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Credits And You: The FAQ

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:25 pm    Post subject: Credits And You: The FAQ Reply with quote

Credits can be complicated for new and even for long time users. Get the answers to those frequently asked questions right here.

Q: What are Credits?

Credits are the main form of currency on IMVU. You can use credits to buy or gift items from the IMVU Virtual Goods Catalog, buy music from the IMVU Music Store, submit product to the virtual good catalog and to buy Shout Outs or Badges (also called bling).

Q: What is a Predit or a Promo Credit?

Predits and Promo/promotional Credits are the exact same thing. They are free "points” that IMVU gives you or allows you to earn which you can exchange for goods from the Virtual Goods Catalog.

Q: How can I use my Predits?

You can use your predits to buy items such as clothes, hair, shoes, rooms and furniture from the Virtual Goods Catalog to customize your avatar. There are some limitations, though. You may not use a predit to buy a gift for a friend. You may not transfer predits from one person to another. You may not use predits to purchase Shout Outs or music from the Music Store.

Q: “I’m out of Predits! What do I do now?”

You can earn or win free credits through IMVU through some of the ways listed below– or you can buy credits through the IMVU Store.

Q: How do I purchase Credits?

You can purchase credits from the IMVU Store with a credit card, pay pal, IMVU Prepaid Cards, phone – as well as various other ways.

Q: How can I win or earn Credits?

There are many ways to earn credits. Many of them are listed on this page: Earn Credits .

In addition to those on the Earn Credits page:
• You can check out the Contests forum. That’s correct, users just like you sponsor contests for fun! Many of them have really excellent prizes including credits, gifts and other cool stuff!
• Register as a Content Creator for the opportunity to earn credits by making content for the Virtual Goods Catalog. [Please keep in mind that you must maintain a VIP subscription to create.]
• Check out Groups for opportunities to capitalize on your graphic arts or coding skills by making custom display pictures, custom layouts or product pages.

Q: Who is Miss Greenbacks?

Miss Greenbacks is the official banker of IMVU.

Read More Here

Q: Can I buy Credits for a friend?

Yes, you may and you can also give credits to them.

- To buy credits for a friend:
1. From the IMVU header, highlight Credits and then click on Buy Credits.
2. Select the desired amount and then check out
3. Select "Buy for a friend" and enter their avatar name
4. Select your payment method and complete the transaction.

- To give credits to a friend:
1. From the IMVU header, highlight Credits and then click on Give Credits
2. Follow the directions on the page to complete the credit transfer. Please note that all IMVU accounts are subject to credit transfer limits and the actual limit is based on various factors such as creator status, account history etc.

Q: Help! I purchased credits from IMVU and never received them?!?

Ok, first of all, check your transaction record with your bank or whomever. If it was good on their end, it’s time to fill out a help ticket. [Help > Get Support > Billing > payment method used to make the purchase]

Q: Help! I completed a partner offer but never got paid for it?

In some cases, your offer must be validated or processed before any IMVU Credits can be awarded. This can take two or more days so please be patient. Please closely read any offer details.

Also, there are a series of issues which may complicate the delivery of IMVU Credits. Common issues include:
• Ad-blocking software which prevents advertisers from placing the cookies required to track the offer
• Browser security settings configured not to accept third-party cookies
• Software on your computer which hijacks the cookies and credits the offer completion to another company
• Failure to qualify for the offer due to your age or location

Q: I've completed several offers. How can I tell which ones I've received credits on?

You can view the status of all completed or in process activities on the offer page by clicking on the green or orange button entitled “Missing IMVU Credits?” in top right hand corner and then viewing the list of actions you’ve undertaken. Should you feel this information is not accurate, click on the blue “Contact Support” link and provide the details requested by the Offerpal Customer support team.

All offers are provided by external partners. IMVU has no direct control over them.

Q: Help! I completed an offer and got a BILL for it?

Please read all partner offers carefully. Not all of them are free. Some will charge your cell phone or credit card. Others require a purchase or a contract, so make sure you read all the fine print!

Q: Help! I think I'm missing credits?

Check your Credits Balance Log to see all recent credits transactions on your account. To find the Credits Balance Log, go to your Account Settings page and, on the right hand side of the page under Order History, you will see the Credits Balance Log link.

The Credits Balance Log will contain all the information you will need should it prove necessary to file a help ticket.

Wink Thanks for stopping by the forum. Mind the Gap as you leave.

Information in this FAQ is courtesy of Lalikat and Mommajack.
I do not work for IMVU. I cannot a) expedite your credit/AP/VIP purchase, b) cancel your VIP, c) refund your credits for a disabled product. Please submit a Help ticket to request IMVU resolve your account-related issue.
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