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Suggestions Forum Guidelines - Posted on June 16, 2013

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:46 pm    Post subject: Suggestions Forum Guidelines - Posted on June 16, 2013 Reply with quote

I wanted to post some guidance for both our forum moderators and suggestions forum users to clarify what this forum is for and what is NOT for. These are not necessarily new rules but reminders and clarifications about the old ones.

First and foremost, the forum is to provide suggestions for new features, new processes, changes to existing features and/or changes to current processes. The suggestions are for us here at IMVU and we appreciate them.

Feedback about already existing features - especially right after they are launched or changed - is typically provided in their own discussion topics (example: Marriage Package announcement, changes to Daily Login Rewards etc) or forum sections (example: Photo Stream, DOC, Walk Off, etc). Still new topics can always be started here for feedback about how an existing feature can be improved or changed.

The forum is not meant to provide suggestions on how our community members should behave or utilize IMVU's service (an exaggerated example: All users should wear only purple outfits, no one should ever dance etc)

We do actively monitor this particular section of the forum - even though we may not always post any comments. We especially review a relevant topic in detail and share the comments internally if we are planning to work on a new feature or thinking of changing any existing one. The collective feedback gathered here is very useful.

Going forward, I would like to start posting our own questions for your feedback - with a very clear understanding that us posting a question does not always mean the feature/change will be implemented in the near or even long term. It will purely be a discussion topic - with feedback solicited for our project planning purposes. Of course customer feedback is important and which is why we will be gathering your feedback and incorporating it when we do work on that project provided other criteria such as technical feasibility, resource requirements etc are met.

So in order to make this section of our forums a lot more useful for us all, here are some guidelines and rules that everyone will have to adhere to:

--Suggestion/feedback must be directed at IMVU not at another user or set of users.
--You can and should provide pros and cons of a posted suggestion as it relates to the way you yourself use IMVU.
--You may NOT attack the user who is making a suggestion whether you agree with a suggestion or not. Provide your feedback about what is being suggested and NOT who is suggesting it.
--Attacking others based on their opinions is absolutely not okay.
--If you do not care one way or another about a topic, simply do not participate. Posting is not necessary if the topic is of no interest or relevance to you. Do not post simply because you do not like someone participating in that topic.
--Stay on topic. If you have another suggestion, then start a new thread.
--If two topics are started that are for the same suggestion, our moderators will redirect the newer one to one already existing to make sure feedback is collected in one place.
--Do not post on our behalf and try to shut down a topic. (example: IMVU will not do this ever or IMVU has rejected this in the past)
--Of course all other forum and our TOS guidelines apply as always.
--Keep it reasonable and limited to IMVU's product, features, policies and services. Off-topic section is to discuss your opinions and views about any Non-IMVU and societal, political issues.

Thank you for your understanding in advance. As I stated above, we will be watching all discussions and make sure they are within these guidelines.
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