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Shared Room FAQ

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:32 am    Post subject: Shared Room FAQ Reply with quote

Shared Room FAQs:

So how does it work?

--The Shared Room feature is available to all of our community members irrespective of age or account status (VIP, AP, Guest, etc).
--The Shared Room feature is available for $14.99 from our Credit Store.
--Once you purchase it, you can invite anyone from your friend's list to partner with you.
--Once they accept, the new "Shared Room" button in the 3D Chat client will be unlocked.
--The Shared Room package comes with a fully furnished starter room. However, you can use any of your own rooms to share.
--The package also comes with an animated badge that you can decorate your profile card with.
--If you want to share with more friends, simply purchase more Shared Room packages.

If you decide to stop sharing, you can simply go to your Shared Rooms page and click on "stop sharing". Once you do so, the Shared Room feature will be locked and any items in your room that are not from your own inventory will be removed.

Do both partners need to be on 495.4 or above to share a room?
Yes. In order to actually share and decorate the room, both partners must be on client version 495.4 or up. However, anyone can be invited to share this with you, and they can participate as soon as they have upgraded to 495.4 or higher.

Can I share a particular room with more than one person at the same time?

Can I buy a room, share it with one person, stop sharing with that person and use that same package to share it with someone else?
No. If you cancel or stop sharing a room, you will need to purchase a new package to share with another person.

What does the Shared Room Package include?
Ability to share (manage and decorate together) a room with a friend.
Ability to make a shared room public using one of your slots.
Ability to use furniture or rooms from both collections to decorate the room.
An animated badge for your profile card (you can display it like any other badge).

Can I purchase the Shared Room Package with the IMVU Prepaid card?
Not at this time.

Who can I invite to share a room?
Anyone, as long as they are on your friend's list.

Can I share two separate rooms with two separate partners at the same time?
Yes. Example: Varsha buys a Shared Room Package and shares it with Katiemarie. She then buys another package and shares a room with DarkAngel5. She can also be invited to share a room by Mommajack using a package purchased by Mommajack. So at the same time, Varsha could be a partner in three separate shared rooms.

Can I stop sharing a room?
Yes. Either partner can stop sharing a room without prior consent of the other partner. To stop sharing go to:

Where can I see all my shared rooms?
There is a single page where you can buy Shared Rooms, see the list of all the rooms you are sharing, as well as check Invite status and/or stop sharing:

Can the same two people share multiple rooms?
Yes. They can do so if they purchase multiple Shared Room packages.

Can either partner make the Shared Room public?
Yes, using their own public room slot.

Can I have the Marriage Package (Our Room) and Shared Room Package at the same time?
Yes, you can get the Marriage Package and share the Our Room feature with your married partner AND get the Shared Room Package to share it with your married partner or another friend.

Can the room to be shared be changed at any point of time without losing the "share" ability with your friend? Or is it set so that once that room is closed you lose the package because it is assumed that you have stopped sharing?
Yes, you can share a different room with the same friend you originally shared with, without losing the sharing privilege.

Can a room that is already open from Person A as a public room be used as a shared room or do they have to open a whole new room?
No. A room that is already public cannot be shared. It would have to be closed first, then made public again after it was shared with a friend.

If Person A purchases a Shared Room Package with Person B, can B also purchase a package to share with A, in other words are A & B allowed to share more than one package so long as they purchase more than one package?

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