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What Forum Should I Post In?

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 10:07 am    Post subject: What Forum Should I Post In? Reply with quote

To help people figure out if they are posting in the correct forum, we've come up with this handy lil' guide.

This does NOT negate the forum guidelines or TOS. Spam, Trolling, Flaming posts are not welcome in any of the forums. Begging for credits, presents, friends or homepage visits are also not allowed.

Thanks for your adherence!
Your Mod Team

Welcome to the IMVU Community
Welcome to IMVU: For new users to learn about IMVU and make friends.

Official IMVU
Latest News and Release Notes:
Post your feedback to new features and updates here.

Suggestions and Feedback:
New ideas for IMVU staff to improve IMVU.

Issues and Bug Reporting:
Client not working, site not working,
AP questions go in the AP section
Developing bugs go in CC General Discussion.

Social Forums
VIP Members Only Forum:
Discuss the VIP Program, and post suggestions for things you'd like to see in the VIP Program. For VIP owners only.

Access Pass Holders Only:
AP policy discussions and AP Developer issue discussions, client and feature suggestions, bugs specifically relating to the Access Pass. [Dev bugs go in CC General Discussion, all others go in Bugs and Testing.] AP contests and AP fun and games threads. For AP owners only.

Anything IMVU related that doesn’t fit in any of the other forums.

Off Topic:
For non-IMVU related discussion only.

Community Events and Contests
IMVU Hosted Events
Get information on all ongoing, future and past events hosted for our community by IMVU.

IMVU Hosted Contests
Get information about all ongoing, future and past contests that are hosted by IMVU on Photo Stream, Forums and Facebook pages.

User Hosted In-Chat Events
For advertising user-sponsored all-inclusive events.

Content Creator Forums
Content Creator General Discussion:
General CC related questions and discussions that are not specific. How do I become a dev? How do I get noticed? How is everyone’s sales? Bugs and feedback related to the Content Creator tools and program. Questions and comments on the economy, credits, promos and tokens should be posted in Miscellany.

Sticker Developing:
All things stickers! For Developer posting. All others read only.

Texture Developing:
All things related to product re-texturing. How to use a mesh map, how to make a texture, tips and tricks in image makers, texture glitches, previewer tips, etc. For Developer posting. All others read only.

3D Developing:
All things 3D. Meshing, room making, accessories, clothing construction, poses, animations. If it needs a mesh program to make it it belongs in here. For Developer posting. All others read only.

Shopping and Requests
Product and Content Requests:
Ideas for new products, reviews, and requests for Developer services. AP requests should be made in the AP Catalog and Product Request forum.

IMVU Catalog and Products:
New products, new derivables, product critiques, questions and comments on how the catalog works. AP items should be listed in the AP Catalog and Product Request forum.

Access Pass Catalog and Product Request:
New AP products, new AP derivables, AP product critiques, ideas for new AP products, AP reviews, AP requests for Developer services and AP "Can anyone find me a..." threads. For AP owners only.

Fun on IMVU!
Walk Off - IMVU's 3D Game: Discuss your Walf Off strategy and experience here.

Photo Stream: Discuss Photo Stream, share tips for capturing the perfect photo, and report issues here.

All regular contests (User and CC) can be found here. AP contests can be found in the APHO forum, VIP contests in the VIP forum. Only name-holders may host contests. All can enter.

Role Play Discussion - IMVU Related:
For discussion and questions about role play on IMVU. [Actual role play should still be reserved for groups and public rooms.]

Graphic Arts Tips and Tutorials:
A Place for Graphic Artists to share tips and tricks, and get help.

Homepage Building and Design:
Homepage tips & tricks, issues and HTML/coding questions.

Daily Outfit Challenge: Discuss the DOC, exchange information, make suggestions for future themes and report any DOC related issues here.

Forum Games:
The place to play all those forum games you know and love, such as word association, the person above me, etc.

International User Forums
Foros en Español: Conoce gente de tu país y habla de temas relacionados en español.

Nederlands Forum: De plek voor Nederlandstalige IMVU gebruikers om vragen te stellen, hulp te krijgen en om te discussiëren over de bezigheden van IMVU.

Deutsches Forum: Der offizielle Treffpunkt für die deutschsprachige IMVU-Community.

Forum Francophone: Le forum officiel pour les francophones sur IMVU

Forum Italiano: Il Forum Ufficiale di IMVU in Italiano e per gli Italiani!

Fórum em Português Este é o lugar no qual pessoas que falam português podem se encontrar para discutir, sugerir algo, tirar dúvidas ou simplesmente conversar!

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