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IMVU Music Store: Frequently Asked Questions

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:17 pm    Post subject: IMVU Music Store: Frequently Asked Questions Reply with quote

How do I play music on IMVU? What is a music mix?

Music on IMVU plays a little differently than on a normal MP3 player. On IMVU, music can only be played as an organized music stream for an audience of two or more users. This is called a music mix. It's a little different from a standard MP3 player where you can jump to different songs whenever you wish.

How do I create a music mix?

The first step to listening to music on IMVU is creating a music mix. Find out how to create your own mix here.

Also, please also make sure to check out the article How to Create a Music Mix.

Why can I only have two tracks by the same artist in a mix, and three mixes total?

The Music Store operates as a streaming radio service, as noted previously. There are two types of license for streaming radio: “Interactive Radio” and “Non-Interactive Radio”. IMVU holds the Non-Interactive license. The IMVU Music Store limitations are required by the licensing, rather than by a record label or the music provider.

Do I need a specific version of IMVU to play Music?

All versions of IMVU since 404.22 provide music functionality. If you have downloaded or updated your Client since 2009, you should be able to play music. You can determine which version you are using by going to the IMVU client and clicking on Settings.

What is the difference between “Buy IMVU” and “Buy MP3”?

When you click on “Buy IMVU” you are using IMVU Credits and the music can only be used to create music mixes for IMVU. Clicking on “Buy MP3” allows you to purchase the mp3 file with real money (i.e. real world currency such as US dollars). Of course there are several important restrictions involved in building a playlist, and playing all songs in all nations.

Refer to the entry in this FAQ called What does "This track not licensed for use in your Territory" mean? for more information on some geographic restrictions.

You can learn more about building a playlist by clicking here.

"Buy MP3" means you are purchasing the right to download a DRM-free track for your personal use on an MP3 player (an iPod or Zune, for example). Tracks purchased in this way can not be shared on IMVU. After making a purchase, you have a week to download the track onto your device so please remember to download your new tunes!

Why can't I use promo credits to buy from the Music Store?

The artists and music providers in the Music Store must be paid in real currency. Because of this, only real credits can be used to purchase music from the Music Store – because real credits can be converted into real world currency.

Why aren't my favorite artists / bands in the Music Store?

The content in the Music Store is supplied by TuneCore through VerveLife, rather than IMVU. Whichever labels or artists choose to use VerveLife end up in the Music Store. Those who don't, won't appear there.

Why does my friend see my favorite artist / favorite song in the Music catalog but I find nothing?

There are a couple of reasons why this occurs:

IMVU does not present albums with explicit content (as defined by the record companies - IMVU does not rate music albums) to minors.

There is a licensing issue. IMVU licenses the rights to music tracks from a broad range of suppliers. In some cases, it has been impossible to secure all the required rights in all nations. Sometimes, a user in one country will see the album, but it could be invisible to a user of another country.

I purchased a song using the "Buy MP3" button. How do I download it onto my computer? How can I load it onto my iPod or portable media player?

Once you own an MP3 file, you can download it onto your computer from the music catalog page. From there, you will see a link in the upper right corner that says Download MP3.

Why does my friend's playlist sometimes stop for a whole song?

This is likely due to licensing restrictions. While you are not hearing music, click on the Music tab and you will see the message "This track is not licensed for use in your Territory". For some albums, it has been impossible to secure all the required rights for all nations, worldwide. The music service is still functional if you see this message, but record labels or other licensing entities prevent that specific track from being played to you.

What does "This track not licensed for use in your Territory" mean?

On the Internet, when an artist or band releases digital music, they often have the option to release it worldwide and on many services, or to exclude some services and some territories – for example, a particular song might be on iTunes Japan but not in iTunes Mexico, and so on.

While many independent artists and labels release music without territorial limitations, many releases – mostly from the big four major labels – still have those. So it is possible that your American friend is playing a track in an IMVU room and if you're from the UK or Germany you may get a "not available in your territory" message and have a muted stream. The music service is still functional if you see this message, but its label or other licensing entities prevent that specific track from being played to you.

Why can't I see the order of my songs in the music mix list?

Your view of music mix song titles is limited in chat rooms because of rules made by the music industry. You will be able to confirm the tracks in each list under your Music tab on the IMVU homepage.

I am a musician and would like to submit my song(s) to the IMVU music catalog. What is the process for that?

There are thousands of labels that are carried by Independent Records (IRIS). IRIS acts as a liaison between independent labels and digital music retailers. They service both parties by providing legal, technical, and marketing assistance as well as collective bargaining power for the labels.

If you are not signed with one, doing so will open the door to getting your music published on IMVU. You can check them out at IRIS Distribution.

Alternatively, you can utilize TuneCore and reach not only IMVU but ALL major music outlets online. TuneCore allows you to upload a full album with worldwide distribution for as little as $49.99 (price is subject to change). You can read TuneCore's FAQ here.

NOTE: There are no IMVU submission fees for submitting your music to the IMVU Music Store catalog but there are fees.

How do I know how my songs are selling on TuneCore?

All sales reporting related to your music tracks is done via TuneCore and NOT via IMVU. You will need to log in to your TuneCore account to review any sales data.

I thought TuneCore was no longer associated with the IMVU Music Store?

Tunecore is still providing music for IMVU through another service called VerveLife. In order to have your music available in the IMVU Music Store, when you sign up with TuneCore, you need to include VerveLife in the stores to which you wish to publish.

Wait.. So if the music in the IMVU Music Store is not provided by IMVU and TuneCore distributes through VerveLife, how do I get paid?

Streaming tracks are purchased by users at a flat rate. The money that is owed to you, the artist, for these purchases is paid to a collection agency called SoundExchange. SoundExchange's job is to collect the money owed to you from streams in the U.S. and then give it to you, once you register with them (registration with SoundExchange is free). International streaming sales are handled through another company called PPL. So, money earned from streaming your music at IMVU will NOT flow through TuneCore. It will be waiting for you at Sound Exchange, and you need to be signed up with Sound Exchange to retrieve it.

In addition to streaming music, MP3 downloads are available to IMVU users for purchase in the IMVU Music Store. The wholesale cost paid to you is 70% of the retail price (i.e. if your song sells for $0.99, you get paid $0.70 for that song sale).

Official Music Store FAQ can be found in the Help Center Knowledge base.
Additional information provided by LadyWallace and guitarland.

I do not work for IMVU. I cannot a) expedite your credit/AP/VIP purchase, b) cancel your VIP, c) refund your credits for a disabled product. Please submit a Help ticket to request IMVU resolve your account-related issue.
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