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How To Report Issues and Bugs

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:43 am    Post subject: How To Report Issues and Bugs Reply with quote

Although you may get a quick answer from another user here in the Public User Forums, you may need to ask for help from IMVU Staff directly in a Help Ticket. This ensures you are getting information directly from the source. If you feel you need to start a Help Ticket, click on "Help" anyplace you see it and then click on "Get Support".

IMVU Staff may or may not, see your post in the open public user forums.
Help Tickets are the only way to ensure IMVU Staff will see your inquiry.

What is needed for the best forum help is the following:

1 - What Operating System are you using?:
2 - What IMVU Chat Client version is being used?:
3 - How much Ram Memory is on your Computer?:
4 - CPU Processor and Graphics information: (Search or Run "DxDiag" to get info.)
5 - The exact error message you are receiving (if any):
6 - What Firewall / Antivirus and Parental Controls are being used?:
7 - What have you tried, to fix the issue, give details of what you have tried.
8 - If a Web Page Issue, please give the Browser used. (FireFox, Chrome, Etc.)
9 - Have you tried updating the IMVU Chat Client from Here:?
10-What type of Internet Connection do you have? Satellite, Cable, DSL, etc.

Give the exact steps of what is done when the issue happens. Give enough information so others may try to reproduce the issue. In some cases, a screen shot may help show what is going on. If you know how, provide the screen shot (less than 500x500px) of the error message and/or issue.

If the issue is a reoccurring error like crashing constantly or seeing things obscured, etc. Always, restart the IMVU Chat client and give the IMVU Engineers the "IMVU Log Files".

These log files contain information on what happened and the Engineers can use them to help troubleshoot for future fixes in the IMVU Chat Client. To do this, open the IMVU Chat Client, click on "Settings" then click "Advanced" now click "Send Log Files".
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