Her name was Meenakshi, she was a renowned dancer. When she died she was pregnant, it was said that her relatives & husband neglected & harassed her during the pregnancy, because they didn't want the girl child Meenakshi was bearing. Many suspect that she was buried hastily somewhere beside the house after her death by her husband & relatives. They silenced the whole matter by bribing the policemen who were searching for her body on the basis of the missing complained filed by Meenakshi's family. Things went smoothly for 2 years, her husband remarried and had a son during that course of time. One night filled with vengeance & fury Meenakshi returned, she started her revenge with the youngest male in the family, which was her husband's son enticing him and sapping his life force and hung the corpse smeared in blood from the ceiling of the corridor that lead to the roof with blood dripping down his lifeless body. Everyone in the village witnessed the horrifying scene the next morning when the neighborhood was woken up by the wails of the family. It is said that after his death, the boy's spirit joined the churel & he haunts the corridor to the roof. People feared that once her vendetta is fulfilled, she will move on to other men of the neighborhood & surrounding area. Before she could turn to the older members & other men of the family & fulfill her vendetta her husband & his relatives abandoned the house. It was now clear that Meenakshi had returned as a Soshi churel seeking revenge but nobody knew where her body was so it was impossible to stop her.The priest told us that he could only momentarily keep her away from the house. He said that special rites and rituals are performed in the burial of any woman who is likely to become a churel. The corpse may be bound or protective nails or structures used to restrict the would-be churel to her burial grounds. Measures are undertaken so that at least the churel does not find her way back to her house to torment her family. But in Meenakshi's case it was not done & nobody except the family knows where they had buried her body. The family is untractable since they left the house, where they are no one knows. He advised us to leave this haunted house within a week.
After that night no sound came from the roof and for the first time we had a good night.

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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:32 am    Post subject: Portal Games Reply with quote

Portal games

After a grueling day at work Amy comes home, but unbeknownst to her, she is about to enter the Twilight Zone, a place where space and time merge and can thrust you into places you have never been, even your own home…. Lets watch….

Amy pulls into her brand new homes drive-way and smiles, she has her own place no one can tell her what to do in it. No yelling, screaming, fighting over the use of the kitchen, bathroom or TV times.
She parks the car and gets her shopping bags from the back seat. She is hungry and wants to cook dinner soon.

She sat the bags down on the small bistro table she has on her porch and gets her keys, when she slipped the key into the keyhole of the doorknob, she was surprised at first that it didn’t work
Amy looks at her key and says to her self, “weird it worked yesterday, what the hell is going on?”
She tries to use the key again, but this time it slips in easily but wont turn, she rolls her eyes and cusses.
She stomps her foot and then says. “third times a charm” and slips the key in to the keyhole again and ties and this time it unlocks the door. She sighs with relief, then starts to open the door and what she sees scares the crap out of her…. DINOSAURS are running around her living room!!… she gasped loudly and one of the creatures saw her and began to run at the doorway she slams the door and breathes fast trying to control her fear, she thought o her self what the hell did i just see?

She tried to open the door again and this time she was faced with giant spiders and she screams and they all turned towards her and began to scamper in her direction … she slammed the door and one of the spiders got hit and gooey icky goo oozed out from under her door, she wanted to pass out this was too much… it seems as if all of her fears are coming to life in her very own living room, she started to shiver and get cold. A next door neighbor heard Amy’s screams and came to check on her

“Hey are you alright?”, he asked her. She shook her head and said, “I think im going insane things in my house that shouldn’t be there,” he looked at her and asked, “like what…?” She answered, “things from the past and spiders. I don’t know what else could be in there.” He asked, “wheres your keys? I will check…” she said the door is unlocked. He then said “Okay the neighbor opens the door and just as he was about to look in, a hairy paw came out and grabbed him and pulled him inside of the house the door slamming shut all she could was sit there in shock and cry as she heard his screams coming from inside, she steels herself to go into the house although she is trembling badly from her fears. She opens the door tentatively. She didn’t see anything out of the ordinary now. She walks in and to her horror she sees her neighbor dead with a knife in his chest

She is standing there and hears screaming, she realizes it is coming form her… she hears sirens and breathes a sigh of relief, knowing help is on the way. The Cops arrive and see whats happened. They look at her and they hear her mumbling, “i told him to stay away I told him to stay away” and they hand cuffed her and took her to the station.

they told the chief they needed to have a doctor look at her and not a health doctor. The chief said “i will call a favor in and get her looked at”. As The chief was calling his favor in, he noticed that the girl was rocking back and fourth her hands up around her chest, mumbling things incoherently. The person on the other end picked up the phone and said yes? And the chief said I have a patient for you.” the man on the other end of the call asked, “what is her status? Whats the symptoms.”
The chief said, incoherent, crying, mumbling about dinosaurs, giant spiders and hairy beasts”. The man on the other end of the call, said, “what the hell is going on over in that city of yours.” the chief said, “what do you mean, the man on the other end of the call said well this is the fifth case I got from different precincts. I will be right there and c heck her out.” The Doctor arrived at the station and asked to have the girl taken to an interview room. The cops brought her in and all she was doing was mumbling about things crazy ramblings.

The doctor said, “hello Amy.” Amy didn’t look up she continued to rock back and forth, and rambling about dinosaurs, spiders and hairy armed beasts. The doctor said, “Amy tell me where you saw these things.” Amy’s eyes looked up at him, years streaming down from them… “she said,” in my home… I opened the door and they were there every time i opened the door I saw something awful… the last time I didn’t open the door my neighbor did, then was pulled in by some kind of hair beast,” her words spilled out fast, her fear genuine.

The doctor got up and went out side of the room… the chief was there and the doctor said, she has totally lost since of reality, I do not think she even knows what she really saw or what she did to her neighbor. The chief looked into the room and said so she wont be able to stand trial for the murder?
The doctor said no she wont unless we can get her mind back into reality. I am going to have her put in a facility that can handle her kind of mental issues.

The doctor went to Amy and said, “come on Amy, come with me, I can take you some where safe so we can figure out what went on. She looked up with eyes that were tired and still fearful, she nodded her head and the doctor lead her out of the station and put her in his car in the back seat. He then took her to the mental institution, where he could work with her and try to keep her form losing more of her reality

she is till there till this day, seeing the creatures that sent Her into the twilight zone of her mind and still can not find her way back…

from the day she opened her house door and walked into the twilight zone
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 9:22 am    Post subject: Short story Entry Reply with quote

My heart is beating hard at my chest. I can feel a hammer pounding at my head. Sweat envelopes my body as I shiver at the corner of the cabin. I can’t breathe, the air feels suffocating as I look around. Paranoia hits me with every sound I hear outside. I’m the only one that’s left, Alice left me with a knife to defend myself if one of the killer comes after us. She hasn’t come back for an hour, and I am left with my thoughts if the killer got to her. I look at my hands and see the tinge of crimson in my fingernails and on my clothes. Emily, Jasmine, Kara.. They’re all gone. It was supposed to be just a fun day for us at camp before we separate for college. Why did this have to happen to us? Why did a murderer have to pick this day to do his bidding? As various thoughts run in my head, I hear police sirens. I clench the knife closely to me. Who knows if the killer is just playing that noise to lure me out? My head keeps thinking of the various possibilities as I agree to my impeding death. The door of the cabin opens and I see two policemen. Oh thank god. They’re going to arrest the killer and I’ll be safe. Wait.. why are they putting cuffs on me? Wait! I’m not the killer! I just held this knife for self-defence! Please! The killer is still out there! You must believe me.

Breaking news
Lunatic teenager ran away from a close mental hospital and murdered 4 people at a camp site. She has then been caught. Updates of the heinous crime will be announced later this evening.
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 9:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote < here's the link, it will be posted in full down below also.

Friday the 13th. The unluckiest day of any month. Unfortunately, I am in college this day. Fortunately, I only have one lesson on Fridays, although something WILL go wrong. I know it. Something ALWAYS goes wrong for me on Friday the 13th. Something DID go wrong.
I woke up that morning and checked the time, realising my alarm didn’t ring, yet again. It was 7:40, so I had 20 minutes to get ready, although I knew I wouldn’t make it. My friends came to my door at 8:05 although I still wasn’t ready. I got out of the door at about 8:20, the day already being what I didn’t want it to be that day.
The walk to college seemed fairly normal, nothing out of the ordinary happening. Although, I did feel like someone was walking behind me the whole way there. I felt anxious the whole way, constantly looking behind me, but seeing nothing. Was this all in my head? My friends seemed calm, I seemed to be the only one feeling this.
We got to the college gates, seeing all the high school students piling through their gate, some also seeming to be worried about something. So that means it wasn’t just me. I wasn’t crazy. This was confirmed as we walked down our path to the college doors. I felt it again. I turned to look behind me, and I saw it. I saw him. It turned out to be a very unlucky Friday the 13th indeed.
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 9:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello. You don't know me, but I know you. You've never met me, yet you know the feeling of my presence all too well. Even now, you're sitting in a darkened room staring at a dark screen, reading my message to you. And you can feel me watching... You can sense my gaze. You constantly look around to catch a glimpse of me, but you never seem to be quick enough. I've gotten quite good at staying out of sight throughout the years, and I've loved every second of it. Perhaps it's finally time to introduce myself. I do not have a name though I am known, as a feeling. I am that figure in the corner you see while passing. I am that lurking shadow behind you as you climb the basement stairs. I am the unseen ghoul at the other end of that long, dark hallway. I am what you unknowingly look for when you check your surroundings. I am that hand under the bed, those gleaming eyes from the unlit closet; I am the horror that you wish you could finally see, but never do. You fear me. I know this, and I know you are afraid of my words. I mean I am undoubtedly watching you as you read this. But there is no need to be afraid. You see, I merely watch you. I play the occasional game with you. I open doors and close them, move things around, let you hear those faint footsteps from the other room. I breathe on your neck from behind and let you see my shadow pass as you try to find me. And every time, you just get a chill down your spine, you get annoyed. You convince yourself your mind is just playing tricks.
That's always makes me laugh.
But as I was saying; you have nothing to fear from me. I would never hurt you. You're simply too much fun to harm. It's the others you should be afraid of. The ones you never know we're there at all. The ones that get more daring with time, creeping closer to you ever so slowly, and you're never the wiser. But the difference between them and I is eventually they get bored of watching. Then that is when they will start to play with you. And you think you don't like my games.
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 3:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote!117&authkey=!ANyHpZN3FEORdTY&ithint=file%2cdocx

"This is submitted through online word. I hope you enjoy my piece."
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 6:04 pm    Post subject: The Black Cat (A 250 word story) Reply with quote

Mary was excited, she had just bought an old Victorian house. Being a young historian, this event was a dream come true! Or so she thought.

She had only lived in the house for a week when strange things began to happen. It started small, like a glass would not be where she left it. She would come home, and find a room completely destroyed. In all these events, a black cat would be sitting outside the window. One day, part of her house went up in flames. She had escaped the fire, but spotted the same black cat.

Fearing for her life, Mary searched for help. She found herself meeting with a psychic. The psychic told her that the cat was a Witch's cat, and that there was something linking the cat to the house.

Mary searched the house, and saw a photo that contained the black cat within it. She tore the photo, but nothing happened to it, but then she saw a statue. She smashed it. The cat wailed as it disappeared, forever.

Relieved, Mary never noticed a piece of paper fall from the statue. A noise made her turn around, and she came face to face with a demon. She screamed as the demon killed her.

The note that she would never read lay on the ground. "I used my magic to make my familiar into an immortal being. He is the only one that can keep the demon from escaping. My familiar's name is Angel."
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 6:05 pm    Post subject: My Beloved: A Short Story Reply with quote

Friday the thirteenth, today was the day. My day to shine. To finally be the center of attention. Everyone would remember my name. I fell in love with this boy. He loved me back. Everyone at school knew it besides him. They saw the way I stared at him and how I seemed to snarl at those who tried getting too close. He was my possession and I wanted to keep it that way. Everyone was quiet for a moment as I took my few steps towards him. I pulled him close to my body. His face turned red as I slowly inched my face towards his and met his lips with mine. Everyone gasped. To their horror, I stabbed him straight into the stomach, twisting the knife ever so graceful. His blood slid down my wrist. I smiled as I kept him close to me, continuing our deathly kiss. Once I felt him drifting, I let him go and watched as his body slipped to the floor. I sat next to him and smiled as everyone stared in shocked. I then whispered “we’ll finally be together forever, my love.” Plunging the knife into my own stomach and jerking it upwards, I let myself bleed out painfully before drifting into my eternal slumber to be with the one I cherished most in the world. Our bodies lay in the hallway that morning. An eerie smile forever plastered on my pale face. I would do this all over again just for him.

Link to my Wattpad:
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 8:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

When I had only six months , the doctor informed my parents that I suffered from a rare disease: I didn't had sense of smell.
I had quite a normal life until one day, when I was nine years old, I was alone in my house, when suddenly there were dark clouds all over my room and I felt an unbearable heat. The neighbors came running to get me out of the house that was on fire. That was the day that I became aware of the seriousness of my illness.

A few weeks later my father came home very worried. The news said that a crazy person that had been experimenting with dangerous volatile substances, had die. The only thing known about the substances was that it had a strong foul odor, that it was spreading worldwide and that it was very deadly.

The next morning I woke up and saw a black-colored cloud in my room, again. I ran to my parents' room, screaming fire!! fire!! It looked like they were sleeping, so I touched them, they were extremely cold. In that moment I realized that they were dead. I ran to my neighbors' houses looking for help but no one answered me. There were all gone, I was all by myself.

I was so little and yet I had to bury my parents in the garden. The days passed and no one came. All I wanted was to hear a familiar voice, everything was so quiet. Every night, before I went to sleep I prayed for someone to come and some nights I dreamed that someone came and knocked on the door.

One morning, I woke up with a strange noise, someone was knocking on the door of my house. I ran down the stairs but I triped and fell down. I got back in my feet and walked to the door decidedly to opened it... but I didn't, something inside of me told me: Don't do it.

From that moment I could hear the knocking everyday.
But I never opened the door.

I'm still alone ...

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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 1:37 am    Post subject: Question Reply with quote

I have a question regarding the rules.

Are we allowed to post more than 1 entry per person?

I understand if you cannot reply to me as soon as possible, however, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you and apologies for any inconveniences! Smile
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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 2:44 am    Post subject: His Home ( A Tale Of An Evil Black Magician) Reply with quote

His Home
His smile was more of a smirk then an actual smile, causing his guest to feel a bit of fear.
"Come sit. " he invited with a small gesture of his left hand.
He was offering one of two overstuffed wingback chairs covered in a deep red velvet. On either side of the chairs stood matching dark mahogany side tables, each of these boasted a crisp well starched handcrafted pristine white doily in their center, on which stood small lamps of fine China with shades of a slightly lighter shade of red then the chairs. White trim bordered each shade around it's bottom edge. this too was pristine white. Neither lamp was turned on at this early hour.
All of this stood on an embroidered area rug done in a pattern of red, white and brown. This too looked pristine as if he had just purchased it.
The chairs flanked a stone fireplace that stood ready to be lit later to ward off the evening chill.
The rest of the room boasted a large mahogany desk on the opposite wall from the sitting area. There were two more chairs to match these, in front of the desk with another small side table between them. However this table held a crystal vase with what appeared to be fresh cut flowers. The chair behind the desk was also wingbacked but it was of a deep brown leather. on the desk stood a gold frame, One could only assume from this vantage point that the frame held a picture of someone the host cared about.
To the left of the frame stood an antique inkwell and pen. There was no sign of anything modern in the entire room. Even the globe which sat in the back left corner opposite a small chest of drawers, -mahogany of course to the right, was sepia toned. An identical area rug completed the look.
The other two walls played host to floor to ceiling book shelves also mahogany. with matching ladders for higher shelves. The books all bore a leather jacket some brown, others in black and deep green and still others in dark red. Over all this room gave to the impression that it was the sitting room of someone's home and not an office front in the business district.
He sat himself down in the chair to the left his size seemingly making the chair appear somewhat smaller. He was a large man, not fat by any means but rather robust, he looked as though he easily stood above six foot. an intimidating force to be sure. But somehow he fit this Victorian style as if he were the subject of an ancestral oil painting. He straightened his ascot, smiling a bit as he did so.
"So you have come to me to request a tour of my home is it? Well I'm sorry to have you come all of this way for naught. But I have never allowed anyone to take such a liberty." he paused as if waiting for his guest to comment. But none was forthcoming as his guest nodded and started to rise as if to leave.
With a slight waive of his left hand and a softly spoken command. "Sit, sit. " He smiled watching as his guest sat down again. "Now, " he continued speaking as if nothing had happened. I never said you could not view my home, Did I? "
A frown creased the brow of his guest.
He smiled more to himself at the look of slight confusion on his guest face, As he stood up taking the few steps required to reach the mantle. He took down what looked like a fortune teller's crystal ball. Carrying it back with him he placed it down on the small side table next to his guest chair. "There you are. " he said as he took his chair again.
The crystal ball stood on what looked to be a genuine silver stand craved and molded to depict two dragons rising up towards the crystal one front leg of each seeming to hold the murky ball in place.
He chuckled softly seeing the look of utter dismay on his guest face. "Come now, surly you have at least heard of a magician's crystals before, or is it that you would like something smaller, or mayhap larger? Whichever you prefer." In that moment the murkiness of the crystal ball shifted slowly becoming clearer. Frowning his guest took a closer look. Was there something inside? Unable to resist his guest leaned over the ball. Yes there was indeed something inside.
It was what appeared to be a painting of a wrought iron gate with an old mansion stretched out on the well manicured grounds behind.
But wait did the gate just open? His guest blinked and squinted for a better look.
"Ah yes larger then. " He said with a snap of the fingers of his left hand. The dormant fireplace seemed to simmer becoming unfocused as another image took it's place. It appeared to be an exact replica of the picture in the crystal ball. But one brief glance at the ball to reference this idea proved futile because the ball had again grown murky. Looking back up at the screen, It was a screen wasn't it?
But why anyone would choose to place it above the mantle was strange indeed!
The guest could now see that yes the gate had opened.
"Well go on have your look." he said smiling. A frown creased his guest brow once more. But was quickly replaced by one of a mixture of awe and fright. What was he saying? Have a look but how was that possible when all there was, Was this one picture?
But no suddenly it began to change. Slowly as if someone were walking up the path that now spread out before the guest. So this was a video then? A sigh escaped his guest in that moment.
The path turned slightly to the left away from the mansion, but before a protest could be made it stopped at the foot of a statue of a woman sitting with a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths held to one breast. Looking up at the woman's face there seemed to be a tear slipping down one cheek to wet the bundling of the babe. Before the question of who this woman was could ne asked. The camera shifted again to the base of the statue where a gold plaque read as follows. "My one true love I shall suffer your loss both bitterly and mournfully each minute of every day for eternity. Why my love did you not have faith that I would return for you in that hour before doom struck? Weep no more love for soon we shall be together again.'
At the foot of the statue lay one freshly picked white rose.
So he had loved and lost? This man whom struck fear into hearts, minds and souls with but one glance. However before any questions could be asked, the camera, it was a camera wasn't it? - This all seemed to have a surreal feel to it. - Shifted back to the path which seemed impossibly long. It wandered over a foot bridge some one hundred yards from the statue. The pond under the bridge held several different types of fish. It was beautiful to say the least. Soon though the path lead to a beautiful garden. Where all manner of flower, bush, tree and shrub grew.
There were wrought iron benches next to lamp post that would light a night time visitor's way.
At what seemed the end of the path stood yet another statue, But this one depicted a huge dragon whose wing span spoke of the beast's strength. He too like the dragons of the crystal ball stand, Stood on his hind feet, his baring regal.
But unlike the other two this one held a lance in the grip of his left front leg. a shield was slung over this same front leg. It depicted a dragon in flight. Yes over all this fellow was far more intimidating then the other two.
The strange and rather frightening thing about this statue was that the dragon's other front leg was wrapped around the waist of a woman. She was dressed as a warrior with lance and shield of her own.
So did this statue tell the tale of how this mammoth dragon had kidnapped the woman and held her prisoner? But a glance at the base of the statue told a different story, it read simply "Lord Zuncalus the black dragon and his lady love, Lady Annette Kendall. May they reign over their realm forever.
So this was simply a fantasy piece then? Something to inspire conversations among those that strolled through the garden. Looking up at the statue again one could now see how delightful it could really be. Ah the tales one could tell.
But all to quickly the angle switched back to the path. it wound past the garden and finally came to the front steps of the mansion.
Now what? Would the camera close in on the door? But no to the utter dismay of the guest, it held it's position. So maybe this was it, The tour as it were might very well have come to it's conclusion. After all hadn't he said he didn't allow tours of his home?
Just before the guest turned to inquire of the host the scene did indeed change. It changed in a most eerie way, frightening to say the least.
Now it was as if some invisible person climb the stairs to the front doors and now stood in front of them as if waiting for their knock to be answered. A terrifying thought came over the guest, But one quick glance at the door knockers of solid brass proved out that they hadn't been used. A relaxing sigh escaped the guest, An over active imagination at a time like this could be one's undoing.
Glancing above the door knockers one could see solid gold plaques, each stated that this was indeed the home of the host. Inscribed on the plaque above the left door knocker were the words. Home of... And on the one above the right door knocker was his name, Davis E. Montgumery. Nothing more. Even though the guest knew Montgumery held a title of royalty. or so it was rumored anyway.
It was in that moment when the door opened and the scene changed. No one stood on the threshold in greeting, it was as if the door had opened of it's own volition. But how was that possible? It might be better not to think on such matters. Glancing around instead of giving into fear. One saw a beautiful vestibule. It had a Cathedral ceiling with a detailed painting of a cherub playing a harp. It was simply magnificent, awe inspiring to say the least. Looking around more, one saw a few paintings on the walls. One was a beautiful blond woman in her mid to late twenties. Her eyes however seemed vastly more mature then that. She was a mesmerizing creature to be sure. This portrait hung above a side table of the same deep mahogany as those found in his offices. But unlike those this table had a carved inlaid pattern of vines that came together at the center drop trim of the table. The simplicity of this table some how added eloquently to the room. The tables surface was covered with a white crocheted runner that bore a golden vase at it's center with beautiful purple and white flowers.
Glancing over at the other wall one saw a painting of a handsome young man, Though he wasn't Montgumery the resemblance was striking, Perhaps an uncle or mayhap his father? Under this portrait stood a wrought iron bench well cushioned in a white and purple tapestry. The room held nothing more However on each side of this room was a door leading to yet another undiscovered part of Montgumery's home. Choosing the room on the left hand side first, The visitor opened these doors onto a exact replica of the offices down town. Smiling the guest closed these doors once more, After all there was no need to enter into a room one had already visited.
Walking across the hall and opening those doors reveled an eloquent ballroom. Beautiful chandeliers of crystal and white candles hung down from yet another cathedral ceiling. The floor was well polished Tongue and groove redwood. Two mammoth fireplaces covered opposite walls each having sitting areas before them. The fabric of these furnishings was a deep green and white, crystal and gold vases, candle holders, and trinket boxes lent their elegant touch to this splendid room.
Off near the fireplace to the left of the room was a fully equipped orchestra pit. Opposite this on the right side were beautifully laden banquet tables. Silver culinary and fine China along with beautiful crystal goblets gleaned from their resting places on the imported lace and cotton woven fabric of the table cloths.
There between the orchestra pit and banquet tables were a set of French doors draped in heavy deep green and white lace. The doors opened onto a garden. But not the same garden where the statue of the dragon stood, But rather this was a rose garden. Walking over to the doors for a closer look, The guest could see that not only were these doors locked on the inside but also the outside. One obviously needed special permission to visit this garden. Turning away from the French doors with a disappointed sigh. The guest made their way back out into the entrance hall. After all there was still more to see.
But where to go next? Up the winding marble staircase or down the narrow hall to the left?
The upper level of the house would of course have something like twelve bedrooms of wonderfully beautiful grander, six rooms in each wing and no doubt the third floor would have the nursery.
And down the hall to the left would be a kitchen a pantry and perhaps servants quarters. These the servants quarters were of some odd interest. Simply because it was a chance to see how the entitled treated their staff. Epically a man such as Montgumery, Whom had an eeriness about him not to mention his arrogance.
Moving slowly along the hall, as if expecting someone to call a halt to the tour at this point, His guest hearing a slight noise in and otherwise silent house. Startled a little turning to the right where it seemed the muted noise came from.
Just the wind I suppose. But soon curiosity over took caution.
What was this? Here in the right side of the wall was a crack. A crack? In his home? This was baffling to say the least. Knowing what anyone would know on meeting Montgumery that something like this would not be tolerated.
On closer examination the guest saw why it was. Here in this wall under the stairs was an obscure almost hidden door.
Again curiosity prevailed and his guest looking first to the left and then to the right raised one slightly shaking hand out and grasped at the door in claw like fashion at the top left corner. With a firm pull the door popped open.
Looking into the darkness the guest reached out to first search the left wall then the right for a light switch finding none. Ah but of course this was no doubt the way to the basement. and like with many homes mayhap the light was turned on by a pull cord. Reaching up and out in front of self proved this theory to be the truth. Pulling on the cord turned on one pale yellow bulb, hardly enough light to see that there were stairs leading down.
Carefully descending these stairs one was reminded of every dungeon ever read about and every horror story ever told. Just as the lights reach ended another cord hung down. Reaching up to pull it his guest couldn't help but wonder why Montgumery with all of his monies didn't replace this? However it was possible that the host didn't come down here so had no need for such a repair?
Suddenly a clock somewhere in the house that was left unexplored tolled the hour causing the guest to startled a little. As the last ding chimed a scream welled up from somewhere bellow. This was the guest undoing.
Running back up the stairs two at a time through the hallway hell bent on the front door.
Was when the guest remembered all of this was merely a video and all one had to do was turn away.
Slowly the guest did just that. Only to find that the screen was gone, replaced by the fireplace that showed years of disuse. In confusion the guest looked around, everything was gone. Every chair, table, book self and ladder all of it gone.
It was in that moment when our guest felt real fear for their safety and fled from the room. Running as if being chased down the main street of town, nerves on end. Where had Montgumery gone? How had he removed everything from the room without the guest hearing him? And more importantly was there a woman in need of help in Montgumery's home? Should the police be called? If so what could one say? That Montgumery had shown a video of his home... Come now even you and I know that this wasn't a cause for alarm or was it?...
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